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audible fish attraction device

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Hey Murat

Im thinking of using a plastic squid, because its used as a lure in trolling for dentex. I am not sure if they react positively to mirrors or ..vibrators for that matter. I am going to make flashers from CD's for the AJ in Cyprus though. Should be interesting.

CD's do make good flashers, as they spin in the water they are like psycedelic lighthouses. Ive had some success with mine, Ive started to tie a mesh bag of crushed crabs on mine as well to attract fish by smell also :)
Those dentex are evil!!
Most wicked fish ever!!! Some times I swear that they know what I am thinking.
Anyway my short experience on the species indicates that flashers etc tend to make them suspicious rather than lure them (as opposed to AJ). IMO, a very delicate aspetto (I am still trying..), wise choice of your position to the bottom (still trying...), non hostile looks and whole lot of luck would do the job.
On the other hand I don't have an opinion on chum...
Originally posted by Baur
Hey Murat

. I am going to make flashers from CD's for the AJ in Cyprus though. Should be interesting.


Yes i also thought this but the problem is i couldn't find where are those damn Aj like to hang...Locals are secret cube when it comes to dive spots, no surprise in those fishless conditions.But i know some dudes whoes taking some nice fishes, if i can sneak around them.....:D :D rofl ok ok :rcard for myself. I am bad boy :head
Originally posted by Mlungu

did you get any luck with the flasher/chum combination ?
Ive only tried it twice and have had mixed results so far, first time no luck and today a whole shoal of schoolies. Got 2 four pounders in about a minute, had to shoot the second with the first still on my shooting line. Then the lot cleared off :( Im going to stick with this one for a bit to see if it improves. Guess you should do better than me the southern Bass are alot more stupid than the northen Bass rofl
Hwyl Mlungu
Last edited:

quick question....Iam relatively new to bass hunting ( don't get these in South Africa!), does it make a lot of difference with regard the tide? I was planning to go diving today (near Tenby) but it is springs at the moment with large variations in the water depth.What's it like up where you are?



About the AJ in Cyprus, im refering to fish 2-5kg (which IMO are perfect sizes for cooking). Although I have found some spots where they "hang" (500g-1kg), AJ as you might have noticed hunt in groups of 2 or 3 along the coast line in shallow to average depth and move all day long in an elliptical course from the deep to the shallows.
The trick with AJ is the time, meaning if you see big AJ at a certain location lets say at 3pm, you know from then on that if you do aspettos (with or without flashers) at that spot around 3pm you will see them again.
AJ is easy and very vulnerable to aspetto. If you see them just immediately dive and do an aspetto looking towards them (dont bother with hiding too good they dont care!!), and keep gun drawn to your side so they come in even closer. Shoot as soon as they come close because they dont wait around, and dont come back at second aspetto.
All of this is works as far as I can vouch for, in Cyprus waters only. I want to use flashers to draw some of the large AJ that hunt deeper, have never used them before, will be interesting.


Hi everybody,
I'm new on this forum and i feel totally retarded with my equipment. I dive with a 90 cm or 100 cm speargun without any other fishing device, and i see and catch AJ's once in a while. Last year i caught a couple "liche amie" (french name, sorry can't translate), they react a lot like aj's, and i wondered a while why they came back a couple times. I had caught just before a grey mullet which was hanging under my float about 50m away from me, i think it attracted the fishes to me as it was right on their path. I guess it worked like a flasher? I'm really interested in trying one, would anyone have any advice on making one and it's use(depht, distance).

Tidal change here at the south coast is massive, high tide is definately the time to go hunting... Have had very little luck catching anything on low tide...

The last 2 hours of the incomming tide works best for me with Bass, I have noticed where I am that they tend to come in futher on the spring tides but never much shallower than about 6 -7 foot deep. I do fish the first 2 hours of the ebb too, on the other side of the reef which is deeper for Pollock or Whiting but Im pretty selective of those because they're not my favorite fish and I can live without them. with Bass, I can never get the buggers close to me when Im on the surface, so need to dive and wait for them in the weeds with a rock on my knees to hold me still. So it has paid me to find a gulley that joins the two sides of the reef where they swim through once or twice in a tide, the problem is slowing them down a bit! I see huge shoals of them, mostly small (1 or 2lbs) that are'nt really worth the shot but occasionally there is a big slow moving fish that says EAT ME! :D

Welcome to the forum!! alot of fish get attracted to large objects.. (prodigal son's and whale sharks for instance). A flasher works in a similar fashion to a fishing lure. If you want to make one all you need are a few pieces of shiney metal, old CD's or whatever linked together (I use fishing swivels) and attached to a weight. On the other side attach a line and float, work the flasher by jiggling up and down, hopefully it should attract fish. If you want to buy one go to www.spearfishinggear.com , I think they have the Rob Allen one or similar.



Thanks for the advice on Bass hunting.....went today around 11.30, a couple of hours before low tide as I was desperate for sea-water! true to form, no fish, just hundreds of spider crabs dotted along the sea-floor, can you eat these? the water here in SW Wales is still a bit chilly, even in my 9mm wetsuit!! that might explain why the bass are still scarce here.

I'll try high tide next time!
Hi Ste :)
Try This for info on some flashers I made and other peoples thoughts on them in general.
Thanks everybody for your answers, i'm working on it right now cause i'm going fishing tonight.
See ya
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