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CSI Miami

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New Member
May 5, 2002
Anyone catching tonights episode?
Spearguns as murder weapons...
Deatailed explainations of equalizing,
freediving etc...
Thanks for the tip. I usually hate that show, but I will watch it tonight.
I like how they estimated it took at least 2 minutes to descend to 50'. rofl

Who writes this stuff?:confused: :head

I wonder what kind of speargun was used:confused: probably one of those damned euroguns...:D
I watched it last night, and I have to say that I am truly DUMBER for having watched that crap. It was possibly one of the worst portrayals of freediving I have ever seen. Now I know why so many people see freediving as some "stunt."

Dammit...I need to read this forum more often. I missed the big show :D. I always love to see producers get it wrong. Jon, did you tape it...if not you'll need to tell me all about it at hockey (or at the pool this weekend :confused:?). Two minutes to get to 50 feet eh. Maybe with no weights, no fins, wearing a 7mm suit and a life preserver :hmm.
It was acutally a rerun.

My wife always watches that stuff and wants to know if I ever am so hypoxic that I want to pull out my knife and stab my buddy who just shot me with his gun while going for some big fish- nice plot line.;)

The worst are those freediving TV shows on Cable with Meghan. Everything they do is the "most dangerous thing we ever tried". The wife just laughs and says," I thought that they just did the most dangerous thing two minutes ago when they said it last time?"rofl The show keeps going on and on along those same lines. It kind of reminds me of the South Park episode where they have the Croc guy on wrestling gators and sticking his thumb up their arse to make em' really mad!

The other bad program is her favorite show, Judging Amy. A couple of months ago they had some kid almost drown in a pool trying to do wet statics to beat his dad's record. The rest of the show was interspursed with little tidbits about how dangerous freediving is. She always gets a little concerned with what I do when she sees things portrayed that way. :head

Sure enough, the next time I am lying on the couch trying to do a dry static she starts jabbing my in the gut and yells "breath!" because Judging Amy's mom said it was bad for me. :duh

We need a little bit more positive publicity for this sport.

I'll second that.

and... As much as I respect Meghan's accomplishments and skill, if I see Manny molest another shark, or pretend to be Croc hunter meets thunderball I'm going to hang up my fins. I have some issues with that show. and feeding Cuda or hanging on to a hammerhead's tale really isn't that wild and scary. you're just pissing off the fish.

so anyone catch the title of that CSI show? I don't have a TV now, but maybe I can download it....

now if I just shove my thumb up... Crikey!

Originally posted by Jon
The worst are those freediving TV shows on Cable with Meghan.


Many freedivers (names excluded for their protection :D ) call it the Manny, Mark and Meghan Mammalian Molestation Show. :blackeye

My favorite was the one where they were feeding jewfish at 115' at a wreck in the keys. They all had about 5 minute bottom times. Actually, I think they were still down there even after a series of commercials! :D

I'm more interested in that Go Fisch series that was on a while ago. Has anyone seen it lately? It was OLN. Maybe I'll check out the website again.

Later days gents,
Come on gang. A little Hollywood licence here. Compared to an ex girl friend stuffing the nicotine from her patches into a rubber to kill the guy?? If I was the coroner I'd guess that he laughed himself to death.

Originally posted by andrsn
Many freedivers (names excluded for their protection :D ) call it the Manny, Mark and Meghan Mammalian Molestation Show. :blackeyeAnderson

They (Mark and Manny) out here right now trying to freedive with makos on the lump...:duh These are NOT freeswimming makos...they are here to eat! Most days there are 20-100+ boats chumming a 2 sq. mi. area. They even asked fisherman to call them on the VHF if a mako comes into the chum line so they can "zip over and get in with it".

Wait till they lose track of one in the "green murk"...

Andrsn...you talking about Fisch Fishbourn(sp?)...Team Grandma????
Originally posted by rigdvr
Andrsn...you talking about Fisch Fishbourn(sp?)...Team Grandma????

Offshore Adventures is what I was thinking of. They actually came on the forum last year to talk up their show.

Hey, are those guys (Mark and Manny) freediving w/ chainmail? :D

You guys can go to www.cbs.com and leave a message in the comments section. I did.

I think it's great that freediving is getting a bit of exposure, but they're doing it the wrong way. They need to get the facts straight first. I mean, come on, a crazed lunatic due to hypoxia? I think Bill is Hypoxic all the time and he's nice as can be.:D
I just think to many people believe everything they see on TV and our sport being so unknown is being played off as something it's not.

How about a show where the freediver is the hero. He could be a secret agent type that has to do a dynamic to infiltrate an enemy compound or has to do a 5:00 static to hide from the bad guys in a coi pond or something. Or maybe has to use his explosive tip to sink a bad guys boat. Maybe some of you writer types could get together and write a storyline.

Yeah I saw that CSI too, that was ridiculous. I liked their descriptions of "Frenzel and Valsalvo", and the eardrum that looked like paper ripping. That guy was supposed to be a spearfishing champion, and didn't even know how to clear his ears? :confused:

...I wathced the intro to that and then turned it off because it looked boring, as usual. :head

I'm not even a good freediver and I can hit 40 feet or so and have time to hang around on the bottom, all on my measly 35 or 40 seconds of breathhold.

The best Manny, Moe :D, and Meagan I've seen is where Manny repeatedly harrases some big grouper type fish (jewfish?) by putting his arm in its mouth, until, lo and behold, the fish clamps down on his arm and pulls him deeper and deeper. From Many's frantic flailing I think it could have been real. :p

I used to see that show on animal planet but have't seen it in long time. Has it moved? OLN maybe?
OK... I remember that Andrsn:D The guy I was talking about was a bass angler show:cool:

Not sure if they are using chain male or not...wonder where they get those wetsuits modified for those huge balls?:D
rig, mark said they're all using omer stuff. :D one of the camera men is using the same suit I have: 5mm superstretch. We were joking about how that suit would at least keep your limbs together if you were to get bitten. :blackeye

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