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Comp or supercomp

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Farmer Mat

New Member
May 5, 2003
i`d like to buy a cressi wetsuit, but the problem is that i don`t know which one i should take.
i live in switzerland and the lakes aren`t very warm ( 4 degrees),
i`m searching a suit for everything. i dive in a pool and in the lake, but i should`nt get cold in the lake and in the pool not too warm. could i flood it in the pool and the heat isn`t a problem anymore?
The comp or the supercomp?
i read a lot about these suits an both seem to be very good.
can you tell me some facts about them and some good exampels?
Why did you take one of these?
thanks for every answer!!!!!
i`d like to know everthing, please help me
greats Mat
I hope you understand everthing....
In our group, 2 of us have Comps and 3 folks have SuperComps. We have been diving in 4'C weather a few times. Both suits are up to it, but I think that the SuperComp has an edge in warmth. Two guys have Picasso Apnos suits, and they do ok too.

At those lower temps, the bigger consideration is how to keep you hands and feet warm. For hands, we use reef gloves inside 6.5mm 3-finger mitts. When the water approaches 10'C we use 5mm gloves and over 10C you can use a pretty light glove (e.g. 2mm). We tend to use 3 or 4mm socks. Still, it's hard to stay in for much over an hour at 4C. Maybe you're used to the cold water, but I find that putting my face into it is initially very painful (goas away in a few minutes though).

One of the guys has switched over to an Elio custom suit and is probably selling his SuperComp.

To solve the pool vs. cold-water dilemma, I got an inexpensive Tilos 3-2 jump-suit for pool workouts and warm water swimming (about $100 US).

I was interested in diving in Switzerland next time I go to Germany on business. I was able to pop down to Zurich last time, but I wasn't into freediving back then. Which canton do you live in -- maybe we can do some diving (based on the temperatures that you posted, I'll bring my Comp;))

Now that you guys say I never looked into different Cressi suits. I didnt know that there was a Comp and a Super comp. When I bought mine it was simply advertised as Cressi 3.5mm I think and we just picked the Colour. How do I work out what mine is, its a black 2 piece 3.5mm open cell inside, nylon outside and its black. It doesnt say anywhere whether its a comp or Super comp :duh

The Comp is a 5mm suit and the SuperComp is a suit with a 6.5mm top and 5mm johns. The SuperComp johns have have a smooth waist-band that seals with the top to minimize the flow of water through the suit. They're both great suits for the price, but the Elio suits seem to be an even better bargain.

At any rate, both the Comp and SuperComp are basically nylon exteriors and open-cell interiors with "metalite" coatings. They are incredibly tough. I snag mine all the time and have yet to rip it.

That 3.5 mm suit sounds pretty sweet for summer diving -- wish I had one right about now. The Comp is a little warm for this time of year, but the 3-2 jumpsuit is a little too light for the quarries that we usually swim in.
Diving in Switzerland

Hi pezman,
i think i buy the comp not the supercomp. what do you think how long could i stay in the water with the comp (6 degrees maybe)?
i`d like to do some cw in the lake of zurich! with some people from zurich. i live in liestal, near bale, it is in the north of switzerland.
What do think about long john trousers (comp) and the one of the supercomp? i think they are different

greets Mat
The Comp will work fine at 6C. I've used mine down to just about 0C, but I was staying at the surface. When you descend, the suit "crushes" a little and you tend to get colder. Repeated descents and ascents also tend to "pump" some water through the suit, which will cool you down further.

At 6C, the challenge will be keeping your hands and feet warm and much of the heat loss will probably be through your hands, feet and face. If you have the right gear, you should be able to stay in about 1.5 hours (maybe 2 if you're tough!). The suit probably won't be the limiting factor.

The difference between the Comp and SuperComp pants is that the SuperComp pants have a special waist-band of smooth neoprene that seals against the inside of the jacket Also, the inside of the SuperComp pants (above the waist-band) are lined rather than being open-celled.

I have a Comp but in retrospect I would have bought a SuperComp -- the difference in price is negligible. If I were buying a suit now, I would get an Elio custom suit (with a nylon exterior).
Thanks pezman

hi pezman,
i`m switching between those suits, they`re very good, both i think so.
are the pants of the supercomp better or is it just another possibility?
in a pool, maybe 20 degrees or more, i wont get too warm, if i flood it regularly?
i can`t buy two suits, a thinner one for the pool and a thicker one for the lake or sea, so i have to take safe posibility, which i can use in every situation......
They're both good suits -- I'm not sure that I can offer any additional information that would help you to choose one over the other. The Comp is a lttle more flexible, the SuperComp is a little warmer. My opinion is that the Comp is a sightly more verstile suit becaue of the freedom of movement.

For pool work, you could probably get by with just the pants. My approach is to wear as little as I can w/o getting cold.
size of the suit, gloves.....

thanks pezman,
i think i buy the comp, because it is cheaper, more flexible and not to thick, but thick enough for cold water diving!
i have 2.5 mm sock but i don`t have gloves but tomorrow i will go to a store and look for gloves...
i buy the gara 3000 tomorrow too and then I order my suit on the shop and then i will be ready to dive everywhere :)

last question:
lbs kg inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
2 132/154 60/70 63/67 166/171 33 84 28'3 72 33 84

i am 57 kg, my height is 168 cm, my chest girth is 84 cm, the waist 72 and the hips are 84 cm.
am i enough big for this suit? what do you think? does the suit fits after few dives? can it become a little bit smaller?
if i buy one it have to fit, because send it back cost money again and there is no smaller size!
i hope you help me
Hi Matt, I PM'd you since the answer is unlikely to be of general interest.

Good luck with the suit. If I get a chance to go to the Alpine region, maybe we can jump in a cold lake and see who can stand it the longest ;)

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