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Accidents whilst hunting

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Simon Blampied

New Member
Oct 16, 2001
Recently there has been renewed concerns voiced about the danger of spearfishing. As we all know the danger from being hit by a rogue spear is minimal and I can't find any evidence of anyone being shot by 'mistake', but before stating that fact I would like to be as sure as possible that this is indeed the case. If anyone has any knowledge of such an incident I would be very grateful to hear from them.


Shot w/ Speargun

There was a story (with pictures) awhile back in Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine of a guy who got accidentally shot in the leg by his buddy while spearfishing. I don't remember the particulars. I think it took place in Hawaii and it might have happened coming through rough surf.

Scott Turgeon
I read about an accidental leg hit before but no photo. It is somewhere on the internet but can' remember where. 100% sure.
In Terry Maas book there is a story of a spearo which gun slipped while loading and the spear penerated the head of the guy. In one case one died and in other case the other survived.

yah, there is a story, i think it was mark barville or someone that was fishing with a bud with hawian slings with paralyzer tips, i remember seeing the picture of the tip still in the guys leg. Gross stuff.
Purposeful spearing of your buddy

......the Miami Longfins (spearfishing club) have a saying - "If you can't reach me - spear me"

What this means is that if your buddy has an accident (SWB) and is sinking, and you are unable to reach him for whatever reason (attached to buoy e.t.c), and he is in "range" the suggestion is to shoot him either through the fin, or through a non vital part of his body, i.e. lower leg...to enable you to pull him to the surface. I personally agree with this line of thought, I would much rather my buddy shot me in the leg and tried to save my life, as opposed to leaving me sink, or calling for scuba backup....you could only consider this if:

A. You are sure he is in mortal danger.

B. You are absolutely sure you cannot reach him.

C. You are good enough to "make the shot", and are able to pull him to the surface...

This technique / method is advanced last resort stuff Gentlemen, and i'm not suggesting that you train for it or use it, only consider it if you have to. It may seem dangerous and dramatic, but freediving / spearfishing are (as we all know too often) in reality (regardless of all the safety procedures) extremely dangerous sports, this is a contribution for experienced spearfishermen that just might save someones life if used correctly.

I hope you never have to consider it....

My 2p on shooting each other.

I'd have to say that i'd agree with that suggestion as well. It has to be tempered with some degree of maturity on the part of the buddy, as the last thing the sport needs is tons of spearfishers appearing in hospitals skewered! The press have enough fun regarding this as it is.

Hell yeah......it's like jumping out of a burning house, you might break your legs but you'll live.....but if there's the chance you can climb down, or get down the stairs then take it......

Ladies and gentlemen, lets be clear, this is not an invitation to shoot your buddy in the butt because he stole your fish you were lining up ;)

This is Custers last stand material for keeping your buddy alive, it does not come with any guarantees, but if (god forbid) you found yourself in situe...(excuse the pun) I would consider it worth a shot.
Tahitian or breakaway?

What would you sugest would be the best to do that? A break away tip or a tahitian? A three prong would also have a better grip. :D
If you really need holding power, because your blacked out buddy is a lard ass and is sinking fast, then i'd strongly suggest one of these:


Pop one of these into his buttock and pull away! An added feature is that once he comes round he will be in extreme pain, and you can then remind him what a stupid fool he has been!

Glad you can see the lighter side of something serious too....
Bone vs cartilage

Since human bone are much stronger, could you break your tip?
:D :duh :D

You could also try to cut the weight belt with a power head :duh

Seriously, i dont think, with the range (3-5 m) of a speargun that you could have to shoot someone with it to save his/her life.

I would also change, "if you cant reach me, spear me" to "if you cant reach me, dont dive with me".

Just my 2 Euro cent.
I have been known to tell people that in case they cant reach me shoot me. I would prefrebly like them to avoid aiming at the nads but whatever happens get me to the surface. As far as if you can't reach me don't dive with me I think thats a lot of Hooie ..... cause I have read stories of experienced divers that could not reach thier buddy cause of the adrenaline rush. Those are physiological attributes that you or anyone else cannot control no matter the experience or the skill of the diver. Furthermore; you will only get one chance to rescue your drowning pal. If you miss, by the time you reach the surface and start your way back down to 80 -90 feet your buddy is already shaking hands with his maker. There are physiological exeptions to this I suppose but I believe and it is of my opinion that if you only have one chance don't miss the shot. This means you pick me up or shoot me. That way at least they find my body.
I have had an overpowered AB biller go off in the boat. The trigger mechanism slipped and I have a hole in the innerliner in the boat to prove it. When people ask me if they should unload thier guns when getting in the boat I just point at the hole:naughty :D
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