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Awesome fins

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
C4 falcons

anyone know who carries the C4 falcons and how much they're going for?
beuchat carbon pro

Originally posted by andrsn
anyone familiar with Beauchat's Carbone Pros?

also, has anyone seen the millenium ice? they look shorter than the regular milleniums. and, are they really somewhat comparable to the carbons in stiffness?

i'm really interested in investing in a good pair of strong fins. i'm trying to get more info on picasso's and beauchat's.

As you can see I all ready post a thread for them an only one fd48 gave me his opinion. I use the mundial competition from beuchat wich is the the chiper fin of beuchat . I am very happy I bought them. I use them for about 7 months and they are my first pare of fins. I swim 1 only with thwm in the pool. I the see i have reach 46m with them an I found them very strong. Now I going to buy the carbon pro by beuchat. And you now one of the reasons is tha any one have to tell anything about them.they talk all the time about the picasso. My opinion is that if you dont use a lot your fins in the pool you can know and you can judge fins from so big company. I have benn swimming for 11 years for competitions and I learn to hard work.

Soon in the see! Be well:(

hi george,

yeah, that post was from a while ago. since then, i've purchased the omer millenium competitions(similar to your beauchat's). i love the power they have but they are not much fun surface swimming, only going straight up and down. :)

i also just got the carbon pro blades that omer makes. i've put them into the boots but haven't tried them out yet. let us know what you think of the beauchats when you get them. i went w/ omer because of price.

sea ya,
I would like to get into freediving and need to know what type of fins would best suit me.

I am 6'2, 170 lbs and would be catagorised as having chicken legs. :eek:


Hi E-Man.

The best advice that has arisen in the list is to try a number of models of fins. Forget getting scuba fins, unless you find them or something like that. I was given my first pair, and I was lucky, they were post WWII Voits, and compared to raw feet and mask I was blown away. The gear that Anderson described likely cost him the price of a few courses. Anticipate using a bootie in a decent long fin. You are lucky that you are skinny, most of the european producers sizes fit on the small side from a North American perspective. If you want to break into carbon cheap and good check out C4 fins, they seem to be a great deal and highly explosive.

Shop around,

C4 web site

You can visit C4carbon.com for there range on fins and the price tags.

Hey E-man,

Go to scubastore.com and look at the sporesub fins. They have interchangable blades with different stiffness. If you are looking for a higher end blade they have the sporasub pure carbon which I have and like very much. I also have C4 30 blades which are a little softer so you may want to check out C4's web page also.

Good Luck

Don't dive alone, it's boring!

Thanks for the info.

Sounds like C4 are the way to go.
Will they be soft enough for my whimpy legs though?



I have osteoarthritis in my knees pretty bad. Both C4 30's and the Sporasubs work for me.

Don't dive alone, it's boring!

How do the C4's compare to the Sporasub pure carbons?
Also, how do the spaorasub radicals compare to the pure carbons?
I second Jon's question about the C-4's and the two Sporasub fins.

Before Christmas I ordered the Sporasub Radicals from diveinn.com (only ~ $112 US) - based on Erik's praise of them. However, they are on back-order and I was told they will not be available until June at the earliest - way too long to wait when I have the cash now. So I thought of upgrading to the Sporasub Pure Carbon ($156 US) but am hesitant due to what I read about their durability. Is their performance that much better than the Radicals? Should I order the C-4's instead (have not priced them yet)?

Does anyone know where the Radicals can be purchased for a divinn.com price?


Hi Scott, Mandy Rae has used both blades and says that there is no noticeable difference in performance between the Radical and the Pure.
She also said that the North American importer of Sporasub will not bring the Pure's in because of the breakage problems.
Personally, I wouldn't use any pure carbon blade for tooling around the rocks and reefs. The C4s I've seen and Omer carbon's I've seen in use were all frayed at the ends from being scraped on pool bottoms and
rocks, so I don't think it's really just the Pure carbon Sporasub that's at fault. I believe that they are just being used for the wrong purpose....they should be for performance diving, with a caveat for rec diving to be extremely careful. My radicals have now sen lots of use, and still look the same, perform the same, and have no cracks or fraying. I use them in the pool, for spearfishing, and pushing off the bottom with no worries. I will keep using them until Peter or Eric sell me a good Monofin for cheap!
E-man, talk to Mandy at Rowand's Reef in Granville, and by the way, are you going to be competing in the Western Regionals in March? If not, and you are interested, I will tell you all I can. Lots of fun, and lots learned.
Cheers, and good night,
Erik Y.
-12C and snowing like a .......

Thanks for the info - I think I will save my money and not buy the pure carbons as I do very little straight open water diving.

Now if I could just find the Radicals for cheaper than the $276 (US) that discountdivers.com sells them for...

your opinion about picasso carbonio 21 .

Originally posted by Cliff Etzel
I can lend some insight into both manufacturers fins.

