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breakaway rigging

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New Member
Dec 3, 2002
hello spearos. i was wondering how to set up a breakaway rig for a euro gun? i guess a breakaway setup is best for bigger fish like amberjack, since the spear line goes right to the floatline and the gun isnt in there to be lost if something breaks or is there to create drag which would tear out the spear. thanks.
Originally posted by heebes
the gun isnt there to create drag which would tear out the spear.
:confused: :hmm
And pray tell what do you think the float is for?;)

If you have a look at the RA website you will find a pic of a breakaway rig.

Or you can make your own by screwing a hose fitting onto the butt of the gun (near the trigger) and using some rubber bungie in that as a breakaway. That way you can use the same system as the Riffe does. Check out that style at the Riffe website.
Heebes , this is what my breakaway looks like .
The black bungee attaches the shooting line to an extra trigger and keeps line tension . With the extra trigger you have the choice to either break free if the fish is going to run or keep the line tied to the gun if you managed to stone the fish .
The red bungee links to your floatline and provides safety against a sudden burst of speed tearing the spear out .


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And I thought u are only good at breath hold and shooting fishes.....nice set-up Bro. Very neat.
Hey Abri,
What difference does that setup make to the tracking abiltity of the gun? Did you make the bungee release yourself or can we buy it?

Nice setup!:p
Thanks Iya ; Shadowkiller .
Re. tracking
SK, firstly , the black bungee needs to be a bit tighter than shown . The red one I stretch a bit and grip under my little finger against the grip . It does however have some drag ; a 145 is not the most manoeverable gun to start with .
Sorry , the gizmo is homemade ...;)
Nice setup. I really like how it gives you the control to decide if you want to fight the fish or let it have the float.

The Riffe breakaway (surgical tubing through the hole) setup concerns me a little, because there have been a couple of times I stoned a fish that still made one or two good kicks which resulted in a good tug on the line, before the fish went limp. I think it is reflexes like when a chicken gets its head cut off. I always wondered with the Riffe setup if that one tug would result in a release. Anyone have any experience with this?
I use my Riffe breakaway only once, but play with it often. You know I play with almost everything............. ha ha ha. When u insert it on a dry gun it feel like it is very tight but when the gun is in the water, it release decently well. Not too strong not too light. U won't drown from it for sure.

If you want it to be released faster, you can always hod the gun sideway and let the bungie insert be pulled off directly instead of the 90 degrees bent it has to overcome or give a tug urself. I find it nice and unfainful. Some design use L s.steel plate with a hole and those things are sharp to wet hands. Besides the teak wood do not cause much abbresion on the bungie.

When I used to have a reel on my JBL ( a real lousy JBL reel that is ), it can never keep a tight tension and my shooting line keep falling off from the release. What I did was to tie a 50-100 lb fishing line to the achor point as a release, just like a normal non reel gun, but the end of the shooting line still goes to the reel. Any fish bigger than 5kg will snap a 50 lbs mono easy and then the reel take over.
Er , ummm , ahh ; is this a technical question ?
Which one of the two ?
Sheesh SK , you should know by now not to ask me stuff like that ...rofl
Let me guess.. you could tell me but then you have to kille me?:D

Just curious because my RA trigger and handle look a whole lot different to what is in your pic. How old is that gun btw?
That is a custom trigger and pistol grip ABRI is using.....let's gag him and tickle him to death...he will tell us the source....:D :D
hi Abri

Wow i never thought id see you set up your gun with so many technicalites (Spelling). Man I thought your gun was as simple as mine. I no longer use a breakaway I tie floatline directly to handle of gun. And yep watch it dissapear as the mackeral takes off at a zillion miles an hour. Long as you keep diving so damn deep you will pull in those monster doggies.

The pistol grip is OMER . I think I was the first person here to mention problems with the RA (Picasso) grip and advocating a change to OMER grips . Look through old posts if you like .
Ivan , my 135 railgun ; which I use for mackerel is set up as yours . This one is for marlin , sailies , wahoo and doggies only .
BTW , the gun is 5 years old .
not a bad idea...

I'll hand it to you, Abri. The use of the trigger for the release is pretty smoooth.

Thanks , everyone ...:thankyou
For a simpler breakaway you can use a line cleat screwed onto the barrel . Just make sure it's facing the right way . :D
oh ok

Now i get it your big gun targets all the stuff that I can't seem to find.

I use my 110 80% of the time these days for Jobfish, macks and reef fish its sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier to swing than my 150. Attaching the floatline to handle is just more streamlined and easier for me.


My dive partner and I use the same breakaway setup. All we do is use a small section of light bungee or even a thick hair rubber band (the kind that comes in different colors) and tie it in a loop. We go ahead and rig our shooting line the usual two wraps but also give an extra half wrap so the shooting line extends almost down to the line release. Don't tie off to the line post/hole in the front of the gun. We attach the bungee/rubber band to the end of the shooting line and loop the bungee over the line release. Make sure that the bungee keeps the shooting line tight but not to the point that the stretch of the bungee is maxed out. The float line is then clipped directly to the loop in the shooting line and not to the bungee. This has proved to be a very simple, cheap, and effective setup for both reef and blue water applications. I'm not sure what kind of gun you are shooting but this should work for an Alexander/Riffe line release or even the alligator clip. One thing to remember, once you shoot, the gun is no longer attached to anything so you need to remember to sling up your gun. I had a dive partner use this setup, forget he was shooting a breakaway and clip his float line to his gun. He went ahead and shot a small snapper which quickly ran down the ledge with his shaft unattached to anything else. He started surfacing with this totally confused look on his face. Luckily his line got tangled on a coral head in 70 feet so we got his shaft back. Later in the dive, he clips his float line to the breakaway. He shoots a small grouper and surfaces leaving the fish on the bottom. Feeling kind of sea sick, he flips over onto his back and starts throwing up. When he finishes, he looks for his gun thinking it is attached to the float line. Wrong! His gun has drifted away. We spent a fair amount of time running up and down the coast in the zodiac but couldn't find it. Sling your gun! This also comes in handy when the sharks show up while your still fighting your fish. At least you got a stick and not just your hands. Hope this helps.l

Brad :martial
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