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CAFA WRC May 2004

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
Isn't that Eric's record for a wet static in competition? Good job Eric and others.
yes, some good static times there. congrats all!

is there a depth limit, or is it just a coincidence that the 3 deepest divers are all doing 60?
Limit is 60m. Sorry, must leave for the ocean now!

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
why is there a depth limit?.... just curious.

good luck everyone!
Looks like a fun comp with some great numbers. Congrats on the wet static Eric- I know that one was bugging you ;)
Best of luck to everyone in CB and Dynamic.
Erik Y.
Just got back from the ocean. No DQ's, almost everyone hit their target. Pete (laminar) was first and made 60m, then Mandy made 60m, then I did 60m, then Tyler (with the flu) did 55m (with an 8-second hang at 52m to equalize). Then Calvin made 40m, etc.. Huge vis (12m+), but the rig drifted many kilometres, and the later competitors had a long swim to get out to the float. Only four of us made it back to shore via swimming (me, Pete, Tyler & Calvin). It was a major job to swim back against the current. The current didn't seem to affect us on the rig, I guess because it was free drifting.

So, I go into dynamic with 145pts, Laminar has 135pts. So, I need 110m in dynamic to break 200pts, Laminar needs 130m to break 200pts. He needs to beat me by 21m in order to win the competition. I go first (announced 10m), he goes last (announced 101m), so he will know exactly the distance he needs in order to win! Should be high drama.... but frighteningly early in the morning. Dynamic starts at 6:30am, and I have a 1-hour drive to UBC.

Must get to bed. My stomach will hate me in the morning.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada

Depth limit of 60m was based on what we can operationally handle this early into the season with the amount and experience of the safety divers available.

We'd rather have no depth limit and I'm sure the three deepest would have been much deeper, but we first look at the safety, second the athlete performance and lastly the media/spectators when deciding the parameters.

Hope this helps clear it up?

Hi all,

I have just posted the results from today's Constant Ballast event at Ansell Place (and a big stretch of Howe Sound). Despite strong current and a bit of chop, it was a very successful day. We had 13 competitors today and all came up with no blackouts, sambas or line violations. The only penalties were from coming short on the target depth.

The visibility was fantastic today, which made for some good video.

See the results so far at http://www.freedivecanada.com/comp/results/may2004wrc/

The Dynamic event is REALLY early tomorrow (and in an outdoor pool) but don't expect results on the site until late afternoon or evening.

Big congratulations to all who competed (yay Helen!) and big thanks to all those who came out to help.

Tom Lightfoot
Well done Eric & Pete, great statics !
I take it this competition will be used to determine the canadian team for this year?

Pete remember not to blow your spot on the team by trying to beat your training buddy, even when he deserves it ;)
but goodluck anyway. :D

And Erik how come you aren't competing ?

Goodluck to all the competitors for the dynamic tomorrow.

Originally posted by Walrus

And Erik how come you aren't competing ?


Hi Wal, I can't compete because I'm working my butt off trying to get it together since moving back to Canada last July. It's taking a lot of effort and has ruled out competition for me :(
I do miss the camraderie and the sea.

This competition is a Regional comp, and the points will help determine who gets to compete in the Nationals....the Nationals will determine Team Canada for the World's (I believe).
Are you coming to Canada Wal?
Erik Y.
....almost forgot: congrats Peter (laminar) on the awesome static too.....does Mandy get to buy you a drink now?
Erik Y.
Hi Erik,
no I won't be going to Canada, I can't compete anyway, I don't have a team. I am going to Cyprus instead so that should be good. I hope you can get some time off work and catch some of the action during the championships. I am hoping to drum up some interest next year and get together an Australian team then. No offence but it's a little hard to convince new people to come and dive in canada of all places, most would rather warm tropical water.


Who all will be at the Ottawa clinic/comp this summer? I need enough incentive to drag myself up there.
Hi all,

The final results from this weekend's Western Regional competition are now posted on the CAFA web site at the usual place:

There were some excellent results at today's Dynamic event, including a Canadian national record by Peter Scott (131m) and a USA national record in no-fins by Glen Garrett. Lots of others past the 100m mark as well.

Congratulations to everyone who competed and a huge thank-you to everyone who supported the competition and made it run smoothly and safely. All of the support people are listed with the results.

And of course, a big Happy Birthday to Mandy-Rae Cruickshank who turns the big three-oh tomorrow! :)

If anyone has any photos from this event that they want posted, then please send them to me and I'll make up a photo page ASAP. All photos will be credited.

Tom Lightfoot
82m is the U.S. DNF Men's record? That's a decent no-fins dynamic, but it's only about half the W.R. It seems that there ought to be some kind of threshold -- like a national record stays open until someone hits 75% of the current w.r. or something. Something just doesn't seem right about finding open records (esp. U.S. men's records) and then getting the record with an effort that an intermediate diver can put forth -- it seems to discredit the sport in a way.

I'm sure some clever person will come back with something like "if its so easy why don't you blah blah blah ... ". The answer is that there haven't been any AIDA competitions w/in 600 miles of me, that I know of, and I have other priorities, financial limitations etc. that preclude travelling great distances to compete, starting a local AIDA chapter, financing a wr attempt or whatever -- and I'm just not even all that interested in formal competition.

I suppose that the point I'm trying to make is that it's just not that impressive when someone gets a record for an effort that several of my dive buddies and I (a casual diver at least a decade past my physical prime) can match. Setting a threshold requirement that puts records beyond the reach of casual divers would at least ensure that national records have some "cachet".

Just my $0.02. Let the negative karma shower begin ...

I think a little bit of background info is due.

Glen Garrett (the American who set the record), is 56 years old, and he has done 106m no-fins twice in practice (just before the comp), as well as 100m MANY times. He flew into Vancouver twice on previous occasions to try to get the record. The first time was a 93m swim with a samba/BO. The second time he flew in he did 85m easy (conservative), but suffered a technical DQ for splashing his face with water.

So, this time, the 3rd time, he wanted to make sure he got the record without any DQ, so he did 82m and came up easy. Then, about 40 minutes later, once the comp ended, he got another 'attempt' outside the competition, despite the outdoor pool being cold with cold air & wind. He did 100m with a small samba at the end.

My personal best in dynamic without fins is 67m, so I think all of Glen's swims qualify as records.

In this case, I don't think comparing anyone to Stig's 166m is justified. Other than Stig's 166m, the second best no-fins swimmer ever is 138m by Herbert (correcT?), and there have been many, many people making swims in this event. Very few people have gone over 100m.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Wal & Erik,

Recall that for the 2004 worlds in Vancouver, once team registration is closed, registration for individual athletes should begin. This allows lone athletes without a 'team' to compete, for the fun of competing.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada

Thanks for the info. It does have me re-thinking my position a bit, and by the sound of it, Glen certainly seems to be one of the better DNF-ers in the U.S. and deserving of the recognition that a record brings.

Given his age, maybe I'm 15 years before my prime. All kinds of things to think about based on your response ;).

Still, it is frustrating when open records are get filled w/ relatively mediocre numbers that many, many divers out there can match. It's just weird to see "so and so got a record for such and such" and know that you could match it.
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