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Cigarettes bad, Cigars good?

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Rasta Freediver
Mar 4, 2004
Ok Ok i know smoking is bad for your health, and i know cigarettes can take a mighty toll on the lungs, but do cigars affect freediving much? Since you don't inhale the cigar smoke.... does it really make a difference in diving?
I think you are still going to inhale smoke from that cigar even if not directly as with a cigarette, which I think wont affect your apnea but will affect your aerobic fittness to some extent. I also think its going to have a positive affect on your anaerobic fittness (I think) but your going to be better off not smoking at all :) says she with a ciggy in her hand ;)
That is of course if you can get through a whole cigar. I've never been able to without wanting to throw up half way through. That and the fact that you smell like a walking, talking cigar for quite a while afterwards.
(Anti-nicotin lecture)

People smoke (well, keep smoking after they started) Cigars and Cigarettes for the same reason: Nicotin.
Although Cigars MIGHT be a bit better for your lungs, I have no idea why you want to start messing with that awful dangerous super-addictive drug.

Nicotin is a vasoconstrictor and might help you to gain higher blood pressure, which might benefit freediving a bit.
Nicotin also elevates your basal metabolism, which is defenitly detrimental.

Nicotin also changes your brain's pleasure centers in a way which will make you dependend on having Nicotin for them to keep working the way they were supposed to work. Which means that people don't really enjoy Nicotin, they just have problems enjoying stuff without it after they got hooked. Which makes it one of the most stupid and sensless drugs I can think off.
Maybe it's not true to 100% of the smokers, but it's defenitly true for hundreds of millions (if not billions) of people around this world. From what I read, nuerologists and behaviorists agree about the effect. The specifics of what it does is not yet fathomed. It also affects concentration (if you get off it), and it seems that it might help altsheimer (spelling?) patiants to keep their memory a bit better.

One of the facts I've seen in some BBC program regarding addictive drugs (of all kinds), was that Nicotin is statistically the most addictive. Only 6% of the poeple who sign themselves to programs for quiting it actually succeed. A lower success rate than Alchohol, Cocain or Heroin. Ofcourse many stop without programs, and many don't REALY wanna stop since it's a drug you can live with (if you can call that 'living' ;)), but it's not a very reassuring statistic.

PS: Regarding cigars, you can google the net for some Oral (gum, mouth, throat whatever) cancer pictures, it also exists.
I always thought people were smoking because it's a Freudian memory of breast feeding and the addiction to nicotine comes afterwards.

Chris Engelbrecht, Copenhagen
Chris, Freud is passe' these days ;)
People usually start because they have been taught that is acceptable by a combination of teachers: parents, friends, advertisments, heroes. Even with aggressive anti-smoking programs in the West, many teens still start smoking.
I smoked for 14 years before I quit at 29. The withdawal was brutal...first the nicotine withdrawal for a few days, then the psychological, which can last indefinitely. I am 41 now, and still have the occasional 'using' dream.
Skarz, do as you will, but smoking is gross and smelly to those around you. There is evidence that cigars cause cancer. Look for people with no upper lip for what that's about.
However, the odd cigar or even cigarette (if you can control the potential addiction) wont do any harm. Moderation in all things, 'they' say, but moderation is tough with such an addictive substance.
Be good to yourself,
Erik Y.
Ah, to me Ciggerates and Cigars are pretty much the same thing. No matter what way you put it. And I think, of course it will affect you in all kinds of things you do. Especially in the long run.

Ah, to me Ciggerates and Cigars are pretty much the same thing. No matter what way you put it. And I think, of course it will affect you in all kinds of things you do. Especially in the long run.

smoking does affect your apnea, contrary to popular belief because it makes your lungs more rigid (its hard to explain i dont want to get into details) also you cant have as much oxygen in your blood because of the carbon dioxide attaching itself to your hemoglobin in red-blood cells.

i wouldnt take the risk of smoking anything. also if you affect you aerobic capacity by dimishing your actual potential with smoking you are increasing the rate at which you consume oxygen.

p.s. if anyone has a sure fire method to quit smoking please let me know ;-)
I still think smoking is the memory of mamma's tit. It makes the most sense, why else do it?

How to quit smoking? Take up chewing gum. Run it out or dive it out. Alternatively, lock yourself in a room for about a month and take a cold turkey.

Chris Engelbrecht, Copenhagen
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I'll tell you part of the technique I used. Put a rubber band around your wrist. Every time you crave a cigarette, snap it hard a few times. Negative reinforcement helps sometimes!
Another part is to really and truly respect and love yourself. If you really do, you will not be able to put poison in your body. Don't get it? Think of a person that you love more than anything: a son, wife, Mum, etc. The kind of person who you would take a bullet for. Would you go and give them poison every day? Of course not. Then why on Earth would you do it to yourself?
Chris I agree that there is an oral fixation connection, probably in many cases. Just replace the memory with a REAL substute of what Mum had ;)
Erik Y.
The two things that worked best for me for quitting this common addiction (this time I won't mention any government and big industry claims, for those who get annoyed by that and send me some negative karma talking about my mother ;) )

a) Realize that this drug doesn't give you anything but robs you lots of things: money,time, good humour, hemoglobine, etc. One cigarrette gives you the drug that feeds the withdrawal for the next, so stop feeding that addiction.

b) You smoke for your ego (the 'cool' image, the anxiety, etc).
The best way to deal with that is just think for every cig you are going to smoke that is a thing about your ego, just think about your body,mind and soul instead, so sit with the cause and let it go.

As for the cigars, not as bad as smoking cigarrettes, but the same stupid (oooops, sorry :D) ego thing
thanks for the advice guys...just bought a huge box or rubber bands... :D here i go!
smokeless tobacco

THE NASTIEST HABIT IN THE WORLD! and I do it. grrr... I have been dipping smokeless tobacco for 4 or 5 years, and it sux! Know why I started? (this is pitiful...) to be cool. Yup, I wanted to fit in with all my friends. Ooh, it worked, but 5 years down the road, I am still doing it. It is nasty, and tastes gross. Mabye I should just take a knife and cut my gums out so I cant put a dip in anymore. Thats whats going to happen if I dont quit soon anyways!:confused:
I mentioned something above about smoking being a Freudian reminder of breast feeding. For some reason, this has spurred some quite ugly karma remarks in my inbox.
People, I'm not saying that that's what smoking is, it's just a psychological theory I picked up somewhere that I personally find plausible. All I know is that I have aparently helped some people quit smoking by airing this particular notion. It's a very effective way for smoking to loose its coolness.
Don't blame human nature on me...

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and let me guess the remarks where left unsigned...i hate it when those little freaking cowards hide behind their screens and leave negative karma. if you are going to critisize someone, do it to their face or let it be know that it was you.
What the hell is peoples' problem? There's a rash of negative, unsigned karma lately.....if you've got something to say, say it in the forum, or continue cowering behind a monitor and keep it to yourself. Grow some balls. If the word "tit" offends you, think about growing your skin a little thicker. This is a good forum with good people. Go to rec.scuba if you want to insult, argue and disrespect others.
Erik Y.
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How about putting a thread category named 'insult and de-karma
everybody that doesn't agree with you' ?
We could put some bots there to automatically post things.. this way we'll keep this no-brain people entertained :) And I bet
they won't notice the difference

Just joking, the good forum with good people will keep on sailing the oceans even with these people puking all over the boat :D
Originally posted by BlueIcarus

Just joking, the good forum with good people will keep on sailing the oceans even with these people puking all over the boat :D
Sail on! :)
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