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C4 carbon fibre fins

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New Member
Jan 18, 2002
Hi everyone,

I recently purchaced a pair of C4 Falcons (25).
For the past 2 years i have been a huge Cressi Gara 2000 HF fan.

Comparing the two pairs i must admit that the footpockets on the Cressis are unmatched in comfort to the Omer Millineum's on the Falcons.

On my first outing in the pool i was amazed at how much more power the C4 have over the Garas.You can realy feel the blade scoop the water with every fin stroke.I felt it in my legs the next day as well, walking like a cowboy.

I am going for my first 2002 constant weight dives early next month and can't wait to feel what the C4 feel like in deep water.

I had to change my finning tecnique to swim with the C4's, much more knee bending than with the Cressis.

Would like to know from other people that converted to carbon how it affected their technique and their performances.

Is it realy worth all that money?
Hi Hennie,

It affected my technique and performance greatly, I wish I could use them for spearing more - but it's so rocky that i'd break them in no time.

I was fortunate in that I bought my C4's when I did Umbertos course, and one of the things he kept telling us was "Dont bend your knees" Let the technique come more from the hip and it'll work better for you.....

hope this helps.....
Swimming with the hips ;) , yip that i have been preaching to myself for the past 2 years and it works wonderfull during pool training but when we do dives, instinct kicks in and i find myself on a bicycle with long fins :hmm going down the shot line.

Also what i forgot to ask is how does your body weight affect the type of fin you use, stiffeness.

I weight 184 pounds and my height is 6,04 foot.
I remember reading on the net one day that weight versus blade plays a huge roll.
C4 40

Aloha Guys
It's been blowing hard for a few days and I woke up this morning all plugged up. Good day to watch the Olympics and ride my bike. On my way to get the newspaper I noticed that someone had left a pair of C4 40 blades leaning against the garage. Quick change of plans and change of blades on the Sporsasubs.

Diving was nice (75 degrees and 85 ft viz), the diving was horrid (had to stop on the way down for 20-30 seconds to get one of the sinuses cleared) and the fins are great. If Bret wants them back before I get a pair of my own, he'll need a gun.

They're more comfortable on the surface than the two other carbon fins I've tried and they feel silky smooth going up and down. Didn't have a chance to time a good dive to check against a known factor but, when I kicked at the bottom, without pulling on the rope, at 4-5# negative, they felt very resonsive.

stay tuned
video by spring
aww, rub it in why don't ya, Bill! About the only thing anyone has left in front of my door lately had to be scrapped off with the newspaper.

I've heard real good things about them as well, in fact was hoping to find some to try. Where are they, how much and will the blades fit in my OMER or Picasso footpockets?

Incidentally, I bonded those two little mounds in the nose of my mask and it seems to work great. Being as how I haven't been able to get in the water with it yet, we'll see. The fit works and all, but the bond is the only thing I question, even after really getting after the cleaning and abrading the mask's rubber...


fit and bond


They are interchangeable with Sporasub that's all I'm sure of. Don't fit on my Beuchats.

If you're worried about the nose plug coming loose, I always sew my epoxy plugs in. Just use a heavy needle to punch two holes and put one stitch in. If the glue lets go, it won't go anywhere

best wishes
You've probably got some of the old C4's then. The old Omer Tuna foot pockets and blades are interchangeable with Sporasub's, but the current Milleniums are not. There was a cracking problem with the first round of Ice Blades--that may be why Omer redesigned their foot pockets.
Could one of you two seaoned veterans explain the concept of the nose plugs in the mask for me please? I have some of it, but I'd like to hear how you're going to work them.
Thanks guys,
Erik Y.
If I wanted to put my Sporasub Pure Carbon blades on a larger pair of foot pockets, how hard would it be? Most fin blades just seem to bolt into the foot pocket. The carbon blades look like they are bolted and caulked on.
If I change them what kind of caulking should I use? What should I use to clean the extra caulking off of the blades so that I don't hurt them?


I don't have any actual experience swapping blades, but agree that it's usually just a machine screw at the top and adhesive in the rails. Here I've got a bunch of time and have had great success with 3M's 5200 sealant. It holds the keels on sailboats and the raw water inlets on the hulls, so I know it works. Clean the rail slots real well and wipe them with some 80 grit sandpaper or similiar. Wipe down with some acetone, let dry and off you go to bond. The stuff takes an honest 24 hrs to cure, so be patient.

The nose plug thing is something I was asking Bill here about and he was letting me know his experiences with similiar adventures. I had often thought about some kind of pinch-type thing in the nose pocket, as has evry diver, I'm sure. Anderson has been in contact with Eric who has also been doing some tinkering evidently. I do a lot of product design work and so am very interested in this for a number of reasons. Maybe either of them will deign to fill us in. PM or email'd be sweet too.



don't plan on ever getting those babies out of the footpocket if you use 5200. seriously! but, if that's your plan, knock yourself out.

mark laboccetta sent me simple wetsuit repair gook for my carbs. i guess it all depends on the fit into the pockets. :confused:

email mark at omerus@mindspring.com and pick his brain. he's bored and is probably tearfully reminiscing over his video of him and the gang off louisiana! :D

sven, just adding personal experience w/ "the gook from hell" :D that stuff is the best, but messiest stuff in the world!

uh...he means GOOP.

With profuse apologies to DB's members of the Asain persuasion, Anderson is correct about 3M's 5200 being some great but tenacious stuff. (Not as in Tenacious D) The secret to using it is to mask off any area even remotely close to where you're using it as it will run if you can't keep it contained in the groove or flat area, or whathaveyou. Also masking off the area lends a certain professional finish that sets someone who cares apart from the usual driveway doofus job. Also chilling it a little so it's thicker will help hold it place for a while until it's put where you want it.

gook from hell???!! sheesh....:naughty

gook: n. ('gük), oozy sloppy dirt or debris; alteration of goo

get your ears candled, sven :D

i'm too young to know about 'nam :D

sorry charlie :mute
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