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"Black Team" by Picasso voted best fin

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New Member
Nov 8, 2001
Comments: Voted best fin in Europe for 3 years!
'Japan's fastest fin swimmer, Noboru Tomotake
400m Gold Medalist! Where can I find out more
about the performance ratings. There was nothing
on the Web?
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If you are looking for a fin for general freediving... I wouldn't pay too much attention to what fins are doing well in the speed categories. Check out what people are wearing for dynamic apnea maybe. What works in one area doesn't always work in another. I haven't heard too many good things about these fins, BUT I haven't tried them, so it is not for me to say. Start stealing all your buddies' fins. Try as many as you can, and don't take our suggestions too seriously. Different strokes for different folks...in fact, if it weren't for pre-event cramps the new WR for Dynamic would have been set with a stock pair of Riffe Silent Hunters. These fins have been seen doing 200m Dynamics in practice. Go figure.
Blackteams are good mate ! :)

The Picasso Blackteams are a good fin, specially if you are after a stiff blade. Good for deep diving, and/or would suit bigger divers or those with strong legs. I think they also have the best footpockets on the market.

My 2 all time favourite plastic freediving fins both stiff, both with good footpockets are :- Picasso Blacklines & Omer Millennium Competition.

I'm suprised at Mattedhead comments - "I haven't heard too many good things about these fins". :confused:
I haven't heard anyone saying they dislike them, except some people may find them too stiff.


Right on Wal Omer millenium comps kick ass :D

I have not tried the Picasso Black Fins, however a number of freedivers more experienced than I have voiced their disapproval for these fins. I only put that in the post hoping that someone would explain that further. I am currently diving the Millenium Comps(Riffe's Pez Fuerte version) and I love them. I cracked blade this past weekend in FL, however a couple of cut up credit cards and some duct tape held them together really well for the remaining 3 days of diving. I was also able to give the C4 40 blades a shot in my footpockets, and they were pretty impressive.


How much better are the C4s then the Omers.


I think Walrus said in another post that yes the Black teams are stiffer than the Gara 200hf and also a lot stiffer than JB esclapez blacks however I think the Omer Millenium comps may be slightly stiffer than the Black teams. Omer fins rock :cool:

I own a pair of Cressi 2000HF's, and having used Jon's Black Team's, I can say that the Black Teams are significantly stiffer - Blade and footpocket.

Originally posted by AAA
Comments: Voted best fin in Europe for 3 years!
'Japan's fastest fin swimmer, Noboru Tomotake
400m Gold Medalist! Where can I find out more
about the performance ratings. There was nothing
on the Web?

You know, nobody has ever asked me for my opinion when it comes to any poll of any sort! Who votes for these things anyway?
Erik Y.
I just got back from playing around in the pool.

I was comparing my Black Team's to my C4's- just to make sure that they were worth all of the extra money they cost me. :D

I felt a huge difference between the two while swimming laps underwater and on the surface. The C4's had a lot more snap to them.
I haven't had a chance to try the C4's to any great depths because it's 2 degrees (F) outside and we have a nice brisk wind blowing over our 2' of ice.:(

Hopefully it will get a bit warmer next weekend so we can cut a hole and jump in. :cool:

I have tried out Ted's Gara HD's and my Black Teams are noticeably stiffer.
I have owned a pair of Esclapez blakc blades and think that the Black teams are stiffer than they are.

Compared to a crabon fin, like the C4, the Black Team's feel like boards on my feet. They don't seem to have any spring in them.

The C4's, on the other hand, feel like they have a much more snap to them at the end of each kick.

I have a poll question for you.

What's the best beer in Indonesia? ;)

Hey Wal, I've never used them, but a good friend had a pair of the Black Team fins and he liked them for spearfishing, but he thought they were a bit weak for his tastes. He was a big strong guy.
These popularity polls always piss me off: it's the same with "car of the year" and similar stuff....who decides? It's a mystery...:(
And Bintang is definitely my favourite Indonesian beer! Tastes somewhat like a cross between Molson Canadian and Heineken.
And those two were always my favourites!:p
Cheers amigos and amigas,
Erik Y.
Originally posted by Erik
Hey Wal, I've never used them, but a good friend had a pair of the Black Team fins and he liked them for spearfishing, but he thought they were a bit weak for his tastes. He was a big strong guy.
Erik Y.

Well thanks Erik! You're special too. :D

The Picasso's are pretty much the benchmark fin for anyone getting into long fins. They're pretty forgiving, will fit most people's feet if they have narrow-ish feet and human arches and the blades can take a beating. From there it's all about what you can cobble together to fit your feet/depth/purpose. For me that's the newest Millenium footpocket with the Comp blade and a bunch of potassium to combat the cramps after 3 hours or so.


Sven but Omer millenium comps are the smoothest fin in your opinion right :cool:


Ps Just wanted to hear what the Guru had to say about my little pieces of gold
Erik....Thanks for the reminder...I have been in Bintang withdrawals since July! Can't say the same for the Arak though:yack

The millenium Comps are my vote for the best fin for the $. They have the perfect stiffness for most of our diving. However a full day of shallow 25-35' dives will give your calves plenty of exercise.

The C4's were nice. I used the 40's and they SEEMED slightly less stiff than my comps...but this could just be because they felt so smooth. They had a great snap to them. They are much narrower than the OMERs, and this could have also attributed to them feeling less stiff than the comps. They would be great for going straight down and up, but the rails really limit your maneuverability. Sculling is almost impossible.

I hope this helps.


Thats what I like to hear Omer millenium comps best value for $ :cool:

Picasso Black Team Fins rock! I have tried the Cressi Gara HF's and I did not like them in comparison to Black team.

Black Team is a stiffer fin, although I didn't think so until I tried the "ultra stiff" Gara HF. The foot pocket on the Black Team fin is incredible. Much more durable than cressi, imho.

Great prices are available at the shop linked to this site. I live in New Orleans (vicinity) and the fins shipped from spain. I received them in 4 days. With shipping, the prices were still much less than anything i've seen in the US.

Try the store out!
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