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Aliwal Shoal, South Africa, 28 May 2002 - 4 June 2002

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
Ok ... got permission

So here it is ... Aliwal shoal map. I've got a more detailed one, but am not allowed to post it on the net. I can however print it out and swing it with ..... or mail it to someone if needed.


  • aliwalskoonfin.jpg
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Flights booked .....

Flight Booking : BA Comair
BA6301, CPT- DUR, 20020531, DEPART 0630, ARRIVAL 0825

BA6306, DUR- CPT, 20020609, DEPART 1815, ARRIVAL 2020

Can I ask one of you guys to be so kind as to pick me up at the airport? I'd be the one sporting the big gun, big flippers and insanely huge grin .....

Should I book a rental car as well? Or could we get a "Durban Cancer" riddled ride from you, Griff? he he he

What else should I bring with? Maybe some good Cape wine? (If there is such a thing .... he he he)
No problem

It's no problem to pick you up from the airport Riaan. Also, you can count on me for transport during the week. A rental would realy push the costs up.

I had a chat with some divers last night, who have dived during the run before. The said the same as that timothy guy, that you should rather look for the smaller bait balls, because the huge schools are on the run. It seems the best tactic is to hang off the bait, about 10-20m away, because the gamefish bomb in so fast, but they sort of regroup outside the ball.
These guys say that they mainly do shore dives, despite having boats themselves, because it allows you to drive along the coast, spot a ball and jump in right there. i guess the same would be possible in a boat, but with a limited range and speed.
the one spearo is keen to dive with us, he says that he gets sardine fever, which means that he is unfit to work. it seems that we are all going to become infected. So if we want to boat dive, that will hopefully be an option.
from the stories i have been hearing, i'm getting super amped. Five cuda in one shore dive is not uncommon!

anyway, i got to work hard now so i can play hard later


We Want Reports!

I hope you guys will be posting a full report with pictures to the forums!
We'll play it by ear

I'll try and hook up someone from the Natal Sharks Board, they'd be able to give us a lot of good info. It seems like Rob Allen's once again gonna be flying his microlight for the BBC - we should get his cell number!!

Wicked !!!

My leave form went something like that - take 6 day's sick leave - reason? "Annual Sardine Fever, verifiable by my doctor (he spears as well), known to return every year in either June or July. Only known cure is deep immersion in salt water, with some natural adrenaline administered every half an hour"


And Stephan, how about an article / report / photo shoot of the run? I'd be able to get most of that stuff, I'll throw something together with the other guys ....
Re: We'll play it by ear

Originally posted by SASpearo
And Stephan, how about an article / report / photo shoot of the run? I'd be able to get most of that stuff, I'll throw something together with the other guys ....

Sounds good to me - I think this would be of great interest to members and visitors alike...
Aliwal Charter

Hey Guys, this is from the email that ORCA TEAM

Maximum of nine divers
First come first serve.
No deposit, no confirmation

Does this mean we have to race down to the charter HQ, with R300 in our sweaty paws on 31 may, with the possibility that nine lucky guys are already sitting on the boat?
or am i mistaken and its a bit more organised? :confused:



Bit steep in my opinion - 2 nights accom, ONE braai and ONE day on the boat? Gah.

I guess you better phone them and ask. I reckon you can do a electronic transfer and fax them a slip or something.

Personally, I'm trying to get on their boat for that one day, crash in your flat, and then take it from there. It sounds like we're getting some interest from Rob Allen / BBC, Natal Sharks Board seems to be biting (ouch) and then Timothy Theunisen has offered some services as well. I think we should look at other options - I got lucky everytime in St. Lucia by bumming lifts from ski-boat guys as they launch - maybe I've just got a friendly face .... maybe it was the big gun ...


El Insano
Do they have student rates

It is a bit higher that i was expecting, especially because accomodation is of secondary concern to me. But we do have a bit of time to wrangle. i'll make a few noises and see what comes up
Hell yeah

Shake some bushes - take some names and numbers. Shark's Boards' on board - we'll get some quality info from them. Still working on BBC angle.
Rob Allen

If i dont go diving tomorrow, i'm most likely to pop in at Dive Factory. I'll be able to get hold of Rob's number, if he isnt there. Also i'm trying to make contact with this other spearo at varsity.
here is his old man's website (jack lugg)


his name is brian lugg, look for him in the 90's photo's

from the looks of it, his old man knows a thing or two about diving natal, especially aliwal.

Will be back online on monday, enjoy the weekend :friday


No shortage of quality spearo's in SA

Looks like a good guy to invite for a fish braai one night!

Griff - What'll I need to bring with? Besides the obvious dive related stuff, clothes, sleeping bag etc etc ..
Clothes would be good. we arent as liberal here in durban as you capetonians.
dont worry about sleeping stuff, got all that sorted.
i had a chat to rob allen on saturday. he said that there were pilot shoals of sards at port st johns, and that they should be at port edward by today. also, according to rob, southerly winds hasten their progress up the coast, and it looks like we are in for some more southerlies this week. So far so good!

I met this little girlie,

she said her name was Shirley .... she works for NSB ... she said more or less the same thing. They reckon the forerunners of the pack's gonna hit Aliwal around .... drum roll please ...... the 29th to 31st ......

We've more or less hit it on the nose. Gonna be a GAFF !!!!!!!

I'll have to go an' buy some clothes then ... this might turn out expensive ...

Also, I still need that one friggin manager's signature on my leave application. I've got my tickets in one hand, my railgun in the other .... maybe I should go chat to him?

nothing els

i dont think there is anything els to bring, but i may be forgetting something.
Diving Kit

  • 2 Guns
  • Spare Spears
  • Spare SPEARGUN Rubbers
  • Wet Suit
  • 2 Goggles
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Booties
  • Weight belt
  • Float
  • Float line
  • Flasher (I won't bring mine)
  • Powerheads (I won't be bringing any)

Personal Kit

  • Camera
  • Film
  • ID Book
  • Money
  • Hat
  • Suntan Lotion
  • Lipice
  • SSS Kit (Sh*t, Shave & Shower tackle)
  • Picture of wife (To scare away the sharks)
  • Maps


  • Underpants
  • Shorts
  • Tracksuit
  • Denims
  • Long Sleeved Shirt
  • T-Shirts
  • Sandals
  • Closed Shoes
  • Jacket

Hi Griff and SASpearo

Have only been able to log in effectively today. Must be something to do with the servers moving. Our Orca trip is as you said a bit expensive with one launch only and the rest are mobile shore dives probably incorporating landers as well depending on the shoals movements. However, the accommodation is quite a bit more upmarket than on our previous trip and this accounts for the extra cost. We are all happy with that.
We will all stay in touch regardless and we can meet up and do some diving after our group leaves on Sunday / Monday anyhow.

Looking forward to it boys.

Personally, I cannot wait

Apparently it had to do with moving the servers from UK to US .... they mighta got stopped at customs :D

Griff, have you been able to organize another boat / boat trips?
Last edited:
Hi Skin
I experienced the same connection problems.
About the trip, I have emailed the Orca team, asking that if there is space on the boat, is a single day charter, excluding accomodation, an option. I am still waiting for a reply, but i'll let you know as soon as they get back to me. I look forward to diving with you guys, maybe we can chat about how big a whipping the sharks are going to give the cats in this year's currie cup :D
If you do want to stay longer, you are welcome to crash at my place.

SAspearo, i'm going to the underwater club tonight to hopefully get some trips organised.


Heeehaaaaa !!!!

Got my leave form signed ... finally.


Weather's absolutely shite at the moment in CT - 16C, rainy ....
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