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A question about Aladin Pro Ultra

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THere Are NO limits!!!
Jun 12, 2002
I'm going to buy Aladin Pro or Pro Ultra in a few days so I need some information.
I plan to go to 80-100m with Aladin (on air).
Can somebody who has some experience with Aladin Pro Ultra
tell me what happens when you exceed CNS 02 limit of 100%,in other words does something happen to Aladin Pro Ultra after you
go to greater depth over CNS 02 limit?
Sorry Triton, I've not been crazy enough to try that one (no offence)

I would expect that you would be exceeding the parameters of the software the runs the Aladdin doing 100m on Air. I may however be wrong.

I personally wouldn't recommend doing anything greater than 66m on air no matter what due to ppo2 and nitogen problems anyway. As I've always had a chronic fear of death I doubt that I'd even attempt that dept on Air.

Do you plan to do a bounce dive to the depth you suggest?

Good luck anyway.
If you go to 100m on air can I have your equipment?? and what would like like the epitaph to read?

Seriously - rethink that plan - just because some of the computers can handle that depth with air, doesn't mean your body can!

most guys I know/dive with (and myself) limit air to 160ft. (40ish meters). after that the narcotic effect of the N2 is just too much.

good luck either way.

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To try and answer your question on the new Aladdin Pro. Personally I have not used the Ultra but have used their Nitrox and I am pretty sure that the limits are the same.

Depth wise it will lock out at 127m.

CNS it will give you a warning and an alarm that you have exceeded the limits but will function; as I mention below I would not even consider following the profile for the deco.

When I go over the risk analysis part of training, I try and get over to my students to remember one thing. When planning a big dive. "They do not need to weep at their funerals, their family and friends do" I don't want to be dramatic but please think about it.

I would like you to think about what that warning means. It means you are breathing a PPO2 that can kill you and it will kill you if you stay there too long.

Another point to remember is that if you are considering the computer for giving you a deco profile you are deco'ing out on a model that is both dated and not suited for that level of diving.

Stay safe
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I think Aladin Pro is the best for those kind of dives because it's most secure .This summer at the lake of Ohrid(Macedonia),two
divemasters from my diving club set the Balkans record on air
with -127 meters(I was one of the security divers at 75m).
One of them had Aladin Pro (that I ordered) and the other had Aladin Air X.Nothing happened to their computers.
In the past there were some cases that these relatively new models of Aladin block at some greater depths,but very rarely
the Aladin Pro "crashes".I the past,I've been many times to 60+m on air and
doing many decompression dives.
I know that when Pp02 reaches 1.6 bar ,o2 becomes toxic.
Thats just the risk we'll have take.Also we will do 10-15 dives over 50-60m before we attempt 90 -100m.The main problem will be the narcosis that we'll have to "control".
I've made some simulations in Abyss with dives to that depth and it will take about 30min with deco stops.Two of us are going to dive ,and we have 18l tanks with two Poseidon Jetsream
regulators.My friend will have Aladin Pro Ultra and I'll have Aladin PRo.
Hi triton...

This question made for you just showed you have not enough knowlege to reach these deeps. The uwatec computer actually works as gauge to 100+ meters... (of course the decompression programming in these computer are not intended to be used in these circuntances) but in order to reach this deep using air you need extensive training, fitness, gear and team support. Maybe you will be able to dive 100 even more but you would be putting in risk your life.

Deep air is the most dangerous practice in scuba..records in deep air have killed a lot of people. Mixed gases in oc and ccr rebreathers with the proper training are the way to do deep diving..it´s more expensive but safer and the logical way to follow...

Don´t be crazy....read the article here in this seccion of the forum about the ozzie diver who dived 100 meter and almost die for that.

I hope you know exactly what´re you doing...
Well I've read what the other guys have said and read up a bit myself and have come to the conclusion that if it's excitement you want, then Russian Roulette is definately the game for you.

Happy (and hopefully safe) diving
Yeah......it's risky ,but we'll plan it best we can.THe attempt will be in February ,so if we do it ,I'll write it here.
THanks Sjwhelan

If you are going to go ahead with this stunt anyway, why don't you at least get a set of tables to do your deco right?
Your computer has no way to figure in deep stops that make a big difference in how "clean" you come out of the water. The way that your computer will calcualte your deco stops/times will be very different compared to a good deco program.

