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Band/Shaft configuration

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New Member
Sep 19, 2004
I've an Omer T-20 110, with power 18 mm band and 6.3 mm shaft.
I'm planning to add another band, a circullar power 18 mm , what shaft should I use, a Riffe 6.7mm Euroshaft or a 7mm???
Does ROB ALLEN shafts works with omer trigger mech??
Any suggestions are welcome,
Hiya X-Frog

2x18mm's is alot of power!!!! Doubt whether its advisable. I know that most manufacturers only recomend 2x16mm's.

2x18's might overpower even a 7mm spear. Remember that when you add more power, you end up with additional problems. Like recoil, spear whip, spear wobble, etc. This will affect the accuracy of your gun.

I've taken yellowtail kingfish with a 1.0m Rabitech with a single 16mm and a 6.3mm spear at full range of the gun. (single wrap).

What size fish are you shooting, that requires that much power, or is the water very clean??

T20 will not be accurate with double 18mm bands in my accuracy standarts. But if you will shoot a huge Aj or Tuna accuracy can be second priority:D
Miles and Murat , thanks for your answers.

I'm planning a fishing trip to a remote adyacen island of my contry, where the diving condittion this time of the year are perfect, calm sea, crystal clear watter and a lot 20Kg.+ fish.
I like the performance of the 18mm/6.3mm, but I'm affraid one mid-size Pargo will bend it easily.
I think 'll go with the 2 16mm band and 7mm shaft.
Does ROB ALLEN shafts works with omer trigger mech??
i bent few OMER 6.3mm shaft as you sated they are super performance spears for little fishes but bent easily. I have no doubt that you can get 20kg+ fish with single band and 6.5mm shaft with 110cm gun. If you want double band gun just buy the wood-euro guns. If you only have access to the OMER, Master America is the good example but i am not even sure if its designed and balanced to handle 2 bands...

One word frog, wong...or custom.... An enclosed trak is a huge plus when taking the band load to the limit. By limit I mean before the gun becomes inaccurate due to recoil. That can also be solved but at the cost of mobility unless you get a Magnum. Each gun has its place, A 110 euro w/ a single short 20mm and 7mm shaft is a great set-up. Alot can be said about band thickness, but most don't take into account the length. A short 16mm can be just as hard to pull as a longer 20mm. Has any one experimented w/this. What the optimal length to thickness ratio would be for diffrent configs. I loved 23 and 24 inch 5/8 bands I had on the MGS but they got tired too fast. so now im thinking twin 3/4s but I can't decide on the proper length. After a certain point extra rubbers are just wasted time... I like to trophy hunt w/ a 5/16s shaft. It has great penetration at long range for us lazy hunters;) Closing the gap sometimes isn't an option.
good luck
I have a biller 54 Limited with 43" rubber pull (muzzle to trigger box). I don't know of any other way to define the traction of the gun but in this way. Therefore, I have difficulty in evaluating the various questions which are posed in non specific terms.

The gun is equipped with 2 5/8 high modulus rubbers(Riffe) of 26" length (loop rubbers). The wishbones are tied 1 inch in. The spear is 5/16 X 54 inch with Tahitian point.

I consider this to be a fairly light load but very smooth and accurate. Penetration is good due to the slender point even though the shaft seems to travel a trifle slowly. The range is about 15 feet (4-5 inch penetration at that range on a 3 foot long bass).
For what its worth, my buddy and I both run 7mm (devoto) with 2 x 17.5 on our Tahiti 120's. We both swear by this configuration now after much switching back and forth. The travel is quick and solid with the 7mm. I would definitely no increase band power with the 7 on my gun as the benefits would not be there due to problems others stated...
Another crazy idea that crossed my mine, was to buy an Aimrite two bands muzzle , a spear track, and.........:( :( I think is time to buy a Rob Allen:D
pm Fuzz...hes done that conversion to many a euro gun.
I think is time to buy a Rob Allen

or a Rabitech!!!! 2x16's and a 7 or 8mm spear (or 7.5mm spear from RA) will work well.

If you're an omer fan, the Master America is a nice looking gun with a wooden barrel and euro grip. Also comes with multiple bands. Worth a look at!!

Rabitech is a good option too, but the OMER master america is very $$$$$$$$$.
A friend of mine (from Canada) is in love with he's Rob Allen, but most people around here use Riffe, wich I found very powerfull, but a little bulky.
another option of OMER that will handle two bands with better success compared to tube shaped euro guns is BLACK MASTER model, they are dicountinued some time ago but you can still found in stocks, or second hand. They were top of the range speargun in its time so be prepeared to pay little more than standart euro gun price if you are lucky enough to find one. I still belive T20 will not shoot good with two 18mm bands, in my "standarts" may be you should get shorter bands if you really need more power. You should be able to reach the bands:hmm
2x18mm and 6.5, 7 or even 8mm shafts is ok! My choice would depend on the kind of fishing Im going to make.
For those big pargos, a 7mm shaft would be the minimum for a good impact, and the 8 mm also works perfect, specially when they take the spear in he caves.


I have just changed the Bands on My Rabitech Apex 130 / 7mm shaft 180cm long

The original configuration of this gun came with single 20mm power bands and an optional x2 16mm bands.

I just needed more power for longer / faster shots :martial , so i managed to upgrade to x2 18mm bands. Will put the gun to the test this comming friday and will let you know the results.


Finally managed to test out the new configuration ,,, plenty of power .... but missed every shot.

the x2 18 mm bands were just too powerful, in 2 occasions i could actually see the spear whip as it left the gun.

jumped back on the boat, refitted the x2 16, and the gun was unbeatable. had a good range of about 4 m from the tip of the gun, thats about 6 m away from me. :D

Landed a 130cm 25Kg King Fish (Wahoo):p


gald you find setup that works for you, and landed nice fish too:cool: :cool: :cool:
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