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1 or 2 barbs?

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New Member
Mar 31, 2004
I think the subject title speaks for itself.
How many barbs a shaft sould have if it is used on a 100cm or larger gun?
Can a single barb secure a strong fighting fish as well as 2 barbs?
If you check out the fish that has been shot in South Africa with single barb shafts with no sliptip......

I would not bother having more than one. If that one is solid enough, there is no use for having more really.

My EUR0,02,
If the fish is badly hit two floppers will apportion the pressure on the wound while one only pulls in one direction. So the fish is more likely to rip off if you hit it in its soft parts (belly, high in back, tail) with one flopper than with two. On the other hand long range penetration is compromised. Its easier for one flopper to penetrate and open than two floppers. If you are after average sized soft flesh strong fish like snappers (sinagrides) it is reasonable to use 2 floppers. For anything bigger slip-tip solves everything.
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Ummm...sliptips are well known for lesser penetration and reduced accuracy due to play of the tip. If you make it fit the shaft better, it may not toggle properly.

It is an other option but hardly solves everything in my opinion.

It solves everything once penetration is achieved. If you are sporting a slip-tip you just know you will have to pack more power or get closer than usual to compensate for the less hydrodynamic/accurate configuration.If you get used to it you have many benefits. I can just pull fish up or close to me without them getting ripped, compared to having a 5kg snapper tailshot take off with 40m of reel every time cause you are afraid to pull the single barb.

Where in Finland do you come from and what fish can you spear there?

I live near Helsinki.
Here we mainly go after perch, bream, pike etc..
Here your choice of tip makes very little difference after all.
I try to travel as much as possible, so I have put my tips to some harder use as well.;-)

I have used a slip tip and after a year of use I just gave it away to a friend who after just 3 months gave it away to a friend of his!! The conclusion by both of us it was that slip tip was affecting the accuracy of the spear. Her in greece the fish I shoot are usually small and nervous so the give a very bad target to shoot at, therefore accuracy is very important. On the other hand it is true that once the slip tip penetrates the fish there is almost no way to lose it, but if it makes its way into a tricky cave or hole there also no way to retrieve it.
Anyway as Mikko said each to each own.
Baur mate, you brought tears to my eyes by mentioning the word "sinagrides"! They are very-very-very rare joy for my spear but they remain an obsession for me!
I hope that you will land lots of them mate!

Finland is an amazingly beautiful country. I took a cruise from Sweden to Alland and saw the western coast of Finland and was very impressed. Alland and this seatown called Turku I liked very much. Its sad that the Gulf of Bothnia and Finland are so polluted (i know soviet industrial waste:( ). I talked to some fishermen in Alland and they had nothing but complaints. I know the pike can get real big so do you fish in rivers? Whats the visibility like?


My wife is Greek from Kalymnos. The Kalymnians are real badasses when it comes to fishing, so I hooked up with a few locals and entered the sinagrida "university" :martial! The waters around the dodecanese are a blessing, compared to the vis in the Black sea, and the ridiculous situation (tides, murky shallow water) here in the UK. Where do you come from Greece and where do you fish?
Thanks! I like it too....during the summer that is.
St. Petersburg sewage is the main threat now...
Also, we are pretty concerned about that new oil port to be built by russians. One serious oil spill in this closed sea will destroy if for decades if not centuries.

Commercial fishermen?? They seem to be complaining always about something! If it is not the fish, its's the seals, if not the seals, it's the EU...... Same goes for our farmers.
Gulf of Finland is now much better that it was some five years back. Still, it's pretty bad. I just hope that the bloody swedes would allow the cod to Baltic again!!!

We have pike in lakes and in sea as well as Baltic sea is a pool of bracish water. They grow to respectable size indeed. Largest one speared can be seen here. http://www.teamkampela.com/gallerypics/img/031020231900_836.jpg
Tero got this monster of 11.5kgs last fall.
Viz is usually pretty bad....late fall waters clear up considerably and I have once dived in 14m viz near Tammisaari.


I fear the potential disaster from the tankers in St. Petersburg also. Putin is not sensitive in these matters. Lets hope now that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have a bigger voice he will comply with EU regulations about double hull tankers in the Baltic, but personally being Russian I dont think we will see this until after the actual disaster happens. I am from Rostov on the mouth of the volga river to the Black Sea. Its same disgusting situation with the tankers.

Yeah I know fishermen complain always, you are right. They hate us spearos for some reason. I have my share of comical experiences with these guys.

Teamkapella site is excellent and humorous also. Are you into competitive spearfishing?

On what levels do you compete regional/national/international?What is the name of your club or federation?
Mainly national as my last season was a serious fiansco.:-[
I dive for FDTF (Freediving Team of Finland), but practice mainly with few guys from Team Kampela.
This season I'm very much hoping to do much better and hopefully reach national team.......hopefully.;-)

Congratulations its a good team you have. So I take it you are familiar with Topi Lintunkangas and Tomi Kinnunen. Are you going to be going to the Freeology in Cyprus next month? Just for the story man if you plan to make a record PM me or something:)
I'm a 100% spearo.
Topi is one of my best mates.
We often practice together, both with different goals though.
I do not really know Timo as he does not live in Helsinki area...by reputation, yes.

No chance of seeing me in Cyprus unless there will be some cool spearing comp.;-)
I'm not that good of a freediver.

FDTF is a team for divers, not our national team.

Alright sorry I misunderstood. Its the same in Greece in order to compete in spearfishing nationals you need to be a member of PSAYK (Panhellenic Association of Athletes of Underwater Hunting).

The relaxation and rhythm with which Topi dives is amazing.

Cyprus has an international open tournament next month am not too sure when. Cyprus Spearo federation is very unorganised still.
I was spearfishing inside the designated area while their nationals were taking place (by accident) last year in the water alongside the competing athletes. Caught a big snapper and after awhile the judges gave me a lift back to the starting point thinking I was one of the competitors. It was so hilarious I just went along with it.
Hey Baur!
We might end up relatives! My origins are from Rhodes but I have never lived there. Anyway I spear my fish (when the do me the honour to appear:waterwork ) in the saronic gulf, Halkidiki and in Pelion. I've been also to other places like Crete or the Cyclades but loooong ago! The fish population sadly is diminished where I go fishing and the fish are most of the times small, scared to death by illegal spearfishermen (they dive at night or with breathing devices :( ) and most of the warm months at depths of 50ft or more (usually more:( ).
Anyway I do my best just to enjoy my dives!
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