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attn all California Lobster Divers!

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New Member
Aug 10, 2002
ok well this will be my first season lobster-ing so i have a few questions.

1) i know you can only take them by hand, but if you "coax" them into a bag with your hand (put bag behind them!) is that legal?

2) and most importantly, say i take my speargun in the water with me to hunt for fish but also take my lobster bag and do a combination of fishing and lobster-ing and Fish and Game stops me, is this legal? or will it be assumed i was taking the lobster illegally with the spear?

thanks to anyone in CALI that give me some info, perhaps sven?

see you all out there on Oct 5 - what a glorious day!
all ya gotta do is ask...

1) Yes. Anything short of poking 'em with your spear is cool. That means, no hooks, poles, gaffs, spears, snares and purple undies. Trust me on the puple undies. Here's a little advice. Lose the heavy 5 mil or neoprene gloves and score a pair of those orange knit jobs at Home Depot. Better yet, are a pair of these blue rubber/white cotton gloves. You need tactile sensititvity to feel 'em out when you have backed up in a hole. This applies to relationships as well, I found. :head

2) No prob. If that bug has a hole in it though, you're hung.

Now, here's a little Uncle Svenski newbie secret if you can't seem to get at the buggars... take a pair of used panty hose- yours, the ol' lady's, whatever... tie them to the tip of the spear. See that 10 pound hunk of lov back in the hole, juuustouttareach? Shove that bit of sheer, taupe, black, fishnet with seam in the back :t , in the hole, wrap that badboy up and pull. But use your paws and be thankful.

Tail for dinner. And maybe some tail for desert you don't overcook it. ;)

But you didn't hear it from me. Nope. Nosiree.

Yummy, Yummy.

BTW, is ur lobster over there the one with claw or spiny non-claw ?

I thought panty hose is only for filtering diesel fuel in remote area.....man...man... a lot to learn.

Here shooting lobster is legal so I do not need "advance" panty technique.....but sure must try it. I even shoot lobster with 3 bands if it is under a wreck cause me scared wreck fall on top of me so I shoot from as far as I can.....like 4 meters.

I don't know if you have a lobster which is like the typical green spiny but much bigger and the color is like pearl white. We call it here "Pearl Lobster". This is the only big lobster with very soft juicy meat around here, green ones have tougher meat if they go big.

How do I attract lobster which have sunk in their holes ?? Many times here the crevices are so deep and zig- zag our hand can not reach or a spear shaft can't make it thru the turns. If I put my hand into holes I get scared because very often lobsters shared a hole with Muray Eel, I almost got bitten once. I thought how come the lobster get so slimy and rubbery :D :D


One thing for sure our lobster don't usualy go bigger than 2-3 pounds for green one and 4-5 pounds for Pearl.

Iya here in California we have the California Spiny Lobster - they have no claws but have some spines. they can really big, i think there have been records of 36 lbs being caught, but im not sure...ive seen some pretty hefty ones though on occasion
36 LBS, that is not a Lobster, that is a MONSTER !!!
How does one manage to handle this kind of size when it start to kick ????

I think at that size the lobster will be so hairy ( too old ) and it might look like an ape man !!!

Damn, I am behind time...............

important for spiny lobster is:
you NEVER grab them by the antennae,
because that's all you'll have in your hand:

You also DON'T want to get your fingers
near the tail hinge - he can really do
damage when he flaps!

Release them when they have eggs
under their tails -
no use doing that when you speared one.

Thats one reason why catching them
by hand is better,

the other one:
going after them freediving
with your hands
is such a THRILL.

36 lbs - holy sheesh!
I'd heard of a 29-pounder before.

I myself never saw anything verifiably bigger than
a 13-pounder I grabbed 1971 in 50 feet of water
on San Martin Island
off Northern Baja California.
He was so strong I ended up letting him
hold on to me.
With his pointy legs(toes ?) he drew blood
through my 1/4 " wetsuit sleeve and gloves!

happy breathholding,

peter, www.juprowa.com/kittel
YEP, when I speared one with eggs, I feel bad cause I know there will be less lobster for me someday...:waterwork ...but some holes are so deep. I only use hand if the holes are shallow or when they got no way to reverse. Must try panty hose technique......for deep holes.
Bit late but better than never.


I saw this during my holiday. I was diving at Koelbay when I saw this. Take a pantyhose push the pne leg of the pantyhose in to the other and chuck a pilchard in it with a rock or sinker. Tie a rope to it. Drop this in the front of the hole or into it and when the lobster\Crayfish gets hold of it start pulling it forward. the claws should hook into it. You can also use a bait bag or a orange bag for this trick. I've never used this myself but I can think that it could be usefull.
Just watch out for the sharkies that could come investigate this pilchard.

I also saw a guy this holiday who was diving with a few crayfish nets. He would take 3 in and put them a few meters apart and swim from the one to the other.

I take them out by hand. Much more fun and challenging.

Cheers Reinier
In florida we have very weird ways of catching bugs.. I love the tackle them in a hole technique, but when that fails you can get an old mop and take it diving with you.. You can sweep a clean trail to your spot and follow it back to the beach on the swim in. Just kidding. You use this just the way the Svenster mentioned before. You see the bugger in a hole too deep for a normal human arm,( unlike anderson the knuckle dragger) You place your mop into the hole containing the crustacean and push it into the antennae, a quick coulple of twists to the right and left and the antennae get caught up in the mop. Slowly retrieve that tasty bug an grab him by the butt! A little butter and paprika and you are done. I don't use this tech but have heard that it works well.


I haven't tested this much but on a recent dive trip I was eating a cheesburger between dives and couldnt find the paper towels, so I just wiped all the burger juice and mustard ect on my wetsuit. On my next dive the lobsters were very curious about me and kept coming out of their holes to check me out (smell me?) there were lots of shorts around and I didn't get anything but it makes me wonder.
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