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5050 Movies

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We pee deep. Ew!
Sep 24, 2002
Inspired by Uirdna's movies, I did a small film of my own. It turns out that Windows Movie Maker II totally kicks ass for a free download. I tried to post a sample film, but apparently the attachment didn't make it ....
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I can't seem to download the second video?

It doesn't let me. :(
weird ...


Sorry for the inconvenience. I think that is far and away the cooler of the two videos.

I'm assuming that you right-clicked on the link, selected "save target as" etc.

If you PM me w/ your e-mail, I'll send you a copy. Hopefully your e-mail server will accept large files (some won't accept a file that size).

...I can’t seem to down load the second one either.

Great Stuff, Pez. Nice to see someone else pluggin vids around here. I thought that vid of Jim was going to change from freediving to a colonoscopy there for a sec :D . Are those Mares Attacks? And how much weight do you chumps use? It looked like Jim was kicking all the way to the bottom......orr......are you guys just always in a hurry ;)?

Can't wait to see more. Next time I want to see a spear flying through one of those bluegills.

rofl colonoscopy rofl I'll lubricate the camera next time -- just in case.

Normally we weight to be neutral at about 10 meters. My guess is that he has about 4# on. The tunnel is down about 22 meters or so, maybe a little deeper. Not sure why we were in a hurry -- I think that was towards the end of the 2nd dive session, so our bottom times were probably at a low-point. I know that I was pretty dazed at the end of that particular dive, even though it was only a little over a minute.

You got the fins right -- Mares Attacks. Possibly the most photogenic fin ever made.

I'd love to spear in our local waters, but the PA limnologists are not nearly as enlightened in those in in WI, so we have lame-o regulations that prohibit spearing. In addition, the quarries are privately owned and the owners take a dim view of having thier customers poach the attractions.

Some of the fish in these places are amazing. I've seen 10#+ largemouths (very unusual this far north), some good sized suckers, carp etc. The blue-gills at Dutch Springs are incredible -- 1#+ is normal and I swear that some of these guys are flirting with 2#. Wabank has wolf-packs of juvenile stripers zooming around the place and I saw a small-mouth in there that must have been 8#.

We try to catch fish by hand sometimes. Never came close, but the "holy shit!" look in their eye when they realize that you can move much faster than a SCUBA guy is gratifying. If you use a scooter, the fish really panic and look to be using the icthyological equivalent of "holy f&*k!".
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Thanks for mentioning Windows Moviemaker II, I just downloaded it. We have had lousy weather here so no shooting for a while. I liked Jim dissapearing into the silt, it was quite eerie! And also beginning and ening with the beam of flashlight.

Ted et all: My EO Video download has expired for converting files, is there any other comparable free program that does this? It's a pity that WMM II doesn't accept .MOV files. What did you do Pez?

I finally go to see the videos and i am pretty impressed with the talent we have onhtis forum.:D

One thing that I have noticed in all of this picture taking stuff is how much better freediving is adapted to video than scuba diving. I have come to believe that scuba can best be shown through a well planned slide show- using still photos. This way you get to avoid all of the bubbles, and scuba divers move so slow it's not like you really need to show motion to begin with.

Freediving, on the other hand, is all about fluid motion in the water- it's almost like an underwater ballet. It adapts so well to video that I am almost wondering if a small video camera would have been a better purchase, but since they cost so much more it's a mute point for me.

I need to get in gear and put a few of these together, but first I've got to finish the one I promised my wife I would do before our daughter's birthday party- she's turning 1! :D

Conversion utilities

I've been using Bink video, which is a share-ware program that you can get here:


It's pretty good for ripping the MOV files to AVI format, and then I import the AVI into MMII.

I generally rip to uncompressed AVI (big files!) which I save on a Maxtor USBII drive to hold.

Has anyone played with the Microsoft "Plus" multimedia stuff for XP? I'm wondering if there are any filters etc. in there that are worth buying.

I'm working on a movie of the Catalina and LaJolla footage. Some of those shots are really good.

The portions of the movie that I have completed look pretty good so far, but unfortunately I selected a really long piece of music. It turns out that making a 6:00+ minute movie is a monumental task
Originally posted by Pezman
unfortunately I selected a really long piece of music. It turns out that making a 6:00+ minute movie is a monumental task

Fade it out, bro. Like I did to the icedive vid (b-boys audio).

Grab the audio timeline and pull it to meet up with the end
of the vid timeline. Then just select the 'fade out' transition
(for the audio timeline). Quick'n'dirty, but it's an option.
on focusing

What do you guys do for focusing? Turn off the movie sound and turn on the FULLTIME AF or just set an average distance in focus and let the wide angle do all the work?

I generally zoom to the widest possible angle and seldom remember to turn on the AF. That's a good idea though and something that I'll try to remember this season.
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