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CMAS 2nd World Championship - Apnea

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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Nov 2, 2001
Hi there

This weekend should start the 2nd (!) CMAS Apnea World Championship in Rovinj, Croatia.
But so far: no, but absolutely no information about that event besides a program and some greeting words on the official (?) website (http://www.jumpblue.tk). :confused:

After the desaster of the 1th World Championship, that resulted in the annulation of the whole competition (!!), this is not a good sign.

Is there anybody with some more news? At least Italy should participate. Isn't it? .... ;)

(Not that I am in love with the CMAS concept, but I am interested in ALL frediving activities and ALL federations)

Greetings from sunny (yes!) Switzerland
Swiss diver, if you want information on CMAS champ you'd better point your mouse to the right web location :)
I doubt you'll find info here.


PS Mifsud and Mochanova are competing in this moment in dynamic.
Originally posted by joefox
Swiss diver, if you want information on CMAS champ you'd better point your mouse to the right web location :)
I doubt you'll find info here.
PS Mifsud and Mochanova are competing in this moment in dynamic.

Joefox, keep us up to date please. I'm very interested in the CMAS comp. I think many DB members are interested and are not "anti-CMAS".
It just happens that many of us have competed in AIDA comps only and have not had an opportunity to compete or even read about CMAS, especially in Canada/America.
DB is about diving, not just AIDA or FREE.
Erik Y.
I'm sorry Erik, but I don't agree with you, I have my experience.

Anyway, you can follow the events where... you already know. I don't want to post the link 'cause I don't want nor need visitors from here.

I was not only talking about this site.
But also about sites like:

Even on "apneamagazine" was nothing to find (till today).

All these made me worry about the event.
So it is good to hear now, that 9 nations and athletes like Stephane Misfud, Natalia Molchanova or Gaspare Battaglia participate on the championships.

It would be nice, if we could combine the entry list if the AIDA wc with the entry list of the CMAS worlds (with nations like France, Italy and Russia, all missing in Vancouver) for a big "all-federations" event.


So far they don't sell the "product" very well.
you must be f***ing joking ?


as someone totally ignorant of freediving organisations, their politics and their interests, but on the other hand interested highly in freediving in general i find that statement of yours quite unbelievable:

I don't want to post the link 'cause I don't want nor need visitors from here.

i drag my italian girlfriend regularly to the internet to translate to me articles of your website. but obviously you don't want me there.

i think i stop making an effort here and now.
Originally posted by joefox
I don't want to post the link 'cause I don't want nor need visitors from here.

If we are such 'scum', then why are you here?

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
From Apnea Magazine
These are the results of the first day:
By the way 150 is the new world record

Qualification Results
Qualifications 17.9 .2004

1 36 Natalia Molchanova 1962 Russia 150,00 0,00 150,00
2 26 Monica Barbero 1973 Italy 118,62 0,00 118,62
3 4 Manuela Acco Italy 111,96 0,00 111,96
4 28 Paola Tagliabue 1976 Italy 105,00 0,00 105,00
5 8 Yulia Petrik 1971 Russia 103,43 0,00 103,43
6 10 Marina Kazankova 1981 Russia 102,70 0,00 102,70
7 32 Derya Can 1979 Turkey 95,44 0,00 95,44
8 3 Mirjana Gavrilovic 1967 Serbia 90,00 0,00 90,00
9 5 Karla Fabrio 1975 Croatia 84,14 0,00 84,14
10 15 Jacqueline Arriol 1981 France 64,88 77,91 77,91
11 6 Agnes Tresarieu 1973 France 76,87 59,80 76,87
12 27 Ana Karlaš 1974 Croatia 75,50 0,00 75,50
13 30 Maja Cafolla 1977 Croatia 67,30 0,00 67,30
14 16 Ozden Duymaz Turkey 66,63 0,00 66,63
15 20 Olgica Šehovic 1972 Serbia 60,51 0,00 60,51
16 7 Christelle Pons 1978 France 0,99 0,00 0,99 diskv
17 2 Belma Tekinalp 1967 Turkey 0,00 0,00 0,00

Qualification Results

1 24 Gaspare Battaglia 1968 Italy 135,00 0,00 135,00
2 35 Giacomo De Mola 1981 Italy 130,25 0,00 130,25
3 18 Devrim Cenk Ulusoy 1973 Turkey 120,88 0,00 120,88
4 14 Giuliano Marchi 1968 Italy 120,00 0,00 120,00
4 38 Mike Maric 1973 Croatia 0,00 120,00 120,00
6 34 Pavel Kazankov 1956 Russia 108,12 0,00 108,12
7 33 Elvis Dombaj 1975 Croatia 105,00 101,73 105,00
8 21 Francis Fevre 1950 France 95,90 97,29 97,29
9 11 Ludovic Diligeart 1981 France 96,21 81,85 96,21
10 19 Davor Franicevic 1979 Croatia 92,76 0,00 92,76
11 1 Siniša Tesic 1975 Serbia 91,99 50,23 91,99
12 12 Sertan Aydin 1976 Turkey 80,00 90,85 90,85
13 13 Yanick Sanchez 1976 France 90,46 68,15 90,46
14 22 Cyril Chevrol 1968 Belgium 90,00 0,00 90,00
15 25 Jabal Nabil 1963 Tahiti 80,68 72,93 80,68
16 31 Juan Alonzo Amengual 1972 Spain 76,88 78,70 78,70
17 9 Javier Lopez Andujar 1979 Spain 75,99 0,00 75,99
18 17 Zephyrin Tarahu 1961 Tahiti 75,50 0,00 75,50
19 23 Levent Ucuzal 1965 Turkey 75,00 0,00 75,00
20 37 Benjamin Clabodts 1977 Belgium 68,64 0,00 68,64
21 29 Herve Belaes 1970 Belgium 0,00 0,00 0,00
***f we are such 'scum', then why are you here? ***