Many of us did deep air in the past, but there is a much better way to do things now. It is now possible to do a dive like this with a great deal of control and safety, with the proper training and equipment.

but where can I get deco tables that include 100 depth?
I heard that the "deepest" deco tables are US Navy tables with 75meters

Download Dplan.

Or check out one of the many other deco programs that are out there. Your friends that you are diving with should be aware of all of these programs if they are diving to these depths.
Deep stops have made a big difference in my diving.


P.S. I still say to use gas on any dive of this nature.
Oh....you meant decompression software.......I've downloaded Abyss and did some calculations.
Hi Alex...

I´ve seen again you insist to do these dives...I would like to know how is your training...?...I have serius doubts about your safety procedures...

How you can dive so deep on air and you´ve ever seen the exceptional exposure tables at US diving manual????...you can get one copy here: http://www.coralspringsscuba.com/miscellaneous/usn_manual.htm

BUT: these tables are extremely dangerous, they are intended to be used by military divers and they did not tested on wide group of divers...even the US navy divers supervisors use BIGs safety factors....other features related: they were calculated a long time ago so the models are ...well jurasic era comes to my mind...no deep stops, microbubbles and these "silly" things were considerated....i can get a original haldane´s tables set if you want...

I´m not criticizing you....i´m just surprising that you insist to make these dives if things like helium based mixed are already available...

-100 meters

As you can see I live in Yugoslavia ,and here there are some 10-15 "serious" diving clubs.And none of them does gas-mixed dives,because for our conditions it is too expensive,and for some other reasons....... ,i don't know........,here people have no choice but to do deep dives on air. I'm not saying that everyone does this type of diving on air but including me there are some 15 people that do this.
Concerning me ,I started diving and freediving when I was 11 (I'm now 18), now i'm Advanced Open Water diver and I'm attending Deep Air specialty ,and have some 80-90 dives in my loogbook .
In the past years I was more interested in freediving that in scuba diving,so I read a lot and learned as much as I can about it .As there are no freediving organizations in my country,no competitions ,nothing,my friend and me had to do it ourselves.
We just had one little boat for 4 persons max ,a line ,our equipment,and no security.You probably know when ,for example, Umberto Pelizzari trains for a record or attempts a record,there are safety divers on every 40-50 meters.
Dispite we had no security,and nobody to teach us we managed to do -45meters and over 5 mins in static training.
I experienced many dangers while freediving ,nad a SWB or hypoxia,and I very well know what is risk.
Our training will be 10 or more dives deeper that 60 meters.
We'll slowly increase the depth before we attempt 100 meters.
WE'll stay just 10 days at the seaside so we must achieve that
in that period of time.
All advices are welcome .
100 metres on air - I would scan the obituary's to find out...
In the previous post paddy asked what happened to the guy in the post who was explaining how he was going to do 300 ft (100m) dive on air. My general feeling is that a dive this deep is not safe on air, so I sarcastically replied that the person who was to attempt it, but has never replied to his posts was likely no longer alive. However, that was (hopefully) just a joke, and probably in poor taste.

Does that sufficiently explain what this is all about?
JMD said:
In the previous post paddy asked what happened to the guy in the post who was explaining how he was going to do 300 ft (100m) dive on air. My general feeling is that a dive this deep is not safe on air, so I sarcastically replied that the person who was to attempt it, but has never replied to his posts was likely no longer alive. However, that was (hopefully) just a joke, and probably in poor taste.

Does that sufficiently explain what this is all about?

:eek: :eek:
didn't see the previous posts due the the advertising :eek:

i tend to agree with you, in any case. Anything past 50m/60m ought ta be on mixed gas... in my humblest opinion.
Anyone doing deep air when mixed gas is available, should really give their head a shake, if not for yourself, then at least think of your family. Further more I feel this individual is grossly lacking any kind of experience to be doing these kinds of dives. Adv o/w cert and 80 - 90 dives is no where near enough experience and .....

please dive safe everyone...
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