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Coming to Australia? - Don't use these guys to charter a dive

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New Member
Apr 2, 2005
Hi people

Please have a look at this link

Its a discussion about this site http://www.ningalooreefteach.com

The operators of this dive site have a severe anti-fishing bias-Here's an excerpt that has been removed from their site but there's plently of other misinformation and B.S to see

Fishing Sucks!

Fishing is boring, absolutely boring, just plain boring and just plain dumb. Most people fish because they are scared of the water, the animals and just don't understand how it all works down there. If they did then they would not inflict such cruelty on the animals.

Why sit uptop and dangle a hook doing the lucky dip thing, when you can get in amongst it and experience the animals in their world. It is astounding how much money some people spend to come here to see and catch a fish, when all you have to do is get in and go down and you can see and experience more fish and marine life than most people will see it their whole life. Not only tha,t but it's a whole lot more exciting, and the animals are left there for the next person to experience.

It's only a matter of time until the "lucky dip people" on the Ningaloo Reef and in Western Australia realize that there is much more money in showing people the animals than killing them. Killing & attacking the marine life will become like smoking- a bit silly.

Who would of said ten years ago that smoking will be stopped in Pubs, attacking the marine life for no other reason than for fun will go the same way.

Fishing is feeding the marine animals and conditioning sharks to associate boats and people with food. As more & more people come to Ningaloo Reef and get in the water to view the marine life, fishing bodies and operators may find themselves in court dealing with a shark attack victim's family, ie "the day defore you were fishing and feeding sharks near the local dive site - snorkel area were the shark victim was taken".

Times are changing!


If you are planning on visiting Ningaloo reef, then make sure these guys are not on your list of where to spend your hard earnt dollars

Please email reservations@exmouthwa.com.au and voice your concerns that this type of person could be operating in a small town and damaging the lively hoods of other business.

Thanks for your time
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Yep, I second that. Very anti-fishing, anti-spearing, anti-doing anything that doesnt involve giving them money. :rcard
ummm, interesting thread and websites. Somebody please educate me a little.

From what I read on these sites, the writers are a bit "holier than thou" but what they are proposing seems like an excellent idea. In a coral reef system, , with long lived, often resident fish populations, a system of alternating open and closed areas is a good, and maybe the only, effective way to manage those populations. In the long run, it benefits everybody, spearos, fishermen and sightseers. Its hard to do because nobody wants to get shut out of their favorite spot and everybody is paranoid, but it should work very well for everybody, much better than no action or traditional regulations that usually don't work. Imagine opening day and the reef is full of big grouper like you haven't seen in years. Think about it.

I'm a veteran of the fish wars in Florida and recognize that there are often hidden agendas, especially from those that sound so self righteous, ten times more so when the regs they propose would be immediately and greatly to their benefit. Never the less, what is so wrong with the basic idea proposed in this website?


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Here in NSW a reef was closed for 5 years, to allow reef fish stocks to "recover". Never mind that it was an extremely fishy place, but what the scuba charter operators lobby for, they get. 5 years is fair enough in my book, but its now been almost 8 years (I think), and still it hasn't re-opened... strange...

Theres a feeling amongst the fishing community, that rotating closed areas work in one direction only, that is, once they are closed, they never reopen.

The people who run the Ningaloo Reef teach website (in WA) have asked (on another forum) for pictures of dead fish from Victorian wharfs, so they can use it on their website to "educate" people about how evil fishos are. Thats like me using US forestry statistics to manage Aussie forests...

The only agenda these people have is to lock out every other user group from the area. Sole use = massive money to be made.
These people (fishing Hurts ) in Ningaglo are a bunch of absolute Tossers.
I worked in Exmouth for 2 years as a Scuba instructor ( 10 years Ago ) and was diving in a very healthy eco system everyday.
The Fishermen were there along time before the Divers and Hourds of Tourists
and although they have taken allot of fish of the Reef the fish population is in no threat of overfishing.
Most of Ningaloo is a Marine Park and you can only fish in Selected areas and these are well away from the Dive and Snorking spots.
The fisherman that visit the reef mostly target Palagics, There is a very good tag and Release system for the Sail fish and Marlin working today so the Resident fish are in no threat.
We had a good understanding with the Fishing charters and Fisherman , they keep away from our fish feeding and diving spots and we kept away from them.
To have a group of people pedling this type a propergander for the only reason of putting more dollars into their pockets is total CRAP.
They are only trying to appeal to the masses of new wave greenies we have in W.A who are against killing anything because it is now seen as COOL.
The Truth is Fisherman opened up Exmouth and the Town relies on there Dollars for Survival ( the dive shop i worked in also sold allot of Fishing gear as well ) .
Exmouth has some of the Best Fishing, Spear Fishing and Diving ( the Navy Pier is Beyond words ) in the World and it will allways be open to everyone so dont pay to much attention to Fishing Hurts they must learn to take their hands of their Cocks and see the Real world or they wont be around in a year or two.

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Thanks for the further education. Sounds like Oz has a good dose of what I used to call Florida Management, "run everybody else out of business, but don't regulate me"

Its a real shame that too many of the advocates for sanctuaries are really out to practice Florida management and end up alienating everybody else. The idea is good if implemented fairly.

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