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209m Dynamic on 5ème Coupe des Dauphines

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New Member
Nov 17, 2002
Stephane Mifsud did an incredible dynamic performance of 209m on the 5ème Coupe des Dauphines in Geneva, yesterday. As far as I know it wasn't an AIDA International competition, thus it's unlikely to be an officially certified AIDA world record. World record or not, it doesn't matter. It's still the best realized dynamic performance in a competition.

Congratulations Stephane!

Check out the results here.

BTW, he used bifins. I guess it took him about 4'.

What happened to Stig's 204m performance he realized in Einhoven, last December?
I can't see it in the AIDA list of world records, although he beat Peter's WR by 4m.
How can such a performance that was verified in an international AIDA competition not be recognized as WR?

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Stigs 204m has been recently nulled from video due to samba violation. An old story told again. That's why it's not listed. Peter Pedersen still holds the official record with 200m.

Any ideas on any sign of samba on Stéphane? The coupe des Dauphins is not currently listed on AIDA's calendar http://www.aida-international.org/aida_calendar.htm, but I have heard something about it being accepted before hand (despite organizers' past controversy with AIDA and all that).

Chris Engelbrecht, Copenhagen
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I have seen the 8MB internet video of Stig's 204m. I couldn't see any signs of samba but that could be due to the poor video quality.

Here is what Karsten Schneider told me who also competed in Eindhoven. He started his dynamic performance at the same time with Stig on the other lane. Right after surfacing from a poor performance of only 70-something meters the judges turned away from him to watch Stig's performance. After Stig surfaced he received a yellow card which meant video decision.

That was just what I heard.

On the official results Stig's performance was ok which means the AIDA judges who checked out the video at the competition decided in Stig's favor.

Maybe the AIDA judge(s) responsible for records (Dieter Baumann or Sebastian Nagel) who checked out the video for verification saw something the judges at the competition didn't.

If Stig's performance was nulled, does it mean that he's not the official winner of the competition?
Wow, poor guy...

I just watched his recovery about 10 times. I don't know why that performance would've been DQ'd, but then I'm not an AIDA judge. If I was Stig though, I'm not sure I'd be totally thrilled with that call!

Although this year's ammendment to the AIDA rules calls for instant "direct judgment" by onsite judges, I'm not sure if this change will help in situations like this because of the fact that it is a WR and therefore subject to finalization by the AIDA Exec. Board / President.

Apparently the new regulations will have an actual description of BO/LMC symptoms. Hopefully this will make things a little better than they presently are.


I have the video, I downloaded it from the same place as Maxdream. I don't know however how to share it! I could send it to you through MSN Messenger if that would work for you. The size is 7.34 MB so it probablyl won't email too well. If you have any ideas, I'd be more than happy to send it along.

Pretty amazing that Peter Pederson and Stig did 200m in around 2'00" (with mono), and Mifsud did 209m in 4'09" (bifins), double the time.

However, this is definitely a trend. Martin Stepanek, Mifsud and Andy LeSauce all have done 170m-209m with bifins, taking more than 3'30" to finish the swim.

The other successful method is the high speed monofin method, used by Herbert, Peter P. and Stig, covering 200m in around 2 minutes.

Going fast with bifins doesn't seem to generate good results, and going slow with monos doesn't seem to generate good results either.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Thanks a million, Jorg, it's always good to see for yourself.

The quality considered and all, I can see the twitch. It's there, it's irritatingly small, but it's there, 2:50 into the movie. AIDA is in her right to null it. Stig is nowhere near loosing control, but the twitch is there.
And we're back facing the same problem. As a natural response, I'd say his dive is good and that the twitch had no influence on the exit of his dive. Any non-freediver would say the dive is good. I can see people's point, many samba calls are unfair somewhere.
So where to draw the line? People have said that as long as people have selfcontrol, they can shake as much as they want. I don't want that either, wrong image and all to both competitors and outsiders.
New idea of the top of my head: If people twitch less than 1 or 2 seconds, the samba is acceptable, given the athlete doesn't loose control and go back under. Is that the answer? Can that be defended?

Try to believe me when I say that I'm not being national in this case (the record is still Danish anyway).

Chris Engelbrecht, Copenhagen
My wife's reaction was "what's wrong with that?" My reaction was exactly the same. I have a hard time wanting to compete and really try hard in a sport that will eliminate someone based on something that I really can't see! I just watched it 3 more times and I don't see the problem.

I suppose, as it's been said before, that we have to be actors really when we come out of the water! Make sure that we don't notice something behind the judge and appear out of focus, glance suddenly at anything, breathe perfectly evenly.... Chris, you're right, there is a problem. I don't know exactly where we should draw the line either though!!

Bravo Stig, great dive in my opinion! It's staying in my video collection that's for sure.

Hi you guys,

To start with BIG CONGRATS to Stephane.
Nice to see that someone can do 209m without a BO ;-)

Well I guess that I´m not the right one to place a negative comment of Stigs 204m, but since Stig and me are very good friends, and I´ve allready told him, what I´m gonna tell you, I´m pretty confident that he will not tear my head of.

Beeing on the edge preparing my own dive in Holland, I was only 4m away, and I DID see a nod on his head.
I´m a judge myslef, and I would never recognize anyone with that kind of symptoms under the current rules.

I´m surprised that anyone can have an opinion after havin´ seen a 7 Mb clip lasting around 3min.

Stig was not only DQ´ed by the samba, but also from pulling the edge of the pool when surfacing (??), and theree was only 34 sec of film on the official tape. 3 min is required when we´re talking W.R!
Why? I don´t know...

Know this....
Stig had not trained AT ALL with the mono before Holland, so if anyone hears about him training seriously, don´t expect under 225m!

He´s got a rabbit in the hat, and I just wish that I´m not divin´ right after him when he descides to pull it out...


Peter P
Hi Peter,

I understand if it was a slight samba, but what I still don't get is why Stig did get the points for his dynamic performance. It was an international competion. There were international judges. Pulling the edge of the pool isn't allowed in a competition, either.

Hi Domnique,

The procedure regarding recognition of a W.R, is that the final Ok has to come from the Responsible of records and the President of AIDA Int. (Séb/Dieter). That´s why it always says in the list of Official records " AIDA-recognition in progress".

Why he still figures as the over-all winner?

Hope to see you in Berlin. I just got info that the announcement will go out tonight.

Peter P
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Guys can anyone tell me what sort of bifins he uses for these world records and also is there any link to a video clip, a 4min+ dynamic would be insane to watch.

I was at the competition in Geneva and saw mifsuds 209m dive. He was using the good old C4 carbon bifins.

(watch pictures on: http://www.wegwieser.ch/freedivers/html/index.php?module=My_eGallery&do=showgall&gid=10 )

I have never seen a dive like this: I ve seen the two danes (Stig and Peter with their 200+ attempts in the Netherlands, they used monos on an incredible speed.

Then Mifsuds dive: it looked like a fish in an aquarium; easyyyyy moving forward, at half the speed of the two danes.
It hasn't been said before: the dive took place in a 25m pool !!! I congratulated Stephane and asked him, how its possible to do such a length in a 25m pool. (Imagine 8+ lanes = 7 turns !!) He smiled and said: I prefer 25m, i am used to it....

The "legal" background: The Dolphins Cup in Geneva used to be AIDA, but is now independent because of some differences between organizer and AIDA.... but is still a very nice competiton with interesting guests from 5 Countries.

greetz, dani wieser
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