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cnf technique videos/tutorials WHERE?

Discussion in 'Freediving Training & Techniques' started by Gert Leroy, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. Gert Leroy

    Gert Leroy Member

    where can i find tutorials/videos on cnf technique? I'd like to become the world champion.
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  2. Pinniped72

    Pinniped72 Well-Known Member

    Google William Trubridge and take it from there, good luck, its good to aim for the stars, just be careful and take small steps, to be at depth with no fins is a serious business and not to be taken lightly ;)
  3. Here is one with several angles, a 72M dive I did in December. Not a world record but one of the deeper CNF dives done in 2016 and deeper than the US National record... Notable among other things because I'm diving with a mask, handsfree, and we had Jessea Lu following my entire dive on a scooter to film...

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  4. Gert Leroy

    Gert Leroy Member

    AWESOME! Thanks for posting this vid! I have a few questions, don't know if they make sense, i'm only trying to understand better :). Here we go:

    1/ hands behind back during freefall: any particular reason why you prefer this above hands to side of body?
    2/ do you pay special attention to (trying to) keep the knees together while kicking, or do you just let the kicks happen naturally (more open knees) ?
    3/ closed fingers or naturally relaxed hands (fingers little open)?
    4/ when i compare William Trubridge's 101 cnf video with yours i notice he has a longer "stretch" moment (hands/arms closed above the head) whereas you practically initiate the arm stroke right after stretching the arms. Any particular reason for this or is it just a matter of different styles?
    5/ handsfree equalisation with mask is something most of us can only dream about. I have done it to +/- 15m using a combination of frenzel pushing against the mask and swallowing immediately after that. Any recommandations on handsfree? Tips? Or is it a natural born gift?
  5. 1. Hands behind back is something I have always done, I find it relaxing and feel like it allows my shoulders and lungs to collapse in better.
    2. Yes, there is a definite technique to the kicks and pulls. I drill it in a pool so that I can let it happen in the ocean.
    3. My fingers are slightly open and relaxed. We know now there is more propulsion with fingers slightly open but when I was a competitive swimmer I always had them closed and I have not fully broken this habit.
    4. William is taller than I, and far more experienced at CNF. Overall he takes fewer strokes than I. This is something I actually have been working on; prior to this video I had no way to watch and analyze my own technique. I have since been working on changing my rhythm. I also purposely took 'weak' strokes at the bottom because other training partners kept reminding me to be cautious of squeeze at the turnaround (very common for CNF dives). I don't feel like it is an issue for me though so I will revisit that.
    5. For me handsfree is something I was born with, although for deeper dives (past about 45M) I did have to discover and train new muscle pathways, same all other deep divers. That you were able manage to learn it is significant. Some partners I dive with have managed to learn it and use but it is still unreliable for them and takes a lot of mental concentration so they don't use it much. I think I have read that Martin Stepanek has done very deep handsfree mask dives using the technique you describe. Eric Fattah's document on equalization is where I started. The first step to all deep eq techniques, no matter how you EQ would be learning to uncouple the soft palate from the esophagus.