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Arousal during breathold

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New Member
Nov 12, 2011
Hi all

This might be the strangest question posted on here.

I've been doing breathplay / erotic asphyxiation for about 2 years and just started serious training for freediving.

When doing dynamic apnea in the pool, every time I get close to my limit I lose bladder control. Right now that is after a 30m swim at 6m deep.

Some other threads say that loss of bladder control is caused by a parasympathetic response (bladder and bowel relaxation) taking over when the sympathetic (motor) control is lost (No O2 to the brain).

My personal theory on this is that since I ejaculate (it's real, look it up), I have trained my PC muscles to contract and push out once my brain O2 gets low enough. If I am aroused that will result in ejaculation, but if not it will cause me to urinate. The exact same muscles are used for both actions.

I theorise that if I learn to hold my breath longer I may have an orgasm. Will work on this and let you all know (in the interests of science, of course.)

It's probably impossible to find another female who ejaculates and is into into erotic asphyxiation and freediving, but I'm guessing heaps of you are into erotic asphyxiation / breath play at least. Has anyone accidentally trained their body to have a sexual reaction to low O2? C'mon now, don't be shy. If you really can't stand to tell anyone, send me a PM.

Oh, and if you've never done it before I highly recommend starting off by voluntarily holding your breath for a while before you orgasm. Don't use anything to cut off your breathing, especially if you are alone. People die doing this stuff, alone and with other people.

Threads on loss of bladder control:
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Threads on sex and freediving:
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During apnea, especially the later stages, when suffocation occurs, the vagus nerve is forcefully excited. This causes the heart rate to drop, and can stimulate all sorts of physiological functions, including peristalsis, urination, defecation, sexual arousal, and other things.

If you actually *want* this to happen, your best bet is to do the bhastrika retention exercise. Inhale through one nostril, hold your breath until you get a few contractions, then pinch one nostril and exhale through one nostril extremely slowly, taking 40-60 seconds to exhale. This will excite the vagus nerve beyond comprehension. Do not use the first repetition as an indicator. The effect of this exercise (concerning what you may be looking for) is somewhat random, and it may take several days of trying to get the desired effect.

However be warned, if you do this exercise repeatedly and often, you will probably need to consult a yoga master since you will start to get kundalini problems. These may manifest as pain in the big toes, random electric shocks in the body, itching at the tailbone, heat/cold waves, digestion anomalies, etc...
Hi Vivian - unfortunately they didn't cover this subject in the AIDA courses I took (I want my money back!) but a few comments that might help you:

1. When holding your breath as a beginner or untrained, it's highly unlikely that the O2 to your brain will significantly drop. Instead, the reason you get the urge to breath is because of increased CO2 levels. So I wouldn't rush to connect some of the things you mention above relating to freediving to low O2.

2. In erotic play as far as I am aware (you seem to know better so correct me if I'm wrong :) ) the way the sensation is achieved is indeed by a sudden loss of O2 to the brain caused by restricting the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain. The most common way of achieving this is by putting pressure on the carotid arteries which are found on either side of the neck.

3. I guess it is possible that you have conditioned your brain to cause some kind of response that affects the bladder once O2 is low but as mentioned above, it's unlikely that with a 30m dynamic you get significantly low O2.

4. The fact that you feel like peeing during diving is due to a variety of factors again as far as I know. Mainly is down to pressure but also I remember reading somewhere that high CO2 also decreases a natural antidiuretic hormone and promotes fluid loss from blood. Cold also doesn't help.

5. Personally (and I'm sure others are the same), I never start any type of dynamic that can be challenging if I feel I have a full bladder - if you do so, I think it's inevitable that you will either have trouble controlling your bladder when the going gets tough or you will not be relaxed throughout the dive.

So in summary, my personally view is that what you are experiencing with loss of bladder control and wanting to pee has not much to do with your erotic activities and is not uncommon in freediving.

Also I don't think you'll get any type of orgasm unfortunately if you manage to hold your breath long enough for your O2 levels to drop a lot. You'll most likely end up getting loss of motor control (SAMBA) or even worse a blackout.

This is again just a guess but unlike restricting the carotids, if you hold your breath until your O2 goes really low you won't be able to get oxygenated blood back to your brain quickly enough and you'll most likely blackout.

Also I can imagine that by restricting the carotids you can restrict the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain but not stop it completely, so you might be able to achieve a more sustainable low O2 level without blacking out but this won't be the case if you just hold your breath.

Needless to say that any type of breatholding in the water needs to be done with a competent buddy, otherwise you are really risking drowning.

If you are breath holding in bed, I would imagine that you might welcome a buddy for other reasons LOL
Also I don't think you'll get any type of orgasm unfortunately if you manage to hold your breath long enough for your O2 levels to drop a lot.

Actually the bhastrika retention exercise can cause orgasms, but I agree this has nothing to do with low O2, but rather a combination of CO2 with respiratory control.
Actually the bhastrika retention exercise can cause orgasms, but I agree this has nothing to do with low O2, but rather a combination of CO2 with respiratory control.

I've never personally had the pleasure but this might explain some of the grunting coming from the back during yoga class lol
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I've change the title of this thread to be less overtly sexual.

Please try to keep the thread clean as if we have any complaint around this we will need to consider taking action.

Many thanks!
Why don't you direct these questions to Michael Hutchence... Oh wait.
Ok people, here’s the science.

HIF1a suppresses PDE5. The latter is a target of Viagra.

there’s your answer.. the cause of horny dolphin disorder as I like to call it... goes for them as well...
Funny story in this vein:

One time when i was like 14, we went to Lithia Springs there in Tampa, and sometime during the proceedings several amazing Hispanic ladies came out there

i immediately dove underwater, did a somersault, and then swam 50 yards to the shallows out of sheer embarrassment (note: now this isnt reccomended or safe)

i had no idea until recently that this was the BUDS test.....

and no... it didnt work...
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