Picasso Fins: In my opinion, no one else can touch them in terms of quality, durablility, and price. Their foot pockets are the most comfortable I have worn, and I have tested virtually all of the fins on the market. I have wide, flat feet, and the Picasso's are the only ones that fit comfortably. Regarding the Black Team Fins - I am almsot 6 feet and 210 lbs, and I find that even these are a little soft at times, but I think that if I were limited to one fin, this would be the one. If you are needing a softer blade, you can go with the Starts - I bought my son a pair and he loves them.

Omer Fins: No offense to Mark Labbocetta, but I really did not care for any of their fins. They always felt like I had a board strapped to my feet, and their foot pocket was odd, wide at the heel and narrow at the toes. I could never wear them for very long without foot cramping - and that was with everything from 1mm socks to 5mm socks. I tested the Tuna, Tuna Comps and Tuna Winter. I just sold them to someone who is very happy with them, so take my opinions for what it's worth - an opinion.

I hope this clears up any questions you may have regarding this topic.

Safe diving...

As you know this is the latest model of picasso in carbon fins. They cost me 225$ .I think tha this is the lower price that you can find in the world for those fins. I used them ones and i can tell you my opinion about them. I can only say that they prerform beter than my plastic beuchat and they have a perfect foot pocet for my foot.when I learn how much you pay in USA for those fins (450$) I was suprised. :t :t
OMER and C4

I own both the OMER Carbon Pros and the C4 Falcon 30's and have used both fins extensively over the past year. I've found (at least for these 2 brands) that the reports of carbon fiber fins being fragile are over exaggerated. I'm strictly a competitive freedive spearfisherman and my use of these fins border on abuse. I dive all day long, every weekend, year round and the only problem I have ever had with either fin is that the side rails eventually start to come off. But that's no big deal, I just simply glue them back on (Marine Goop works wonders). I used to have all my fins in Sporasub foot pockets because I considered them the most comfortable on the market and also because Sporasub was one of the few companies that made foot pockets in my size (38-40). But recently I tried the new OMER Millennium foot pockets (now in my size) which to me are the new leader in foot pocket comfort and have replaced all my Sporasub pockets with Millenniums. I like (love) both fins equally but end up using the Carbon Pros more often because as a spearfisherman, they suit my needs better. In my opinion, the Carbon Pros are a more maneuverable fin than the C4s. They're somewhat shorter and wider than the C4s, which is what probably contributes to their increased maneuverability. As far as just strait up and down goes, the C4s seem to have more push. I carry both fins on the boat and switch back and forth as depth and conditions dictate. BTW, neither the Carbon Pros nor the Falcon 30s make that funny snap noise when you kick with them like I've heard other carbon fins do. I also own a pair of Sporasub Radicals but rarely use them anymore unless I'm diving extremely shallow (30 ft or less). To me, they feel like I'm barefoot when I kick (like I'm not going anywhere). As a disclaimer, please keep in mind that I am sponsored by OMER but the opinions I have expressed here are honest.
foot pocket size

I have a size 43 foot (acutally, I have two of them:D ).
My Sporasub size 42-44 footpockets are so small I can barely get a 1.5mm sock on with them. In contrast, my Esclapez 42-44 footpockets are so large I can fit a 5.5mm wetsuit sock inside of them . My Picasso B.T. 42-44 can allow for a 3mm sock-but not the 5.5mm.
I would like to get a larger foot pocket on my Sporasubs since they have the pure carbon blades on them . The water I normally dive in requires thicker socks. The Esclapez are so floppy that I seem to lose all of the energy I put into them. I know that the blades are stiff (the black ones), but the foot pockets are so rubbery I can't really power-up with them. I wouldn't recomend the fins to anyone as a result of my experiences.
What would be a good footpocket size to go with for the Sporasub if I wanted to get the 5.5mm sock on a 43 foot into the fin? What would be the size for a C-4?
Thanks for any suggestions.
I have the same size foot as you do. I have 44-46 H.Dessault pure carbons and wear a Picot 3.5mm large size sock sometimes and a Squadra 4.5mm size medium at other times. They both work for me, and feel about the same, although lately I've been preferring the 3.5mm large socks, might be because they have somewhat of a rubber sole instead of nylon covered neoprene as on the medium size. The only time I notice anything negative about the setup is going for speed as opposed to distance in the pool, they can feel "slightly" loose. Might want finkeepers in that case, or if you're going to where the pressure compresses the socks too much. 5.5 mm socks might be perfect.

Thanks Fred,

I was thinking about going to that size with the hopes of using a 5.5mm sock and fin keepers.

C4 80% Falcons


I have a pair of OMER Millenium Carbon Pros and I really like them, but they feel a bit on the soft side sometimes. Does anyone have any experience with the 80% Carbon Falcons? In a moment of visa weakness I might get a set of blades, but I don't want to do it on a whim.


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