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D3 Reliability Poll

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.

What's your D3 experience?

  • No Problems :D

    Votes: 39 68.4%
  • Problems - but now I'm satisfied :)

    Votes: 6 10.5%
  • Problems - I'm quite unsatisfied :(

    Votes: 7 12.3%
  • Proud owner of a $220 paper weight :vangry

    Votes: 5 8.8%

  • Total voters
Hi Guy's

I mentioned in an earlier post that I exchanged my neoprene strap for a 'Badger' web strap, and I really enjoy it, easy to adjust, and will never loose my watch. It's just a bit of a mission taking on and off in the begginning, but I got used to it, I have attatched a pic of my strap which I just took now if anyone is unsure. Just an option.


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Thanks Alun, that's a a good solution you have there. I may try it once I get my paws on the right strap.

Jeff - thanks for posting that picture. That is the sort of strap I mentioned in an earlier post on this thread.

They are great for normal use but don't you find the strap loosens up when your wetsuit compresses at depth? The rubber/silicone straps have a bit of stretch, which seems to compensate for the wetsuit compression.

Maybe I need to move my D3 up a bit and get it off the cuff of my glove and onto my wetsuit sleeve? I'll have a go next time I get in the water and see if it moves less.

Well, Mr. UPS man dropped er off at my doorstep today. I got orange because everyone owns blue. And I got the neoprene strap because no one seems to like it :D.

Thanks to all who have, and continue to contribute to the thread. I've even gotten pm's and karma from those who have already bought a D3, and now feel better about their purchase.

My only gripe (and it has nothing to do with the computer itself) was that my user manual is written in the language of my ancestors, and unfortunately, I have lost touch with my roots ;). Anyone know if there is an online manual in English? I can only get so far by crossing my fingers and punching buttons.

I also got the orange version with neoprene strip and I really like it ;)

The neoprene strap is great as it allows to give the computer to your buddy without the fear of loosing it. I don't know if I am the only one, but I have to "share" my D3 nearly every diving session :).

e.g. Herbert is a world class freediver, but his equipement is ...uhm... let's say he does not care about it too much. He did his last CW world record with an ancient mono, the foot pockets were nearly completely broken and of course he does not have a D3. That's the reason why the history of my D3 shows a maximum depth of 98 m :D

cu @ the bottom ;)
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That's great :D

I've had my D3 about 8 months now and totally abuse it - I've used it in the pool, in the ocean and have a fair few scratches on it. The real clinch is, I haven't had a single problem with it - yeah, the dive alarm is quiet and the stopwatch is tiny (why not use the big buttons?) but for me it's been perfect, I couldn't fault its reliability.
Now that's what I wanted to hear. I'm glad to know the little bugger can take a few pops. Mind you, I am embarrassingly careful with my gear (especially the gun :eek:); so, I'm happy to hear that I have an even larger "cushion" than expected.

Thanks bud :),
I'm trying to decide between a D3 and a Mosquito. How much of an advantage is the 1s sampling rate on the D3 compared to the 2s in free mode on the Mosquito? I do also scuba dive. Nothing very exciting and I'm happy using tables. However if I go for the D3 I can see myself having to buy another computer for scuba at some point.

Basically, are Mosquito users happy or would you recommend the D3?
Originally posted by pburgess
I'm trying to decide between a D3 and a Mosquito. How much of an advantage is the 1s sampling rate on the D3 compared to the 2s in free mode on the Mosquito? I do also scuba dive. Nothing very exciting and I'm happy using tables. However if I go for the D3 I can see myself having to buy another computer for scuba at some point.
I think the answer lies with your style of freediving and scuba diving. For my easy reef-tourist-type freediving, the 2-second rate of the Mosquito is really fine. If I were training competitively, though, I can see that the more frequent sampling of the D3 would give me a more precise view of the dive, and might capture the maximum depth more accurately.

As for scuba, I decided to adopt the "DIR" diving style (recently took Global Underwater Explorers' DIR Fundamentals class), which encourages divers to ween themselves off computers and use a simple bottom timer. Thus I do all my scuba with a D3 in gauge mode. However, my dive profiles are very straightforward and so they're well-suited to this approach. I do have some scuba photog friends who like to noodle around quite a bit at different depths, generating pretty complicated-looking profiles, and they do more repetitive sequences than I do. So they appreciate having a computer keep track of their deco status.

In short, a D3 is perfect for my style of both freediving and scuba, but I can see that if you were doing a different style of scuba diving you might have reason to want the computer function of the Mosquito.
Thanks, Frank. You've pretty much swung me toward the Mosquito for now. I'm not a competitive freediver so 2s sampling should be ok. One of the most exciting dives around here is the almost 200m Zenobia wreck at a maximum depth just over 40m. For scuba this means multilevel and perhaps nitrox for which the Mosquito will be useful. If, hopefully, my feediving improves/gets more serious I can then move on to a D3 which will also give me the guage mode for more technical scuba. I haven't done any DIR but I think it would be the direction I would go with technical. I just like the look/simplicity of the kit.

Thanks, again.

Thanks for posting the pic Bluecape. Can you give a link to a source for that watchband? It is just what I have been looking for. The band is my biggest dislike and the large plastic cover my second. I fixed the plastic dome problem by replacing it with Tigerskin a tough as nails replaceable clear film.
Hi Triggerfish

Badgerstraps are manufactured here in in South Africa as far as I'm aware, but I think it's a copy of a strap that Mares made, so possibly the Mares site may have something. If all else fails, I can arrange to get one sent to you from here, will probably only take a week or so.


Thanks for the offer bluecape, I might just take you up on it. But I found a parts kit for a Suunto Vector at an online store in the US. It looks like it will fit the D3 and allow me to use the waterborne wrist strap I've become fond of. The waterborne strap is very similar to the Badger, but by itself does not allow for attachment to the D3.


I'll post if it works......or not.
hiya all,

My d3 started giving me problems about 3 weeks ago. It would simply reset itself when i reached the bottom. Took it back to the dive shop (unit was 2 months old), and two weeks later they had replaced it with a new one. Two thumbs up for the services received from Suunto:D :D (considering this was over the chrismas and new year period)

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It worked! The pins and brackets fit the D3 but the battery and cover don't. Not a big deal, the kit cost $9.99US at www.campmor.com and to me is a very small price for peace of mind. My D3 cost about $300.00 US. Now if the Spring weather could just come a little faster:cool:
i have a suunto d3 and i was just wondering if i am the only one who doesn't really hear the depth alarm sound. do you hear it?

for our constant weight dives we fix the rope at 60m (training partners doing more than my 40m) so it'd be a big help to actually hear it.

yours pat
I can't hear mine with a hood on unless it’s close. Sometimes I attach it just under the elbow, with some duck tape since the band isn’t big enough to go around, and then I can hear it when my arm is next to my ear in the dive position. This works pretty good, because I can still see it at the surface and access it by bending the arm in front of me.
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Some day I need to do something more permanent than duck tape to the band, but I haven’t figured out yet how to use the band the way it is as a wristwatch, and be able to put it high up the arm, above the elbow. The duck tape does help hold it to the suit so it doesn’t need to be tight around the arm.
thanks steve

great idea! i have to check that one out. i was thinking of attaching it in a pocket or something at the outside of the hood next to one ear. but then as you say, you're not able to read it at the surface.

yours pat
My Mosquito came with a strap extender for wearing over a dry suit. The strap could just as easily extend for fastening over the forearm. The Mosquito and D3 straps look identical. You can probably buy the extender as a Mosquito spare part.
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