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A few questions

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Deeper Blues pet
Jun 4, 2002
Ok here it is I need some help in relation to rigging line and floats...

The areas i am fishing are rocky and reef (coral) Water ULTRA clear... It's been suggested by a friend that i use Dynema instead of mono or steel braid for my rigging (all shafts on breakaway rigs)... Anyone have anycomments on if this is a good idea or not?
The second question is I am thinking about using a body board with the connecting point for the cord rearranged so it faces down... this would enable me to keep fish out of the water on top of it and also attach a spare gun reasonably easily...

Am I having myself on thinking of using a body board? Should I just buy a float? the target species is mackeral/tuna the weapon a RA 1.4M with double rubbers + 7.5 mm spear ect...
and also is the sales person spotting me as an easy victim by suggesting I should use Dynema?

cheers for your thoughts... Don't be afraid to laugh... I got a good sence of humor... especialy when i start getting a few fish worth posting... :D
Mono ....

Mono mono mono - I'll say it again - Mono. You just can't keep good mono down.

Bodyboard's a good idea, cut it in half and join it with elastic 'hinges' - that way it folds up easily to fit in your car. It's a BIG schlep to drag around with you though .... I posted a pic of one somewhere on these forums ... damned if I can remeber where though.

Reason for mono over dynema is that mono is 'smoother' in the water, making your spear go faster ... and it takes a lot to tag mono, whereas dynema (or any other braid) will hook up easier in rocks, kelp etc.

What about a floatline? Either pvc tube or bungee type .... evil grin.

I've taken a lot of photos making the last line, the one I sent to Andrsn (Dude did you get it yet??) I'll probably post it either here with some info or on Andrsn's website sometime ...

arrrr *nods wisely* Mono it is! Yes well i was going to keep quiet about the float line but i9 am glad you bought it up as i was thinking about the pvc covered but I know nothing about it save that there is a line inside the covering in case the covering snaps!
Could someone please post andrsn's site?

Thought about bungy as my float line but then had this mental picture of a nice size jobfish taking my bungy for a "walk in the coral":head wasn't a pretty though :)

Tell me some good points about PVC coated
dgmtrx, ... dynema/spectra is soft and supple and is ideal for the floatline(inside your tubing), not for your spearshaft. it'll knot up like crazy. 400#+ mono works like a charm. :eek:

rob allen makes a nice(easy&cheap) foam filled polypro line in any length you want. i have 3 diff float lines and i use that the most. mine's 40m. :cool: your break away system should have your mono terminate in a loop close to the release/clip mech near your RA handle. go get a 1/8 inch piece of marine bungee(about 5 inches long), thread it through your loop and double it over on itself. when you're wrapping your gun, you should be able to finish your wraps by stretching back this bungee loop over the release/clip mech. your floatline should snap directly onto your mono loop(not bungee) and voila, tu es finis! :D

email me if you have to. i wish i had my gear here, but i have to wait till the weekend before i can hold my children. :D aquiles has all of them in his closet. i'll take some pics and post them next week if that's not too late.


ps. riaan, no you never sent me pics of your floatline. :( nor have i received the one you sent me. :( :( :( :confused: i've discovered a new thing on photoshop so the website should be rejuvenated soon!!!!! seriously. :p
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I know, I know ...

I said once I've got the photo's developed, I'll post an articel either here or on your site or both ....

I'll get on the PO's butt ... lemme just grab my gun quickly. If they've 'missed teh ship' AGAIN I'll be fairly POed .....

... the website should be rejuvenated ...

He he he he .....

For the record ladies n gents that rely was damn fast... probly about 4 min!!! hehehe Thanks for that andrsn, yep next week would be sweet for those pics!! Hopefully aquiles got some good use out of your gear and it's not just sitting in his cuboard or on his mantlepiece *grins*
my children are under lock and key, folks!!! :D :D :D rofl

they haven't seen the light of day since late march! :( but, daddy's comin home! :thankyou well, just for the weekend.

enjoy the forum dgmtrx, and welcome aboard.

Cheers andrsn it's good to be aboard!:D Cna't wait to get out and active in the water as well :cool: Cheers all
she just loves my doggy-style...

For your usage, Dog, I'd go with the mono for the reasons everyones already gone on about, and depending on the proximity to the bottom maybe a meter or two of coated cable. I've used boogie boards and the like for a float, not so much for the line, but to rest my tired ass. That said, a float the size of a boogie board is a bunch to tow around. I did two floats once, a boogie board in the a.m and a conventional float like a Riffe or OMER inflatable in the p.m and the difference was very noticeable, much like pushing chain versus pulling it. And something some divers don't realize is that the float isn't there to stop the fish but to act as a drag to slow it down so you can roll up on it and finish it off, so you don't want a big old tire back there.

Having a floater or ideally a bungie floater is a good thing to invest in. Even if you're poor and don't like to spend a lot on spearstuff.

haha right.. ok I think i know the rig.. tell me what you think...
Mono to the spear... Breakaway rig to float using PVC coating with dynema inside... float will be an RA probly 7 litre... connected (bungy inbetween float and spear somewhere) the RA float will be connected to body board (Sorry lads but i am pretty exited bout getting towed round by a fish... so i figure hey... do it in style!!! lol) I think that would cut down on the drag a fair bit by making the pull on the body board basicaly parallel... this would only be used when i find some dogtooth tuna! otherwise just the RA!!! alright i got to go... my girlfriends car just pulled up.... no net:naughty lol:D later!:D
You guys arn't going to believe this... My Girlfriend (Megan) Just baught me terry mass bluewater hunter... LMAO... now do any of you have a G/F that good? Damn... well anyway she is waiting patiently so I best not delay... Cheers all! Thanks for the superb advice!

I hope it is the book not the video ur girlfiend bought 4 u. The book realy worth the money, the video not worth it. Anyway, she is the kind of girlfriend any spearo should have.

:D :D :D Oh yeah it's the book :) got to be loving that!
And yes she most certainly is the kind of girl any skindiver or spero would love... I will ost a pic of us with the spearguns some time if i can ever wrestle the digital camera of my old man :t
great... girlfriend and boyfriend photos. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The rig you describe will work fine Dog.

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