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best way to subdue a fighting fish

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Did Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama close their state water for red snapper this year? Texas didn’t and people are cheating bad. All they do is say they caught them within 9 miles and they are untouchable. A federal authority would have to see them catch one in Federal water and that is a pretty slim chance. It’s the state here that does all the fish inspections.

I believe this is going to be a bad summer for red snapper.
all the states you mentiones follow the federal dates for snapper, except FL, they will open April 15. Yeah, Texas tried to stick it to the feds but ended up hurting themselves...isnt the state size limit 15" instead of the federal 16?

Our season outlook looks promising, guess its a good thng we dont have a snapper fishery in state waters.

Still thinking of doing the Helldivers?
Yea, Texas is still 15" so if people get stopped with 15" fish at the dock they just say they caught them in State water.

My friend and I really want to do the Helldivers, but I have family coming to Texas the first 2 weeks of June and I don’t think they would like it if I left for Louisiana. We are looking for any other tournament in the Gulf area with a freediving class. Know of any?
Originally posted by RabiDeath
Turning a fish onto its back while holding its gills will usually calm it down. Esp. Cobia and Amberjacks. Then you can do what you want. I use an ikijima spike for dispatching fish. IMO, it works better than a knife and doesn't break as easily.

I concur. I don't catch fish as large as Rabideath's, but jamming your hand in their gills and holding them upside down seems to quiet fish down long enough to pith them. A buddy of mine taught me to stick my knife 1-2" behind the eye, then twist until you feel a pop. It works real well; they immediately go limp.
Originally posted by fuzz
You're joking right? :confused:

joking about what? the ice or the sharks?

if its about the ice: then no...its pretty darn hot in kuwait

sharks: not joking about the iether...
buddy go see a doc and get your head checked if you think a little pnumo will stop, or is even a good option when dealing with a large predatory fish.

I spent over 10yrs freediving and spearfishing in the Arabian Gulf and NEVER had one problem with a shark and I was in the water almost daily. when you get the honor of seeing a tiger shark cruise by you will instantly relize that that little popgun in your hands is absolutly useless.

true. you are right. your average pneumatic gun will do nothing to tiger or a bull, which is why mine has two shafts, one that has your regular speartip, and the other that has an exploding speartip. and my house is one the beach so i was in the water daily, and there was not a weekend that went by in which i did not go to the islands in Kuwait southern waters. i dont want to get into a pissin contest, and i do realize that i did not give sufficient detail in my previous posts.
hi frogman,

Nice picture, what depth you got it?

Yes holding them from eyes what the locals told me, they mentioned that if you hold it from eye it can not move. But i am wonderind how you dispatch them while you are holding it with your finger on the eye? Don't you worry about your fingers while trying to stab knife behind the eyes from top? By the way yet to see that big grouper in the water:waterwork
Where are you in Kuwait? I have spent a good bit of time there. Ah Shuyaiba, KNB, and Doha. It is a beautiful country and I very much enjoyed it. I met one Kuwaiti who went to Tulane and offered to take me spear fishing on the rigs there, but then some other stuff got in the way.
Originally posted by RabiDeath
Where are you in Kuwait? I have spent a good bit of time there. Ah Shuyaiba, KNB, and Doha. It is a beautiful country and I very much enjoyed it. I met one Kuwaiti who went to Tulane and offered to take me spear fishing on the rigs there, but then some other stuff got in the way.

im kuwaiti so i lived in kuwait the better part of my life. right now im in miami because im attending university...

the areas you mentioned are in the north of kuwait, which is where most cobias are caught, which is also where most bull sharks are. i spear mostly in Um Al-Maradem, Kubbar, and Qaroh, which are the southern islands. I also spear the Old offshore plataform that is 10 kilometers off of Fahaheel...it makes for some nice cudas and groupers..
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Lets keep this in context. Powerheads ARE NOT for rookie divers, and are not needed by 99.9% of spearfisherman.

as for carrying a small pnumatic, especially for defensive purposes, I still think its f-ing stupid.

buy a knife or a pick. can't shoot yourself with one of those :D :head
and somehow you personaly know me and presume that im a rookie diver because of:_________ (fill in the blank amphibious).
i have over 150 logged dives not to mention ive been in the water my whole life.

as to the small pneumatic: hey, there are people from all walks of life with different tastes and opinions, i prefer a small pneumatic because i dont have to come within total contact with the predatory fish. and yes Amphibious i have been in the presense of tiger sharks many times. and yes the first few times i felt like the most insignificant thing in this universe, but i have learned to cope with their presence.
and how about this for shooting yourself...crappy buddies make for perfect targets...:duh :D


  • spear to the groin.jpg
    spear to the groin.jpg
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woops..i forgot we were in the begginers advice forum...my bad...i apologize...
:confused: Oh... my... God! That picture with the shaft protruding from much-too-close-to Area(us) Grointilius! How did that happen? Is that you Mishu? Is the story posted somewhere? Was it some horrendous loading accident or is that photo an advertisement for diving solo?:blackeye
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i dont know. thankfully, that is not me or anyone i or my parents know.

i got it of the internet. i searched yahoo "spearfishing accident pic" and that one came up....i wonder if rotten.com has anything similar....????

i have no idea on the validity of the pic, but it seems fake to me. the blood looks a lot like ketchup, and the body looks way too relaxed. i dont care who you are, but if that happnes to you, you body wont look that calm
Hiya Mishu

Just curious, i see that you call yourself "the guy that shot himself". How'd that happen??? Spearing accident or fire-arm accident.


oh....its just an inside joke with my mom...she's not really anti spearfishing, she just doesnt like the idea of my shooting fish...its this whole jaws complex she developed thanks to Spielberg... so she keeps on telling me that one of these days im going to shoot myself....pretty dumb thing to say once you understand that basic mechanics behind a speargun, speacially band powered one...so no..i have never shot myself, and i never will :)
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