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Beauchat hybrid? (wood)

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Working Class Spearo
Mar 17, 2002
Look at the pict below. Looks like a Beauchat trigger mech, but with a wooden barrel?

Hey Fuzz - I'm now thinking of skip'n the Carbon and putting in a Teak Tube - has got to be cheaper/silent+++

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maybe a teak barrel with a Riffe-type muzzel design? two bands?


the hamster is back on the wheel.....

I though it might be an Ultra as well - but the trigger is the wrong colour (doesn't mean much) and it just looks a little different.

nice site - makes me want to move to New Zealand

what about the track? would the wood have to to be coated with a varnish to resist wearing down? or maybe a JBL style plastic track?

again I bow down to Jefe Sven for info (still building teak things?)

Wood track may be good if you can not afford derlin track.Derlin track must be as smooth as sven:eek: .Of course it should be at that price.I don't preffer plastic but RA guys like it, i think.:confused:

What do you mean RA guys like plastic?

Not 100%, but I believe RA is an integrated rail(made out of same material as barrel - not plastic)

The Rabitech Stealth gun I saw had a plastic rail. Not sure if that's how they're made, but it looked pretty stock.
Originally posted by fuzz

What do you mean RA guys like plastic?

Not 100%, but I believe RA is an integrated rail(made out of same material as barrel - not plastic)

The Rabitech Stealth gun I saw had a plastic rail. Not sure if that's how they're made, but it looked pretty stock.

Calm down man.I read it somewhere on the net.It may be wrong also.You see; No one is perfect.:eek:

Not worked up in the least, I was asking you what you meant because I'm not sure myself.
By the way, despite the minor trigger color, I agree it does look remarkably like that totemsub speargun.

Nevertheless, I think it'd be a very fun and worthwhile project to manufacture some stocks out of teak. For the $90 they're charging you to ship a carbon tube - there's a lot of room for trial & error :) Just make sure your "errors" don't leave you missing a digit, ..... eh sven ;)
Good catch on that sticker!

Didn't even notice it. Does anyone have any direction on procurement of teak & shaping? I've done a lot with my dremel in my apartment, but fashioning barrels is probably out of the question........ :(
Originally posted by Mako
If you look closely, there appears to be an OMER sticker on the underside of the barrel. I know Mark Labocetta of OMER was experimenting with wooden-barreled euro guns for a while, so it might be one of his prototypes.

Check out one of them here:

1-)Mark is in America this guy is in Turkey.I even don't think if this guy know who is Mark Labocetta.
2-)If this was the one of the Mark's gun it must have OMER trigger and handle.
3-)This gun really don't like the gun in the link.

BTW this wood barell OMER is looks so cool.Do you heve any more info. about production of it?
The gun in the link was a one-off project. It has wings for additional ballast, as it was designed to fire an 8mm shaft for increased range and penetration. It seems to have an enclosed track too but I can't say for sure. It was just an experiment to combine the best attributes of a tree trunk and a peashooter. I don't remember what conclusions Mark came to after this project, but it never made it to production. Beautiful piece of work, either way.

I wouldn't rule out the other gun being a joint project with OMER, but I was just speculating. I don't recognize the handle though. If you guys say it's Totemsub I won't argue, but I think Totemsub probably buys those euro handles and muzzles from a higher-volume manufacturer.
Totemsub produce handles in two option.First one is they make it wood other one you can choose any brand's handle and they mount it on the gun.Muzzles;I think they are able to manufacture it.
Maybe someone with experience using wood can help me with this one - why Teak? it it the strength or the Resistance to salt water?

Anyone have any know what it would cost for a teak tube 1 1/8" X 45" ??

Is that going to be strong enough for my barrel? Thinking of swapping out the Aluminum with a solid peice of Teak/mahogany

Teak has the highest natural oil content, giving it inherent water resistance. That's why it is the wood of choice for spearguns. OTOH, if you seal any hardwood it should work fine. Mahogany is also popular for its rich look, for instance.
if I use a hardwood tube - will it have to much flex? to big bands might turn it into a horseshoe.... wonder if it's strong enough

I find it,

wood-beuchat gun used in Tahiti 2000 !


  • carbonel_woodgun_tahiti2000.bmp
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ok, ok...

Regarding wood... :cool:

Teak is dakine material for a few reasons- it's a very oily wood that resists water absorption and rot. That doesn't mean you don't have to take of it, but it's pretty stable as long as you use your common sense and don't use it to jack your car up to change the tire. Teak, and all wood is a cellular structure, just like a bunch of celery or a fist full of drinking straws- t has long hollows that can fill with water and oils, but Teak has more oil than most woods and is perfect for outdoor exposure. It is also found with a pretty straight grain when you go looking for it and with some prep and the right stuff can be cut and laminated with epoxy to really make a barrel that will resist the tendecy to twist due to the grain's direction.

It has inherent bouyancy from those oil-filled cells and is quiet, or more quiet than metal barrels. But then the noise is mainly from the bands cutting loose... The oil also has a lubricity- it let's the shaft slide along without much fuss, though there are a few of us that coat the track with a graphite compound to get the absolute edge on things. :cool:

Teak is a hard, dense wood, like me, and is easily worked with the right, sharp tools. It will split violently if stressed and will take a new blade or bit and flush it if you push too fast or hard. It's akin to the girlfriend in many ways... :hmm It finishes beautifully with oil and epoxy/polyurethanes. I'm typing this on a big slab of the stuff matter of fact. My table was a door from an old temple in Java, 1942 and I scored it for salvage and a lot of sawdust later, it's a 300 pound table for 6. Cool stuff.

I like teak for the more open water use, where it won't get smacked around the rocks and such, but that's more of a cosmetic and force of habit thing perhaps. My banging around the rocks and the rig legs is left to aluminum barrels (JBL's). Carbon has no place near these areas.

Yeah, I'm doing teak barrels and complete guns. A barrel like you were asking about will set you back 125-160 depending if you want a solid piece, laminated, the shaft track milled, the trigger pocket machined, release slots, handle pad.... Teak ain't cheap, at about $12-16.00 per board foot. You use teak and you'll quickly have no use for mahogany, though it can be pretty, it's not as stable once it gets wet and depends on the finish for protection.

And then there's titanium... :inlove

There are some cool stuffs in e-bay.Don't forget to check.

Hey sven, what can you say about that koa wood and spearguns.Are they really masterpiece.

You USA guys are so lucky, blessed with big fishes, no shipping charges......
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