Re-reading my message I realized it could sound rude. I didn't mean you're 'scum', I said that I don't want nor need to get visitors from this board meaning that I don't want/need to make advertising here.

You are right Eric: If I didn't respect this community, I wouldn't be here. I apologize.

Ok, here are the final results:


1) Marina Kazankova (Russia) 152,34
2) Natalia Molchanova (Russia) 150
3) Monica Barbero (Italia) 127,98
4) Manuela Acco (Italia) 126,34
5) Paola Tagliabue (Italia) 109,01
6) Yulia Petrik (Russia) 108,38
7) Derya Can (Turchia) 95,44
8) Karla Fabrio (Croazia) 84,14


1) Gaspare Battaglia (Italia) 135
2) Giuliano Marchi (Italia) 135
3) Giacomo De Mola (Italia) 130,25
4) Devrim Cenk Ulusoy (Turchia) 120,88
5) Mike Maric (Croazia) 120
6) Elvis Donbaj (Croazia) 111,68
7) Francis Fevre (Francia) 101,08
8) Ludovic Diligeart (Francia) 96,21

- Comment: JB works fine, but this championship convinced everyone that the rules must be changed.

Many athletes managed to touch the judge and then had samba (even bad ones). That's really bad, no one enjoyed it. The trick is simple: during the ascent the athlete goes right toward the judge, so that he's very close as he comes out. Touching the head of the judge is very simple, and if after that you have samba the dive is still valid.

I want to make clear that in my opinion it's freedivers that have samba, not the rules that cause them, but since -as Monica Barbero says- "there are freedivers who don't care enough about themselves", then this rule must be changed.

CMAS freediving commettee menbers will soon evaluate some proposals, including this one:

- when the athlete comes out, he cannot touch the judge for 10 seconds

- after that he/she has 10 more seconds to touch the head of the judge

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So Joe...

What youre saying is that if an athlete gives a little head to the judge he/she wont get disqualified?

Sounds illegal as well as immoral.


If the number says 150m, is this included the 15m decent and 15m acent? In other words has the athlete swam 150+30m? or 120+30?

Illegal? that's up to the rules the Cmas have made up.
Immoral? Can be. I other sports there are usually rules that are just for the safety and health of the athlete. Maybe CMAS has figured out that having many samba's isn't bad?
But for me the logical reason would be that a Samba is sometimes very hard to judge, and hard to sell to the audiance.
But than again I think a obvious samba is hard to explain as 'normal' or 'not bad for ones health' either.

Maybe it's better to show ones mother a typical freedive event, with a few samba's and ask what she thinks or feels.
My parents defenitely don't like LMC's. And even a blue/pale face is not a sign of a really healthy sportsman.

What do your parents/friends think?

In all to let the freedive grow we need to get rid of a part of the immage of: daredevils and deathdefying.

Let it be a sport of: Passion, grace, dedication, good sportmansship, silence, oneness with nature and discovery.

Thank you Alki for your question, what do you think of my view?

Love, peace and water!
Kars, nice answer, but I'm afraid you didn't really understand what Alki was really saying/asking! :eek:
To Kars:
Yes, the 15m descent and 15m ascent are included in the numbers. Thus the 152,34 m for Marina Kazankova means 15 meter descent, 122.34 at the bottom (at 15 m) and 15 meters back to the surface. Still a very impressive number (and by the way better than the men's result)
I would like to single out the performance of Gaspare Battaglia, the Cmas Apnea World Champion.

He is the Dinamic and CB Italian Champion for 2004.

He also won three AIDA world Championship, Nice, Santa Teresa and Ibiza.

Long time on the wave....
Originally posted by Jorg
Kars, nice answer, but I'm afraid you didn't really understand what Alki was really saying/asking! :eek:

What according to you JORG is he really asking and/or saying?

Enlighten us, chairman of the AIDA-Netherlands.

Kars - if you don't know you don't wanna know!!

life is not all sweetness and light.. some of us have quite dodgy senses of humour....

nice one Alki- and I bet it would work too in this corrupt world..maybe I'll offer next time I get DQd...
Sam I'm holding a comp in my bathtub: minimum 8 minute static...interested?
Erik Y.
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