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buyin a spear gun.

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New Member
Jun 15, 2004
Gettin a new spear gun wonderin what would be best for the least. Ill be shooting in the lakes and river with visibilityup to about 10feet if lucky. Be goin after catfish gar, carp, stuff of the such. Plan on shootin over 30 pounders. I also bow fish last night shot three buffalo, biggest about 25 pounds. Just wantin some input. Thinkin about the jbl carbine.
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Well I don't know about the Carbine. But I have a JBL Sawed-off Magnum and it is really nice and durable.

So getting the Carabine would be a good choice in my opinion

2 rubber bands also makes it easier to load. Do not go for a pneumatic/Air gun I have a Cressi 29in./70cm and it sucks at just about everything.
Hi Seal
i have a JBL Sawed-off Magnum on the way from USA. have you buying yours in Europe?
Hi Trevor. Been where you are about 3 years ago.

I don't think the carbine is going to give you the power you are looking for. As far as JBL guns go, the 'custom' would be the smallest gun I'd go with (if your planning to take plugs @ 30 pounders). That 38 HD will definitely do the trick....but if you're looking to spend $200, you might as well step up to the plate and get a Riffe MT#0/1. More punch - quieter - easier to swing - and dare I say.....smoother?

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Does anyone have any ideas about a suitable gun available in the UK for Sea Bass and Mullet hunting. Never seen a fish over about 4Kgs, but I used to have a 110cm Cressi-Sub rubber band gun, until Croatia Airlines trashed it at earlier this year. I liked that, but they don't appear to supply them in the UK any more. Looks like our local shops have mares guns.

Some people seem to rate the Rob Allen's??
110 cm is a bit long for the UK a 90 cm would be a touch better. RA guns are awsome without a shadow but Omer, Esclapez, Seatec, Cressi, Beauchat, Piccaso are all excellent guns and more than suitable for Bass hunting. Ive got a 90 cm Esclapez Concept pro and have had no bother stoning a 8Kg fish with it, its no better or worse a gun than the others though; suppose it comes down to snob value or colour at the end of the day ;) (RA guns are a cut above though and if it wasnt for my wrist, Id have one )
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I know a place in Terceira in the Acores who can get you one. The place is called Team Azores Dive Shop. If you happen to be there I am sure they can hook you up with one.
Perhaps next time I am passing. Currently my family are catching the ferry whilst I sail to Brittany next week, so I don't have much chnace of getting them to agree to go sailing to the Azores yet!!!
I think Bodmin, Cornwall might be a better bet!!
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I'm fairly new at this. I have a JBL Explorer 22 and I've been whacking lots of freshwater fish with it. It's a good strong gun but a little heavy in the water, so I filled the barrel with insulating foam (thanks Sven). It's good for about 2lbs and up: the small guys get obliterated by the shaft. I've put 2 amber rubbers on it, but it's still loud and clunky. Kind of like a 4 wheel drive truck!
I tried a few Beauchat guns last week and they were amazing! More like a sports car ;) So I'm ordering an OMER 75cm gun, which will handle the bigger stuff but not pulverise the 1lb perch I like to shoot as well, plus it'll handle faster.
Erik Y.
trevor, i know what kind of conditions you'll be in. go for a pneumatic. anything over 30" in our waters is just too long for the visibility and right out pointless.

get the Mares Cryano 700 from leisure pro. that'll run you $175. the same gun in the Hot Springs dive shop is $250.

if you do get a band gun get a SHORT gun.

but i still say pneumatic, also because of the power regulator. shooting it on LOW pressure will save you a lot of tips and shafts when you're hunting beside rock cliffs or bottoms. I shot 4 fish today all of wish i was shooting at rock, if i had to shoot full power my shaft would have been ruined on ever single shot.

almost all the folks i know around here use a 70cm (28 inch) pneumatic and it works great. I keep mine at a higher pressure than others but for your visibility and fishing situation there is no reason to get anything else.
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thanks dbs. i bought a jbl explorer 20. i like it it is extermely fast after i put two 13 inch bands on it. Ive been up on ouachita and shot a couple bass. Its accurate to. all head shots. But i would like to get up to degray sometime.
i have to admitt, i would like to have a small band gun (don't tell anyone).

good luck and shoot one of those monster catfish or strippers :D
Fellow Arkys ,,, the BEST gun for our ares were the Nemrod Clippers IMO ,,, I am down to my last one ,,,you can find them if ya look hard but you have to rebuild them if the piston is not bad ,,

I loved them old guns the mid grip balenced the gun and you could get it under rocks and logs :)
Check out the smallest Riffe Mid-handle. It has alot of power if you need it but you can load it with only 1 band if you want. It floats after you shoot it so it is harder to loose. The mid handle makes it easier to turn on fish you see to your sides and allows for a shorter muzzle while retaining power and accuracy.

I like them much better than rear handle guns.


I have a Cressi - Comanche 90 and 60...

The Comanche 90 is very good... One of the best (price/quality).
The next one i'll be buying will be a 110 Rob Allen...:eek:

I wonder how it is hunting on a river... Here in my country it's forbideen, i don't know why... Doesn't make any sense! But it's the law.

Check the speargun on the site shop... ;)

Best of luck.
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