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Dive computer - Suunto Mosquito or Vyper?

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New Member
Mar 26, 2002
thinking of buying my first dive computer, but I thought I would hear you guys out for advice first.

I have some friends with suunto computers and I like the "layout" and all that, seem easy to work with.
I think I want a wrist based computer, not concole. You always know where yours arm is located :)

I'm think i will buy the computer at scubastore.com (good prices and I have good past experices with them).
Checked out the suunto stuff and found that mosquito and vyper costs about the same. (Its around that price-class that Im looking)

Could you guys give some PROS and CONS about the two computers... Vyper seem more advanced, and the mosquito slimmer. I don't think I will go too advanced at first, but still I want a computer that I can evolve with.

Now its your turn to say want you think about the computers.
Maybe there are better computers in that priceclass(~$300)?

Johan Friman
I think - but you'll need to check: the website www.suunto.com does a features comparison - that the 2 computers are the essentially the same. The Mosquito is more watch like and less bulky.

FWIW I have a Vyper which I'm very happy with - I choose it over the Mosquito because the display is bigger. The question that yo uprobably need to ask is "do I want to wear this computer as a watch too"


I have had Vyper and it was great. I have changed to Mosquito because of its size. It's smaller and very nice. And with the same preatations.
Am a newbie to diving, would like to buy a dive comp as well. After a lot of research, I have decided btw 3 dive comp: Suunto's Stinger, Mosquito and Cressi's Archimede. Has anyone using one of above mentionned? Care to share your views.


Well...I have a mosquito and regularly get comments from others with BIG BULKY monstrosities of dive computers....

You go on a dive holiday with your mosquito and it is on your arm the whole time and switches to dive mode automatically when you jump in the water...a no brainer! The only time you need to take it off is to do the data download...:) and the memory capacity is larger than most so you do not have to download very much at all...

Battery life is superb....1 year old and 50 dives later the battery is still on 4 bars...

As we say in Sunny South Africa Lekker...v.nice

The only other computer I would consider is a Stinger which is just the mosquito in a fancy case....

Go for it...
Bought Mosquito and made a few dives with it. It was a good choice indeed. Thanks for the advice. :)

For what it is worth, I got a Mosquito after I was on a dive with a rented console.... I was getting Advanced Open Water Certified off of the Kona coast in Hawaii and my "buddy" decided that she was going to exploring by going over the wall.:rcard Well, at 120', the instructor signaled to me to head for the top because I was going to be low on air and by then still was inside No Deco limits. Trying to do my safety stop with a rented console gauge in one hand and hold onto the mooring ball line with the other and reading my dive watch and.... well :head it sucked. After that I looked at the Vyper, Mosquito and the Stingray and decided on the Mosquito... REALLY COOL!!!:D Made the rest of my dive vacation a LOT easier!

When I got back to Frankfurt, I d/l'd my data onto my PC for the remaining dives we did and there were some things that showed that I made a couple of mistakes. I didn't find the software hard to use at all, contrary to a couple of reviews I read, and the manual I got was first class.

Suunto Vyper

Any other advice on the Vyper? I'm leaning more toward one of those, and I'd appreciate any advice on them.
Mosquito vs. Vyper

Hi fellow divers,
I used to have a vyper, which was really everything I needed from a scuba diving computer. Easy to use, clear to read, reliable and so on... But I also wanted a freediving computer, and was actually considering buying one separately.

But then the mosquito, which is also a freediving computer, came out. So I sold my vyper, bought a mosquito, and have been a happy camper since.

You could almost say that the mosquito is just a much smaller vyper, with added freediving functions. The vyper has a much more versatile dive-planning function, though. Otherwise, as far as I remember, the funcions are almost identical.

The most obvious difference between the two is display size (the vyper being much bigger), which might be a problem if you are scuba diving in poor visibility. Still, the mosquito display is very easy to read in most situations.

BTW, if anyone is planning to switch from the vyper to the mosquito, the vyper pc-interface will also work with the mosquito.

My opinion: If you do only SCUBA, get the vyper (unless you really want a wristwatch-size computer).
If you are also a freediver, choose the mosquito.

Does the Mosquito have a readout for tank pressure? And what is approximate cost for each of these computers? If the Mosquito is the one I think it is, it takes an air pressure reading through a remote sensor. It also costs $$$$$$$:(

I'm a student, and funds are limited.
Re: $$$

Originally posted by BatRay
Does the Mosquito have a readout for tank pressure? And what is approximate cost for each of these computers? If the Mosquito is the one I think it is, it takes an air pressure reading through a remote sensor. It also costs $$$$$$$:(

I'm a student, and funds are limited.

From one student to another:

Neither the mosquito nor the vyper is air-integrated. They have no readout for tank pressure, so you still need a separate spg. I think the vytec is the only suunto comp. with a remote sensor for tank pressure, and that one DOES cost $$$$$$ :duh

I checked the prices here at the deeperblue store, they are 280.68 US$ for the mosquito and 307.12 US$ for the vyper. Sound OK to me.

Check out www.suunto.fi also.
I'm a diving newbie and just bought a Stinger. Got a KILLER deal on eBay (Brand New) with the PC Sync software and cables.

I haven't used it in the water yet, but have been reading all the instructions and simulations in the software.... DAMN! That's a lot of stuff to remember. I have a question for those of you who own a Stuunto:

Is the PLAN mode optional to use or do you have to enter this information before a dive? My understanding was that it calculated everything and informed you of the limits once you got in the water and the SIT Time when you got out............ I'm so confused :confused:

I also wanted to know how you compensate for the 12 Hour NO FLY time, istead of the 24 Hrs....
My Answers...

Plan....no need to put in the plan....it is just there to give you an idea of your potential bottom times with your current tissue saturation....

No Fly....the mozzie adjusts the no-fly according to your dive profile...a long shallow dive will get you a longer no fly as your slow tissues will be close to saturation....any where between 12 and 24 hrs....

Dive Log...a lot of operators may want to see your log book....esp on prebooked live a board type operations....so it pays to have a print out just in case....
Great, thanks for the info....

So do you use a separate paper log book, or just print your logbook from your PC?
Log Book

I just print it out...

Bit bulky at A4 size but if you find out how to print smaller, let me know...
Hi Duncan

As far as I know, the print size is dependant on your printer, if your printer supports A5, then it will become available from the drop down in Printer Preferences, Paper Size. I have not been able to test this, as my printer doesn't support A5, but that is the theory.

Alternatively, punch the top of the A4 page, fold the page in half and file it in an A5 folder, the type usually used for LogBooks :)

Hope this helps

JUst tried now to print on A5 size on A4 printer....

Ideally I would want two dives side by side on an A4 page...but it seems will have to wait for a new version :)

Would be nice to print 2 per page, side by side, don't know how much development is going into the software though, so I doubt we'll ever see it. Hopefully somebody from Suunto reads this and suggests it to the powers that be.

I'll see if I can get a contact mail address and mail them.

Happy diving!

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