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[b]we Want Iya Back!![/b]

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.


Will Dive for Food
Mar 4, 2003
This section has been bare since IYA has left the forum. Who so ever wants IYA back, start responding to this thread.
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I've missed his posts too. His findings helped me to buy/design what is now my favorite gun. Last I knew someone rubbed him the wrong way with some neg karma, and he split over to another spearo board. Maybe he found more in common with that board because most of em are tankers. Yet from what I've read, there's a lot more heat on that site, so maybe he's gone into reclusion. Can't really blame the guy. He's nothing but generous and respectful.....and yet he had bozos and a$$holes taking cheap shots at him. An unfortunate loss, caused by an insignificant few.

I was lucky enough to meet Iya a few times. He is a generous guy with a big heart (plus he's a little wild ;) )
I hope he gets back on here.
Erik Y.
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For sure, add me to the list!!! Iya's post were not only informative but fun.

I think Iya is outta contact for a while...he isnt posting anywhere but I remember him telling me about an extended trip he was going on...cant remember the details. Im sure he'll be back with great stories and inventions.
Paging Mr. Longpost......

Iya, we've missed your stories, your photos, and your great sense of humor!
I want to hear about where you've been, what fish you've taken, and how the kids and family are doing.

In other words, we want answers! :D

Hope all is well with you, Iya and that wherever you are...you're happy and the fish are jumpin'

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Iiiiiyyyyyaaaaa.... where are you.... :D

Iya is a great bloke - he came and posted on the Aussie site once or twice about 6 months ago, but haven't heard much since... is anyone in email contact with him? :(
Iya come back!!
I have been delighted to read his posts many times.
One starts to get worried about fellow divers if they don't come around. Luckily it seems that he is ok, just abandoned us.. :waterwork

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Looking for the Prodical son.......lets send a search party out. We'll start at one side of the Pacific and spearfish our way across till we find him.
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Originally posted by Jay Styron
Looking for the Prodical son.......lets send a search party out. We'll start at one side of the Pacific and spearfish our way across till we find him.

rofl Good theme for a movie!

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e-mail to him

Hey bros and sis,
I just sent him an e-mail with a link to this thread. I heard from him about 3 weeks ago, so he is should still be alive. I'm sure this thread will put a smile on his face.
Originally posted by Jay Styron
Looking for the Prodical son.......lets send a search party out. We'll start at one side of the Pacific and spearfish our way across till we find him.
[Now there's a creative idea.....shall we start at the West Coast and go.....West?]
Hello Boys & Girls,

I spent 20 minutes replying to the post, spent 15 minutes getting my password and can't post a reply.... :duh . Had to post that "TEST" first just to make sure I did not loose the data again.

I am well and alive....:D
Thanks to everyone for the kind concern....:inlove.
Thanks to Donmoore for the email, I wouldn't have known I been missed.... he he he.

Life been busy, very busy and my internet connection still sucks till today. Have 3 ISP. One failed to connect and the other 2 were so slow, I need 20 minutes to read one email plus countless time of screen asking for reset.

I been using my internet times procuring parts for my clients yachts, need to keep them humming. If I stop at a spearfishing forum, I will surely sit hours and hours and end up telling stories instead of making purchases. So much for why I went MIA, part of it.

My last post here was the Karma thing and when I read that Jon get threats via karma..........Damn, someone is quite sick here. It is not physical harm but such thing will keep people away and Jon has good info on U/W photo, he is an asset here. Later I got a negative ( unsigned and no comments ) karma for congratulating Ivan for his success at 100' in DEEPER DAY post. I don't mind the negative karma, I have enough blue dots for all I care but it just show that there is more than 1 sick person on the forum. How can one be be unhappy when his own forum member can hit 100' as Ivan has always wanted to. We should feel happy for Ivan...hhhmmm, very confusing.

I am beginning to think that "politics" is not only in government but in forums too. I used to play Grand Tourismo on Playstation and race online, those forum can be mean because people compete against each other but DB is about sharing the love of freediving and spearfishing, so we gather not to compete but to help each other. I guess in DB sooner or later there will be Mr/Mrs Popular tug of war......he he he.

I like DB, this is a forum I have been hanging out longest since I get my internet. A scuba guy I am doesn't matter here, the hunting section is about hunting so we share the common interest and guns, we use the same kind of guns. I join Spearboard too because I like reading hunting stories also from scuba hunters. I got info world wide from DB and Spearboard. I am kind of stuck in between, I am now so into Doggie and hunt the blue water side on scuba. I will never try freediving for a Doggie, my latest found pinnacle needs me to be at 150 feet to be able to shoot the Doggies effectively. I will never achive that depth on apnea, unless I get re incarnated as sort of Pipin equivalent in my next life. So me have to jump between the two forums to learn from both and hear those drooling stories.

Some of you probably know the last "heat" at Spearboard. To me it is a kind of statement that shows : sharing information to my fullest capacity might not always be the interest of all members, sometimes it get misinterpreted. So, how does one share what he knows or have learnt about something when presenting it in open forum gets people upset ? :head . As much as I have learnt from a forum, is as much as I will return the best way I can. Afterall a forum like DB and Spearboard is about sharing information, sorry I can't share my guns... :D

I'll post as often as I can, time permitting. I'll try to post some stories and crazy theories in the near future...:D

Glad to see we didn't lose you, bud. Don't sweat the karma thing. Jon brought his 'problems' to the attention of Papa Smurf, and he put the smackdown on the worm. There hasn't been much karma hoohah since that episode.

Looking forward to reading more long-posts. If you spend the time on a long one, scroll over it and copy it all first...just in case your internet connection bites you in the ass ;).

And let me know when you figure out a way to make my 32" MH into a bluewater weapon :D.

Hey Iya,

Nice to see your post again even if it is just a test one. I would just like to say (and I think it's from the majority of the people in this forum) that we miss you and your posts that has improved the art of spearfishing tremendously. I would like to thank you as an individual for your selfless contributions and for just being a good friend to all of us who subscribes to this forum. And one more thing dude>>>>>

WE WANT YOU BACK!!!:waterwork :wave
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