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Day to remember ! ! !

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Jun 21, 2002
Yesterday, i decide to go hunt today. I set the alarm of the mobile phone to 10 am. The phone rang but i put it off and sleeped again. when i woke up it was 12:30 pm. I think whether to go or not. The sun set was at 4:30 pm and my gear was not ready. I decide to go, even one hour is ok coz i didn't dive for one month or more...Anyway i did breakfast, set the gear ready and headed to road. At 2pm i was on the coast. I dressed up quickly and jumped to the water.
There was not much fish but water was crystal clear. I first shot one sargo small one (about 300 gr). Then i swam for 1 hour and see nothing. Suddenly i noticed some movement in front of the cave between weed. I noticed that it was grouper. This is the biggest that i have ever had to opportunity to shoot. I dove down and it noticed me and started to move slowely to cave with his big eyes looking me. I droped bottom (since i couldn't find buddy i dove to shallow water 6-7 meter 100-200 meter from the shore) and moved slowly to the grouper. I can barely see his head and eyes, but i had to made shot coz the cave was small and if holes up and opens gillplates i was not able to get it out. It was just in the range of my 75cm gun. I pulled the trigger and shaft enter from its eye and exit from right behind the gill plate. I immediately pulled the shooting line to prevent it stuck in hole. It was swimming crazy but did not put too much fight coz of the good shot and it was not that big (around 2-2.5kg). I know its not the biggest but good start for me. After i pulled the shaft out of the fish and string it up i go on to the swimming after half an hour later the most amaizing thing happened.
The float line opened too much and i decided to roll it up to the line winder. I droped the gun to the bottom and swam to the float suddenly i saw yellow tails in my left corner of the mask. I though they are AJ but they were not. When i turned my head....
Holy shit ! ! ! this is a group of mahi mahi. I was socked, i couldn't belive my eyes, i even didn't think before i will able to see those beatufull fishes in med sea. Probably not much med sea spero had that chance especially in cyprus. There was 10-12 of them. All of the are approximately same size (50-60cm) but the one in the center is 1.5-2 times bigger than others. I don't know if it was bull, the had was circular but much bigger than others. They circled around me two times then start swimming away slowly, i rushed to pull the float line which was connected to gun. When i got the gun i can still see them about 7-8 meter in front of me but they were swimming to the away. I first kicked few times to close the distance but it seemed not possible then i stoped and lie motionless to attract them but they did not show attention. After, i swam with all my power to catch them as last hope but they swam away and disappeared in the blue. I thoght how this can happened, i was in 6 meter of water and only 100 meter away from the shore. May be they interested with blood of the grouper. After that i swam to shoot few more fish but i couldn't concentrate on, so i decide to go out. I was already cought my (and family) dinner. I though that this should be the message from the sea saying that " keep coming, i have much more to show you". Before i get out from the water i shoot two more bigger sargo.

I wanted to get the pictures of the grouper but i couldn't find the camera. Anyway may be next time... Now i am going to clean the fishes/gear and had a bath....

Happy hunting
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Awesome Murat! :D

Proud of you for whacking that grouper - you've come a long way in your diving.

I hope you'll get chance at one of those mahi sometime soon ;)
Tomorrow i will go again (if i have time), may be i can see mahi again:D

I also made Alberto March style cave shootings and its effective for sure:cool:

I think it is just a matter of time and you will see something bigger. I seen Mahi-Mahi only once and it was at Java sea which technically should not have any Mahi-Mahi.....I can understand ur excitement...wow !!
try chuming the water to attract the fish. the mahi seem to like the chum of small fish. once you see them they will stick around long enough for you to spear them. be patiecent your time is soon to come. they are an excellent eating fish, but not as good as the 20lb. turkey i am about to eat for thanksgiving. nice story, stick with it.:D
Thanks guys.

I got the flue from yesterday, those beautifull fish had to wait more. I am wondering if they are abundant in med sea too or it was miracle to see them. I really want one of those fish badly. They were so beautiful, sky blue colered slick body with yellow tail...
Hi Murat,
Nice story, the sea gave you a gift. It's amazing how certain things happen when you least expect them! You certainly opened my eyes as I thought they were tropical and subtropical fish. I did some searching and found this FAO site which is great.


Check out the distribution map, I might be able to see them here in Spain! Shane as well. One more thing to dive for!

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Nice site Adrian.

I see that they can found in med sea as well but not around Cyprus but probably around Spain....
May be i won't have chance to see them again but even this is enough for me to keep trying. Who knows what is in the blue out there... I wish to had gun in my hands to immortalize the moment or even camera....May be its better to let it go so she can tell others that this place is safe:D :D

Mahi mahi had been shot in Turkey

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Well Done Murat!!!! :D

According to Dapiran the Mahi Mahi are quickly populationg your part of the med sea. They are real fast breeders so you should have a large number of them in a few years.

Go back to the same place as I am sure that Mahi are like AJ and roam the area for a while before moviing on. Look for any floating objects on the water if the sun is high as they always look for the shade.

One final note: Take the Omer Alum 100cm gun ;)

Well Done

Nice fish and nice cat! Having a digital camera is great Murat! Opens up a lot of possibilities.

I hope the mahi mahi decide to populate the western Med in large numbers soon as well. I contacted a Spanish icthiologist and he said that it is normal to find it in the Med but more out at sea even though one could see it on the whole coast of Spain. In Mallorca for example they fish it traditionally. Come my way please!!!

On another note I just got my monofin from Specialfins :D It's awsome. The pictures do no justice to the potential power of a monofin.

Great news Murat.

Can't beleive how lucky (or not) you were. We get them on the eqst coast of South Africa and northwards but very rare to spear one. Usually the closest you get is to see one the boat polefishers bring in, also to find in such shallow water so close to shore!

Haven't speared in the Atlantic yet but want to give it a go and it's good to know this kind of fish is available in the Med.
By the way, referring to the Mahi-Mahi - we call it the Dorado - in South Africa, grouper (or Bass / rock Cod as we call them) are found very often but the spearos try to limit shooting them as they are quite friendly and usually swim up to you and the scubas love them.
Yeah JRen groupers in med sea is one of the most premium fishes for the speros...
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