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1.3 or 1.4 m gun?

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New Member
Oct 3, 2002
I am having a toss up between these two lenghts. The model is a SouthAfrican Stealth railgun

What do you recommend me guys?

I am a long range spearo, and not a rockhopper at all, so maybe 1.4 is best. But I am not sure.

Thanks in advance, gerard.
hi Gerard

I can help you here my dad first bought a 1.4m railgun we found it was okay even here where the water is probably a lot clearer than your gonna find in Brisbane. The gun was a bit inaccurate so we sent it back and now he has a Rabitech 1.3m. This gun gets total points its just better even though its only 10cm difference its easier to swing, faster to load this one has 1 20mm lots of puch for all fishies up here so far. And very durable. If you have anymore specific questions you want to know about his gun just post here dude.

Hi Gerard ,
What species are you targeting ? Another factor is the average visibility you encounter .
The 130 cm. is a great all- rounder and with a single 20 mm. band has sufficient punch to penetrate (and exit ) sailfish/ignobilis/wahoo ect .
At 140 cm. you will experience markedly more drag when tracking , specially if your gun is rigged with twin 16 mm. bands ; which I would recommend .
I love my 145 cm. for bluewater hunting , but would hate to use it for everyday hunting (eg. mackerel/jobfish/jacks ) .
Hope this is of help .
Thanks guys

I have a Rabitech 1.1 and it's awesome. But I need something longer as i like to shoot at the fish far away, without them knowing that I am there. I actually fish either ambushing (static at bottom) or while falling down. Maybe I need a 1.4 m gun???

What do you reckon guys?

Ivan you said 10 cm don't make a real difference, I have compared both guns in the spearos' shop and it's not that much; but maybe in the ocean 10 cm is a huge difference. And about accuracy, don't worry I am a good shooter:p

Thanks again guys, gerard.
I forgot

I go for everything.

It's not the gun, it's the spearo who handles the gun waht counts:eek:. Look what I caught a week ago in the Bunker group with my 1.1 gun.

It was a GT, around 50 Kg mark.

Regards, gerard.
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Hey Gerard, nice fish. :cool: It still looks big, even though I resized your pic. :D

I have the 130cm Rabitech w/ one 20mm band(am putting 2 16mm's on it soon) and am setting up a 110cm w/ one 20mm band as well. The 130cm is pretty sweet. Great range and great resistance to kick. It's extremely accurate. I think I missed my first two shots, then I hit my mark for the rest of the day. Aquiles has the 120cm and it's quite a bit easier to swing compared to the 130cm.

Anyways, the 130 worked for the reef and off the edge just fine. I had some long shots at some decent mackerel and muttons. All hit their mark, although a tax collector came in to confiscate my mackerel. :blackeye I'd imagine the 140 would be better at hitting things while falling(like you said) or fish coming through your area. I think chasing something might be a bit frustrating.

Good luck,
be careful about accidentally giving away your secrets before April Andrsn...;)

or maybe I'm letting on everyone to think that's what I'll be using. :confused: :D

Elvis :cool:
hi Gerard

I also have a very long gun like Abri a 150cm Rob allen but like he said for everyday fish its no good. And to be completely honest with you on the last 5 trips out to the reef I have left it at home and used my Ra 110 with a single band. A 140cm - 150cm gun is hopeless to swing and track and this is the main reason I dont like long guns. With 2 16mm my Ra has lots of recoil its actually sprained my wrist once when I wasnt holding it properly. This gun is far less accurate then my dads 1.3 single band. Maybe if you are shooting from a long range ALL the time it would be okay. But I rather having my little pistol sized 110 its more challenging to stalk fish.

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Thanks guys

I'll go for the 1.3 gun. I have good arms and lats (result of weightlifting).

Murat I live in Palau (Micronesia):waterwork

I mean physically I live in Australia but mentally in that place.

Regards, gerard.
hi Gerard

1.3 nice choice, My next gun will be a 1.3, I will then own a good selection of sizes 1.1,1.3,1.5.

Cmon Oz is great your just living in the wrong area, come up here you'll love it.

Down here in NSW a 1.3 is almost overkill when shore diving. An in nice, warm 22C water too!;)

Hence my 90, 110 and 130 stable. Can't imagine what a 1.5 must track like..:hmm

Brisvegas is a mad place to live. Freedivers here are also inexistent. Too much partying!

I hope I meet you one day.

Regards, gerard.

Yeah Gerard we will hopefully one day. Maybe on a coral sea trip when i get the money. Shadow the 1.5 is a mongrel gun to use as I said to Gerard I dont really use it anymore. Its almost impossible to swing, a pain in the ass to reload, harder descending with it, less accurate, recoil has sprained my wrist. Only thing going for it is that it has pretty good range. Otherwise give me my 110 anyday. 22C water thats almost Ice for me dude yeah Im a wimp.:D .

The last time I was in 19-21 degrees Celcius water with 3mm Polartec suit + second layer of 2mm neoprene shorty + Polartec Hood....I still shiver and can't equalize. Forced myselfy to equalize like hell for the 4 days LOB trip, many times 30 feet was the best I can do....YES, on scuba. Came back home to my warm water, got a reverse squeezed that felt like bombs exploding in my head ever 5 feet of ascent and nearly died on a 120 feet night dive. Could not dive for 3 months after that. No more sub 25* deg water for me.... :waterwork

Iya your like me I guees cos we have grown up in warm climate we cant really handle the cold. Sub 25 is pretty close to no diving for me to. The coldest I have dived was 23.5-24C.


thanks for your PM reply. I try that stuff, and less static training. I get too many trigger points in my neck. It's mad living like that. It's like a constant headache every single day.

BTW the trips to the coral sea are unexpensive mate. Three days for $490 bucks everything supplied but the gear and the fish:duh

Take care, gerard.
hi Gerard

Remember im only a 5min guy so take my views as such. You should Pm Frank pernett and get him to ask his 8min+ brother Karl, what you would really like to know I think he or Mr fattah could help you much more than me. :) .

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