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Check out this Whopper!!!!!!!

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Yes shane i have dentex movies of dapiran but the problem is i don't understand italian.:D Of course its nice to observe the technique but i belive that real tricks lie in the words;)

By the way i bought new 110cm teak gun today:cool: Of course for bad ass groupers, AJ, and denticerofl
THats great to hear Murat ;)

What gun is it? Have you got any pictures?

Most of the time, Dentex will be controlling a large territory. ANy vibrations within their territory will be checked out. If you are in a very visible position they will turn away out of range. If they cannot feel your presence they will come closer and closer until they can. This is why keepiind silent is the most important trick in the book.

In the Video you see him using grease on his joins so there are less vibrations. THats how sensitive these fish are.

Using a wooden gun with open muzzle minimises the band and shaft vibration which is also a major factor in keeping the Dentex out of range.

The final problem is your position in te water column. If you lie under the thermocline the Dentex will not come into the cold water. If you are to far above the thermocline they will detect you from a long way.

All this is just a fraction of what is explained in the video and book

Hope it helps

PS Il Sole alla spalda "Always face away from the sun"

Another great catch Shane.

Miles is right on the ugliness of the monkfish being reciprocal to the great taste (tail fillets in flour sofrito). Congrats on the Dentex its the hardest fish for aspetto as you most probably already know. Im gonna give them the "Tahiti" treatment in a couple of weeks when I go to Greece.

On dentex some humble advice: If you can see the dentex school or single fish and its taking ages to come it means you are hiding wrong. Dont risk staying more just surface carefuly and try hiding better. If you hide properly dentex come in first 15 seconds (no joke), head on attack. I actually stick my head under the rock im hiding and count to 15. I look up and voila!! Is best time is now May-June they have layed eggs in shallow water and are very tired and hungry.

Murat conrats for entering the "wooden" family:cool:. What kind of gun is it?

Safe Dives all Around

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Congratulations on the Monkfish and Dentex, Shane! Awesome!:king

--->also, many thanks for the lead on the books and DVDs on technique. I tried sending some Karma, but the controls say I must spread it around first.....:cool:
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Thanks for advice guys, last time when i was in water i saw a interesting rock formation about 3-4 meter below the surface, sharp peak horizonrtal cliff facing shallow side of the sea with few more meters drop off. I decided to make my first real aspetto there just like the way i watched in dapirans movie. I quitely dived (as quite as possible at that depth) and put barell of my gun on the rock and hide myself, only the upper part of mask vas visible and little sorgos attracted like magnet since they were to small to shoot i tried to stay as long as i can for practice, then i decided to look right of me to see what is there also i noticed something coming directly to me not like the lazy swimming of the sargo one that side one other side, the thing was straightly coming to me i was able to see the head directly from front frame and understand that whatever it is, it should me big enough for the dish. I tried to move my gun (100cm one) to the right but my fins were to positive at that depth and they float unintentionally and i also moved the gun this was enough to scare the fish of like hell even it was 6-7 meter away... While it was running i able to see it from side frame and undertand that it was little dentex:waterwork Not very big though probably around 1 kg. Anyway i got the lesson, next time it will be better with ankle weight and less movement.

For the new gun,

I wanted to buy pelagos but unfortunatelly couldn't contacted enough with Fabrizio, actually he is very busy right now i think. But the main reson was at to make a gun it needs at least 15 days and 1 month waiting for shipment to arrive the other reason the shipping fee will be probably to high and i will have to pay all that money at once which will be probably more than 350 euro.

Then i decided to buy one from local shop. The gun is not with me right now because i couldn't decide which handle to mount it Excalibur or new orthopedic T20 i choose T20 i have to wait 1 month for it... Probably i will go with excalibur then change with T20 if ever needed. The thing is that i am not sure if this excalibur handle can hold double 18mm smoothly and safely.

Anyway here is the spec. of the gun,

Laminated teak body, full length rail, wings from the muzzle running through more than half of the body, actually seems strange but belive that it will help to the balance. Muzzle is excalibur 2000 shaft is 6.5mm thinking to put flopper down, somesays that helps the further trajectory of the shaft. Bands are screw in omer 18mm for sure. Reel is my alluminium 30;)
Body made in italy and guts from omer... The best i can get locally.Next time totemsub TAHITI;)
Here is the Dentex as promised.

Not the biggest around, but it took a shitload of perseverance and technique variaton, to get the fish to come in close enough even for Tahiti 120.
:cool: Fascinating to hear you guys writing about Dentex hunting.

Cynthia, what are you doing this Saturday?
Some of us OCHunters are coming down to dive Boomers kelp (hoping to slay some whites).:martial
Last edited:
You are on!!!

Peter....I'm jumping in at Boomer's too!
----> Better get there early, like 7 am or so....the parking is kinda screwed up from construction these past few weeks...... See ya there!
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The Dentex tasted awesome.

I wrapped it in some foil woth moroccan olive oil, rosemary and garlic.

Man was that good mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Cannot wait to catch the next one
....buon appetite!

Okay Shane, the Dentex with olive oil, rosemary and garlic sounds heavenly....how did you cook the monkfish?
<Now I'm hungry!!! ><((((:)>
WE always cook the monkfish on the bbq.

Monkfish and Shrimp(Tiger prawn) kebabs.

Grab chunks of fish and shelled prawns amd skewer them.

A bit of oil, coarse sea salt and pepper.

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