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Best Freediving Book?

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New Member
Jan 10, 2002
Hi! I'm new here, so please forgive me if this topic has come up before, but if I were to buy just one book on freediving technique, which one would you suggest?

Freedive! - Terry Maas
Bluewater Hunting & Freediving - Terry Maas
Free Diving Manual - Tanya Streeter (not yet released)

Thanx in advance for any help on this...
That's a tough call seeing as how both of Terry's books a great, though I have a penchant for his Blue Water hunting work. I'm anxious to look at Tanya's work too as there is a real void in educational/ recreational materials based solo only freediving.

The easy way to answer your question is to do what I've done and just get everything you can.

Originally posted by icarus pacific
That's a tough call seeing as how both of Terry's books a great, though I have a penchant for his Blue Water hunting work. I'm anxious to look at Tanya's work too as there is a real void in educational/ recreational materials based solo only freediving.

The easy way to answer your question is to do what I've done and just get everything you can.


Thanx for the quick reply, Sven.

I'd love to buy both, but at $40US each (and $45 for Tanya's new one), I've got to start somewhere... :)

Does Bluewater Hunting do a good job at covering techniques, equipment, and philosophy of freediving in addition to the hunting part?
Hi there, I bought Terry's book "Freedive" a little late, and wished that I had seen it earlier. It would have saved me a lot of money on bad gear, and would have helped me to learn some of the techniques that eventually I discovered on my own or through internet research over a few years.
There is a pile of great information about techniques, history, equipment, spearfishing and competition among other things. Also fantastic photography! I haven't seen Tanya's book, which I'm sure will be good, but I highly recommend that you do yourself a favour and get Terry's no matter what.
Good luck,
Erik Y.
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OK, so just one book huh?

Well, like the others said, one of Terry Mass' books are the way to go---but how about just one more if it is cheap?

Consider "the Last of the Blue Water Hunters" by Carlos Eyles
Where as Terry's books are how to, with a lot of great stories alongside, Carlos' book goes really more into the soul of freedive fish-hunting.
Well, there you go, book.

Freedive and Bluewater Hunting from Terry are both mandatory for a shelf. Carlos' book is also good, albeit kind of heady and full of reminicence- yeah, I'd have done that too had I been there...

And $40 for a book is not out of line for good stuff that informs and instructs. Spend enough time doing this and you'll have no problem poppoing a $100 for a history of abalone diving in California and $80 for Dave Doubilet's latest. Like Erik said, you'll be out 40 bone initially, but waaay ahead when you cut short on the learning curve.

PS...fill out your profile, everyone.
More books

Hi everyone,

I can tell you that there are at least 3 new Freediving books coming out this year, one of which will be being released by ourselves here at Deeper Blue.

Hopefully by the end of the year there will be a better range of books for the market, but in the meantime i've been told that Terry Maas's book is by far the best.
i am also looking for a book about freediving...

i got a gift certificate for 30$ dollars for amazon.com for christmas so i need to know wich one i should buy

oh the delimas of life:) :t
Hi, it's me again! :)

Thanx for all the suggestions, but one further clarifying question:

Does Terry Maas' book, "Bluewater Hunting and Freediving", really give a good rundown on the Freediving part - I've looked at the chapter headings on his website and they all seem fish-related... not that I'm not interested in fish, but what percentage of the book does he devote to freediving?

I'd love to have both, and I'm sure the three new ones will end up on my bookshelf before too long -- but right now 40 clams (50 with shipping to Canada) is all my accountant (codename: spouse) is putting on that budget line...

I concur with Erik: I needed Freedive about a year before I bought it. By the time I bought it, I had already learned much of what it contains either by trial and error or from others or via this forum. If you are just getting started, buy Freedive first . . . and put the $100 it saves you on bad choices toward better gear, or a freediving course, or a trip to a great dive spot, or . . . just blow it on beer.

Blue Water Hunting is great, but not as comprehensive on basic freediving technique and equipment (except spearguns).
Tanya book and one more question

I would like to ask you for two things :
First - where can I buy (via Internet with delivery to Europe) Tanya book (what's a name of it)?
Second - what will be freediving books planed for this year to be realised by DeeperBlue?

Best regards

I'm trying to find out more info about Tanya's book.

As far as the books we're going to be selling, I can't give too much detail to be fair on the authors, but one will be targetted at the beginner market and the other at the beginner/intermediate market.

There will also be differences, like on will be available in an online form which you can download, whereas the other will be a print book.

The first should be ready by March, the second by September.

Sorry I can't give more info but rest assured we'll be making announcements on this soon.


Thank you for your information. I think that for freedivers from locations like Poland the books and internet resources are main source of general and training information and each new position on market is highly apreciated - esspecialy if it goes into detail and we dont have to discover things already discoverd. I'm waiting for anounces on Deeper Blue and for information on Tanya's book if you can provide it.

Best regards from still snowy Poland,
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Thank-you to all for your opinions and ideas - I have gone ahead and bet the farm on Terry Maas' Freedive!

I'll post my thoughts upon it's arrival...

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Tanya's book

I've just spoken to Tanya Streeter on the status of her book and it seems to be a false rumour.

Whilst she was approached by a Publisher, she isn't actually writing a book - however, she does admit she should spend some time and actually write a book.

That means there are only 2 new freediving books that i'm aware of on the horizon. More details next month.
According to Amazon you can pre-order a book called 'Free Diving manual' from Tanya Streeter:

[ame=http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1928649157]details are here[/ame]

I wouldn't mind if this was to be true :)
Hehehehe - true.

Makes a pretty interesting point, however I still tend to believe what Tanya has said to me though as Amazon has zero info on the book and Idelson-Gnocchi (the publishers) have nothing on their website (as far as I can see).

Nice if it was true though.
Hi Stepahan Whelan,
What about the "Manual of Freediving" byUmberto Pelizzari? It is the first manual about freediving. It was published in English a year ago.
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