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Black Grouper

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Jun 21, 2002
Hi there dudes,

In med. sea, black and dusky grouper hunting is the primary type hunting.
If you don't go hunting in sunrise or sunset you will have minimum chance to find groupers outside of their's cave. So 90% of time you have to look under the caves/cracks with your tourch to find them. But it is impossible to check all the caves and cracks so what kind of caves/rocks may be a grouper home??? Under what conditions etc..... etc...
I find grouper like caves with more than one entrance. This allows for passage of fresh water through the cave, and also gives them an exit.

If I am targetting grouper I sometimes set myself a small area of rocks and check each and every crack. I usually get better results lke that than swimming for hours checking one cave here and one there.
Do you know something about Grouper calling technique?

Our most experianced local spero (who is spearing more than 40 years) said me that there is grouper calling method. He told me that he learned it from Italian champion speros. He also said its related with bare hands. But he refused to say the rest:waterwork. He is saying only himself and one other person knows it in hole island. If this grouper calling method spread around this may be the end of the groupers in Cyprus like Italy.

Is there any Italian who can pm me about this topic???
Originally posted by shaneshac
I find grouper like caves with more than one entrance.

What about the shape, the rocks? The few groupers that i saw preffer very tight entrance. Most of the hole shaped and they generally stay close the upper wall of the entrance. My cousin shot one about 2-3 kg one in the cave has entrance hole with 10 cm radius:confused:

Hey you two boys leave some groupers there for when I eventually get there one day :cool:


I am sure this groupers here will not rip off because of me but the other irresponsible baby hunters will destroy them today or soon:waterwork

I didn't catch the black or dusky grouper yet coz i always ignore the undersized ones unlike the most of the other speros. But i feel more proud than them coz i have enough will power and mercy to not to shoot them.

But its the matter of time to find the bigger ones. BTW what is your legal size limit there for black groupers? We have here 30cm (12 inch).

Hey Ivan,

Don't be sad, i can show you the groupers pictures if all of them ripps off when you come here:t
I am looking for more response to my call/rocks questions.
It seems there is not much europe speros:hmm
I just rely on my damn good looks to attract the grouper:D

Joking aside, I make different noises for bream and sea bass but don't know any for grouper.

I will try to find out though.
Here local spero guard it as a secret. He said me its not related with making noise with your throat. Its releated with bare hands.

What is your legal size limit there for Black Groupers?

BTW i find few movie in my local shop i bought 3 video. One of them cost me about 3 dollars coz our local speros did it. And they distribute it for promotion. Other one belongs to Stefano B. he is generally making Sorgos (Bream) hunting sometimes descent size jacks around 2-4 kg and one tiny tuna (Medeterenean Type). The last one belongs to Alberto March. "El Triunfo Sobre el Mar" writes on the cover. Didn't watched it yet.
Watch the last one. That is what I call an extreme spearing.

There are no size limits although you get funny looks from other spearos if you catch anything under 4kgs.

I thought the one in the pic was quite good!!!

Its the same fish I posted in another pic earlier this year, but it was takes with my land camera which I have only just had developed.

I caught a 7 kilo one last week.

What other fish do you like to catch over at your end of the Med???
Hi Shane,

I know its 6 kg coz i saw it in your web site:D

In here i like hunt spinefoots. They are not best tasty but most common in shore fish. If you grill it with olive oil it taste better. My favorite fishes here is parrotfishes, sorgos (bream with vertical black lines), groupers ( I had to buy it from fisherman:eek:). I know there are better taste and bigger fishes like dentex but you need some serious apne and skill to catch them.

Hey Murat I like that last sentence of yours anout the dentex, " you need some serious apnea and skill to catch them" now that is what I want to come to the Med for is to watch you guys pull off these serious apneas :D

Are you guys the only Med spearos here :hmm I thought it was big over there, guess they are all out diving instead of being in front of a computer :)

Shane when I come to Spain are you going to go in the Famous Bull run with me :cool: Ive been talking with some guys about it who have done it where I work, sounds awsome, Im 90% sure I will be in the Med when and if I finish Uni :hmm

Shane at what depth are you fishing at to be successful with these groupers you are catching.

BTW is that last video with Alberto that Murat mentioned available in English and where from.

Keep are the talk about Med diving guys, my ears are very keen :cool:

Grouper hunting is depend on how lucky you are. One of my friend catch 5kg one 1.5 meter of water ! ! !. On the other hand sometimes they dive up to 30 meters and they can't find that big.

What i heard from some of the dentex hunters is these fishes are the fastest fishes in the med so they can dodge from spear. Beacuse of this they use thin shafts 6-6.5mm for fastest shaft speed. You have to use perfect ambush technique to capture them. They are saying even smallest movement or noise will end up with unsuccesfull dive. The bigger ones (4kg+) are found more than 25 meter deep. So you won't have much chance to shoot again if you missed them coz of the silly mistakes. Most of the med sea speros saying that they are the top of the line catches for the top of the line speros.

You can hunt them night easily coz they lie on the bottom without moving. They don't move away if you don't touch them with spear. However night hunting is completely illegal here. If the officer catch you red-handed you directly go to the jail. In spite of that i heard some peoples are doing it. But its nothing if you compare them with those dinamite thrower bastards.
I have caught grouper from about 4 meters to about 22metres.

I don't have any dive buddies who can dive deeper than that so I don't go deeper either.

I normally fish between 15 to 20 meters deep when "Waiting" for Bass and other large open water fish.

I was out this morning and did a 2min 30 sec total dive time at 18 meters. Probably my best all time performance.
This is a big Black for Florida.


  • carson and black.jpg
    carson and black.jpg
    71 KB · Views: 329

And there was me thinking I was the dogs *******s :D

Bet you dont get 700kilo bluefin over there though:naughty

Congratulations on that catch. How much did it weigh???
In here med. sea black groupers are more BLACK and yellow at the belly . After you shoot them they completely become dark brown or blood red. They are sure smaller than this one.However they are extremely tasty.
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