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since caffeine increases your heartrate and your metabolism, probably yes. but would you really want to go without it?...I need a BIG cup just to get up in the morning and if I dont, I soon get a headache...and that will deffenetly affect my diving in a seriously bad way...:duh

Coffee affects people differently. Why not experiment and see how it affects your dry-land apnea times and heart rate? I skip the morning Kona if I'm gonna do some serious diving, and cut back to 1 cup for routine dive days. Anyone experiencing withdrawal headaches probably needs a little coffee just to feel normal, but I just get a little sleepy when I abstain.
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For two years now i have stopped drinking coffee about a week before we go freediving to Egypt. I'm not sure if it affects my breatholding capapilities, but it seems like a good idea to get rid of the addiction for some time every year. The stopping part is terrible though...


Coffee! Now here's my topic! I'm really not competitive (even for pb's) in my freediving, except when it comes to static and dynamic apnea. On my dive days though, I eat a good breakfast, and have a couple cups of coffee. Now the cream in the coffee could have something to do with my equalization problems... :( Oh well! Without the coffee I probably wouldn't be there!

Originally posted by flyboy748
Now the cream in the coffee could have something to do with my equalization problems... :( Oh well!

I'm frequently eating dairy prior to diving. No, a better wording would be that I always eat dairy, and sometimes diving follows. From what I've been told (and experienced :confused: ), it's about the worst decision you could make if you are have equalization problems. But what can I do? Look where I live! Telling me to lay off the cheese and icecream is like telling a limey to stop drinking tea :eek:.

So on the way to the dive site, I'm guzzling 2% and Jon's slammin a thermos of leaded. The world records seem to be safe in Wisconsin :D.

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Sorry Ted,

But I cut back on the coffe thing.:(

I drink chai tea, with a little rice milk and honey, in the morning and Decaf on the weekends. It does make a difference in my blood pressure and heart rate.

When I go all out I mix in some half/calf with my decaf.

I still can't see how you can slam down a half gallon of milk and then go freedive.:head That may be part of your ear- clearing problems.;)

Hey guys, too funny,
but strangely enough I always seem to have some great Wisc. cheese in my suitcase when I'm on my way home from there! How do lactose intolerant people survive? I guess I really should lay off the lactose tho on my next dive, see how much it helps! Maybe the coffee too, but then, what good is a day without coffee?? ;)

Cheese doesn't effect my diving, but milk can stuff up your head.

I love the taste of coffee, but don't like what it does to my heart rate. So far decaf has made it all work out just fine.:D

I love the taste of coffee, and I love what it does to my mornings too... a heart rate of 110 before 8 AM does wonders for my day! ;) But than again most days I'm not diving :( Maybe a decaf coffee following a morning run will satisfy both requirements a little better on freedive days! :cool:

How could any red-blooded American boy be expected to eat his morning chocolate-chip cookies without a tall glass of milk? :D

Never developed a taste for coffee. I felt insulted when I discovered that something that smells so wonderful can taste like the bottom of my shoe.

PS. The milk isn't creating my equalizing disability. It's genetic. My brain is so big that it pushes on my eustation tubes.
My brain is so big that it pushes on my eustation tubes.
rofl rofl rofl

I don’t have a coffee problem because I don’t like it much but I do consume a whole lot of dairy products. Being vegetarian, I rely on dairy products to provide the bulk of my protein.

An average day's intake would be at least 2L of milk and 500 to 1000g of cottage cheese, plus some whey protein powder.

Fortunately this doesn’t seem to affect my equalizing at all. I guess lactose intolerance isn’t an issue for me.

I once tried giving up all dairy products and sugar for a week to see if my equalizing became easier than it already was but noticed no difference at all (thank goodness).

Caffeine drinks do affect my diving though. If I have a glass of Coke before a dive session, I find it more difficult to relax and my bottom times do get slightly shorter.

I just don’t drink Coke or anything similar on a dive day any more.

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pharmacologically speaking

Caffeine does increase heart rate and perhaps blood pressure, as do a number of other stimulants such as those found in decongestant medications. However, these drugs (and yes, in one sense, caffeine is a drug) do so only transiently, say, for the first week to a month that one drinks coffee regularly. Gradually, heart rate returns to the baseline level in most people. Caffeine will not prevent a training-induced lowering of the heart rate, but there is less data on that aspect.

There is some question as to whether caffeine will impede the mammalian dive reflex, and I believe that most serious competitors have eliminated caffeine from their diets. At the extreme end of the fitness range, caffeine probably does detract a bit from optimal apnea performance (but let's be honest, most of us are no where near the extreme end of the fitness range).

If you are used to two cups, have one or perhaps two cups the morning of your dive, but definitely don't drink three or four cups!.

If anyone is interested in this topic in more depth (no puns intended), I can send you a bibliography of scientific publications, and I believe you'll find that in general, they support what I've said here.
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Coffee is a diuretic and will lead to faster dehyrdration - tastes good but I don't drink it when freediving/snorkelling.... Personally I like to chill a bit when I get into the ocean and don't want a pounding heart - but if you need it to get up then I guess you have to have it.

Johan - if you get a headache without coffee it sounds bad ! Had a friend who got headaches unless she took aspirin.... sounds like an addiction ? But hell, what do I know - think I'll stick to a nice cuppa Lapsang Souchong....
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I have read a little about coffee headaches, and my understanding of the effect is as follows:

The coffee headache is related to the adaptations that Cjborgert mentioned. The blood vesels in the brain become accustomed to dilating in order to compensate for the constriction that the caffeine causes. When you don't drink coffee, this dilation effect is effectively a form of mild swelling and this "swelling" accounts for the discomfort.

Given the information in the "Blood pressure trend ..." thread, I think that I am going to steer clear of coffee on days when I'm likely to dive deep. That said, I think that my statics are better when I have a little coffee (not that they're great either way).
yeah, I'm an addict...but I dont mind, there is allways coffee somewhere close and I like it to much to give it up.....
..and also, I read about a studdy about a year ago that showed that Alzheimers are a lot more common among people who DONT drink coffee than among those who do, so in the long run, I guess the benefits might make up for the drawbacks....and as we all know, "The sum of all vices are constant" , so if it wasnt caffeine...

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Hey Johan - I didn't know that about the Alzheimers - yeah, all too often the doctors state this is good, then its bad then its good - I guess one has to live how one wants (at least coffee isn't as bad as Morris Dancing - surely everyone agrees to that...!)


Hm, makes me wonder. I've always been a coffee drinker - some people I know have been dead convinced I'm addicted, until without warning I switch to something non-caffeinated for weeks at a time, on a whim - but then I've got some really odd physiology too. I have very low blood pressure even AFTER coffee in the morning - I average 90/60. Makes me wonder what my blood pressure would be if I didn't have caffeine!

I'm not averse to a cup or two the day of a dive - I just don't try drinking the pot at once :) and stay away from anything Tim Horton's sells, except maybe their decaf.........
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