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Diving with Orcas

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New Member
Oct 29, 2001
...or killing whales if you wish....

I saw a program on Norwegian television yesterday where they (tuorists) (correct spelling?) dived with orcas. Man i am hooked! I just have to do this! And they do this commersially up north, it is just to head up there and a local will guide you....!

Anyone out there tried this?
Have to be more exiting than seales?


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oh and jst have to mention:

They was freediving with drysuits and short blades.

Thank God I`m a pro....:t


Exciting would be the word alright. Orcas eat seals (and larger things). Freedivers look like seals. Hmmm... I think I'll pass on that one, thanks.

There are a lot of dives I want to make and diving with Orcas is right up near the top of the list. Been kayaking among them and they've got to be the both the most elegant and powerful things in the water.

Orca's are cool

I think that sounds cool, but don't know how safe I'd feel.

Orca's are very intelligent and unlike sharks probably wouldn't mistake a freediver for a seal. They can be a bit unpredictable.

A interesting story I read from a dive magazine was when a tourist boat was observing a pod of dolphins. They saw a group of Orcas aproach the pod, and then started playing with them for quite some time. The tourists thought this was very cool and took lots of pictures. The Orca's then left, and to the tourists suprise, popped up right next to one of the boats, out of view of the dolphins......

Some time later the Orcas charged the pod and ate a couple :)
Dolphins that is, not tourists.
How safe you FEEL...

...That`s the point you see! The fact is that there are NO reports on orcas attacking humans/divers! But they are ...big and DO eat ...well everything really.... :duh

But the scinetists proclamed it was perfectly safe, so I know what to do with my money next...:D

And hey; I am a viking :t

soon to descover the inside of a big-mother-of-a-killing-whale
I would sign up for such a trip right away.
Much safer than driving your car through Paris. ;)

Has anyone been freediving with bigger whales?
My wet dream: going to Tonga when the whales get there to mate / give birth and be in the water forever.
I would love to dive with larger whales, as long as they weren't breeching or feeding. Watching humpbacks do either will quickly convince you to stay well back until they become more placid.

I'd like to believe that Orca won't attack divers, but I'm not about to take some scientists word on the subject. :duh
Orcas atacking humans

OK, for the record, an Orca has atacked a human.

I can't remember all the details but a trained Orca that did one of those shows where they jump out of the water and people clap did atack a trainer.
Basically jumped on him and squashed the guy, I think he died.

Now there was a funny circumstance where the Orca had her baby or Mate taken away. The commentry on the tellie made it sound like revenge or something.

Over here in Australia, I was suprised to read in the paper a couple of years ago, that a bottle nose dolphin, killed a guy and put another one in hospital. Now this sounds wierd right ?

Well in my books the dolphin was justified in his actions. :) Aparently there were two guys drinking, at a tourist spot where the dolphins come up real close to the beach. One of them put the cap from his beer bottle into the blowhole of the dolphin. The dolphin first had problems breathing then got even !
Apparently the dolphin pushed one guy way out to sea, and he drowned, the other survived and got broken ribs and stuff and ended up in the hospital.

So if you are diving with Orca's, make sure there isn't some idiot around that does something stupid to piss one off !
sure looked cool! I will be diving up north..this summer, hope to soo some Orcas around!
Well.... Not sure yet, but Well be going too...I don't know the name of the place yet, but it is litterally as far north as we can get....
If you know Naatamo river up there thats where we go first and from there we drive to Norway to do some diving...I'll let you know where exactly as I get the details..

Then you might go diving on Bjørnøya near Svaldbard, that`s a famous lokation for divers.
The "dive-with-orcas-tours" is in Lofoten, half way down again...
Are you going to freedive or scuba?

And I keep being amased by you Finnish people: Going to snow and ice in the summer....:duh Enjoy...hehe

Lasse (enjoying the warm weather: i can now use pure seawather to lubricate my suit! Love the Gulf stream!)
Freedive.....and perhaps spearfish a bit too, I have no plans made yet..so We'll see how it works out..
Well I enjoy the rainy waters of south coast of England.....Sand,sand sand and sand...
rain and sand...

That`s why they (the British)went off concoring (?spelling??...) the world you know, they knew there was better places to live out there hehehe :D

If you need help with names/places to dive/diveshops/centers do nor hesitate to mail me!

Later; - I\m going (walking in fact) to dive....

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