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Wong Sliptips...

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Just visiting...
Aug 26, 2001
had emailed me these pics a while ago and I forgot to post them. Here they are if anyone's interested...
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Hot off the press from Hawaii.

I'd say something like this is what it's used for...
Is that slip tip for 5/16 or 9/32 shaft?


I don't think we have that kind of fishes that require slip tip in our waters.:( But there are always rumours about AJ, mackeral,tunny,swordfish etc....
Actually i saw few in the pictures but you must be very lucky to see one underwater:(
Here's part of an email he had sent me...

Our new low profile slliptips are in.  They are perfect for your 5/16 gun.  It has a lower profile than the Alexander tip and can also go on 9/32 shafts. 
Aloha, Daryl
That's a pretty sexy piece of stainless. I particularly like the fact that the tip is round in cross section rather than faceted, making it easier to touch up on the grinder after a day amongst the rocks.
Definite smoothness points.

Originally posted by andrsn
Here's part of an email he had sent me...

Our new low profile slliptips are in. They are perfect for your 5/16 gun. It has a lower profile than the Alexander tip and can also go on 9/32 shafts.
Aloha, Daryl

So they use same weighted sliptip for both 5/16 and 9/32 shaft?:confused:


Can u ask Mr.Wong a question I realy want to know the answer.
How much force is required to break that ball insert on the slip tip and on the slide ring. I notice the slide ring stops the cable by a crimp, by blocking the crimp in fact.

I want to do some "strain" test on terminal and connection gears. Since I don't use reel and float, a big fish really drag me to the extend I become an underwater skier. A friend of mine just snapped clean the Riffe 5" bungie & swivel at the Dacron line connection, to be exact it was at the knot.

I have a damaged Ice Pick that I want to test. Since Riffe uses a U loop at the slip tip for connection instead of ball insert like Wong and Alexander, the weak link maybe that U loop if not the 500 lbs cable. The slide ring U loop will be the next possible weak link.

I am trying to get a Standard Series #3 from a guy who had the gun teak stock bent from an accident ( run over by a truck ???, I don't know ). I want to test how much force can the shooting line anchor point with the 2 screws hold before it pull off from the teak. Sound crazy but should be interesting info.

I just want to make sure that the 500 lbs ss cable is the one which has to snap broken instead of all other connections.

Attached is the broken bungie. I think that Dacron is 500 lbs rated, more or less. It snapped only by being dragged by a 12 kg Spanish Mackerel. The previous worst abuse it took was only a 30kg Doggie, maybe some fibers on the Dacron have fatigued. This is my group first bungie failure. Now I added insurance of a 1000 lbs double crimped Kevlar in parallel connection to the bungie. I need the bungie stretch cause our set up is not a float break-away or a reel and the 500 lbs ss coated cable has no stretch to allow easy wraps around the release mech on the trigger. Now the swivel on the bungie can not do its proper swiveling action because of the extra 1000 lbs Kevlar attached to it but I am more concerned of avoiding loosing US$150 worth of 3/8"shaft with custom rest tab, Ice Pick and that expensive 500 lbs ss coated cable of 9 meter long....plus that delicous fish on the end of the speartip.

Maybe Uncle Sven can help me in this one. I feel like I want to change the Dacron in the 5" bungie to 1000 lbs Kevlar but Kevlar slips off the knot very easy. Also looks like I need to inspect the Kevlar too after big fights with fishes. The amount of stress I put on connections/terminals being a bubble blower seems massive. I do not have the luxury of smooth braking of a float or a reel.

I did a simple test yesterday. I got the captain to engage only one engine in forward and tow me in full scuba gear. I did not wear my BCD, I slept on it with my chest to create a very high water drag profile. The boat was doing only 3-4 knots or so and it was a real drag on the rope I use to tow me. I water ski so I know how to interpret a drag when one is about to plane up, my tow resistance with scuba gear at that test was like 40% of a ski towing coming to planing speed........ he he he....it was fun.
I think if my gun terminal gears can take a 30 seconds abuse of being towed at 3-4 knots, I will declare it as strong...:duh

Only if that ruined #3 Riffe owner let me test his Riffe as a ski tow bar......:confused:

IYA....Always Crazy...
I put a 500 lb fishing quick release with its own ball bearing swivel on the end of my Riffe’s bungie swivel. If you did this, there would still be a swivel after your 1000 lb safety line. The quick release is nice because there are times when it’s nice to disconnect it from the gun in such as: working on it, tangles, etc.. The quick releases cost about $2.50 U.S..

I had never heard of the bungie breaking until now, but this concerns me. As the rubber and Dacron line ages, it is eventually bound to fail. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

P.S. After your responses to cable verses line I put cable on my gun.
Hi Don,

I was wondering where you been. Good to hear u try the cable. First thing u will find is that the shooting line re-loading is very fast with it and at ur shaft weight, u will not have any slow down or inaccuracy. The nylon coating is what made it nice.

I just remembered that you want ur custom float to handle ur gun. You will then stress the 5" bungie like I do on scuba. The info I got from Riffe is :

After June this year, the Dacron used is the 450 lbs instead of the 350 lbs. Riffe is also going to change soon the swivel and pig tail to 500-600 lbs type of stainless steel one. Apparently the current one is brass coated chrome, I think 450 lbs ones.

Funny, my swivel chrome coating should be a bit abused by now but it still shine. I'll do a little filing soon.

For the time being I'll set up like how I "insured" with the Kevlar 1000. As soon as I get the 600 lbs swivel and pig tail, I will rip off the bungie. I will change the Dacron with 1000 lbs Kevlar. I'll try to pull them broken with my car again. Let see if 500# ss cable, 1000 # Kevlar or the 600 lbs swivel or maybe the pig tail which will give away.... I am very curios. The experiment won't cost much. I'll make sure I will video it so that I can see in slow motion how the breaking start and where, if more than two items break. Will be fun for info sake.

The #3 ruined Riffe guy do not want to lend me his gun to rip the shooting line anchor point off the teak stock....:head. Ur Metal Tech with aluminum muzzle and machined thread for the anchor point is one most solid one for sure.

Don, my cable still can be unclipped from my pigtail but the swivel action get retarted by the 1000lb safety line. Anyhow I have yet to shoot a fish that really spin my line to work the shivel. All they did was swam away tugging hard. I think only Mahi-Mahi and big yellow fin tuna do acrobats to spin swivels.
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