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115 or 95 lenght speargun

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Feb 11, 2018

i want upgrade to longer speargun i usually dive at reef area clear water at depth 5-7m, fish weight 0.5-2 kilo

i dont know which lenght can fit?

Where are you fishing, the Med? Depends on what you see to some extent; for fast moving fish you would likely benefit from a shorter, lighter, faster tracking speargun - my 2 main spearguns fall into this category - but for large fish at greater range you might benefit from a longer, heavier, more powerful speargun - my old RA railgun and new Apnea Amorak rollergun fall into this category. Or compromise and go for something in between perhaps (100/105/110cm or long and fast tracking, e.g. C4) or buy 1 of each perhaps but...

My brother, over the years, has acquired several shotguns but laments that now he has more choice he always has the wrong one in his hands when he needs to take a shot! That can happen with spearguns too. For simplicity, I usually just take the best all round speargun for a given day or conditions. But recently, I found I made the wrong call several times. Fortunately, I have usually been able to get somebody on shore to pass me my longer speargun when conditions turn out clearer than expected. But I recently started taking both spearguns in the water with me, one strapped to my float; it is a hassle but turns out to be worthwhile sometimes. I recently acquired 2 new spearguns, one quite short, 60cm, and the other quite long and powerful, 95cm roller. Too much choice now perhaps? I think the 60cm speargun might become my short backup speargun which I strap on the float when conditions are fairly clear (when I am holding my lightweight 90cm speargun or 95cm rollergun) - as my 75cm speargun seems a bit long for this (a pneumatic would probably be the optimum/most versatile choice for a short float-mounted gun though - or perhaps a short rollergun?). My lightweight 75cm speargun will likely remain my main general purpose, poor visibility speargun for Dorset and, occasionally, Devon (although Devon conditions have favoured my 90cm speargun more often recently). It might be my backup float-gun for very clear days - although equally that might be the 90cm speargun (long but also fast tracking).

How about an Omer Invictus 100cm or carbon 110cm or an RA 100/110 railgun, carbon and/or roller/single or double band (1x16mm/1x20mm/2x14mm/2x16mm)? There are lots of other options out there of course. I like the look of the fairly heavy duty Cressi Pacific models (Comanche or Cherokee). Beuchat & Pathos have some interesting models. Savlimar Hero is getting a lot of advertising currently, state of the art. I bought an Apnea Amorak 95cm roller speargun last year, on 30% off sale from spearfishingstore.co.uk, I guess that would be an option too. I wouldn't start out with a roller though, too much weight and complexity/hassle for a beginner, it would likely take some of the joy out of it.
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How important is the length (for range, not penetration power) really? I have a 82 invert roller and a short 1m lionfish spear. I dive in cristal clear mediterranean water, but hunt for food not instagram pics and travel by bicycle, so for me the shorter guns win.
Anyway, I find that when I'm carrying the 82, the fish stay just out of range. When I'm hunting lionfish with the short pole spear and my effective range is near nothing, those same fish are now really close, but still just out of my range. Fish are just very good at reading body language and know exactly how far this predator can grab.

Why is it that some people can hunt everything with a pole spear while others find themselves doing desperate long shots on those same fish with a gun that has a huge range? :)

But to answer Deep's question. I'd say if you have to chose between 95 and 115 and hunt in Mediterranean shallow water, the 95 will be more versatile. It has range and power, but is still just short enough to do some shots in caves and under rocks.
Now if you already have a short gun and want to bring two guns into the water on your dives, then go for something that isn't already covered by the other gun. But ofcourse you will then find beautiful fish in caves while you're holding the long gun, and in open water while you're holding the short gun. :)
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Another option is the hybrid made by Daryl Wong. Its all personal preference. The best thing about finding that mid range all around favorite gun is you don't have to own so many different sizes shafts and bands but you can focus on the one favorite gun and size you like most. Happy hunting.
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Another option is the hybrid made by Daryl Wong. Its all personal preference. The best thing about finding that mid range all around favorite gun is you don't have to own so many different sizes shafts and bands but you can focus on the one favorite gun and size you like most. Happy hunting.
I like your philosophy. I standardized on the wonderful Omer XXV for maybe 10 years and quite honestly that's probably all I would ever need. Last year I decided to add a new small speargun and longer rollergun to my collection, more out of curiosity and a few wish to try double bands and a roller more than any pressing need.

Is the Daryl Wong hybrid wooden with a carbon barrel and mid-handle? If so, then yes that does sound versatile.
Mr X, yes sir, that is the gun construction. It has an amazing finish. Love that gun. I appreciate that I can travel with just that all around size and shoot small fish and up to medium in blue water. Same shafts and bands. Everyone has to search and find that perfect manufacturer and size go-to-all around gun for them. Each to his own.

Like you I also bought a large doubleroller last year. It is the Neptonics and I really like it as well. It feels like a bazooka compared to the others. Saving it up for my bucket list large Tuna hunt one of these days. Have a great and safe weekend!
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