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Do You Like DeeperBlue.net Forums New layout?

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.

Do you like deeperblue's new forum layout?

  • Yes

    Votes: 32 72.7%
  • No

    Votes: 12 27.3%

  • Total voters
Well, the new features are great but I realy dislike the forum layout.
IMO the user infos belong to the left side of the messege. This is so common that most people are already habituated to it.
Moreover the lines are now soo long that they can be hard to read.

Just an example.
Try to read the first post and tell me that you always find the next line right away:
[ame="http://forums.deeperblue.net/showthread.php?t=54384"]A good all around way to train?[/ame]

Just my 2 cents
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It's ok

I'm not about to start bitching about it. But my personal opinnion is (and always has been), that "less is more". Less eye candy and funky features = more actual information for the same amount of data. I would be in heaven if there wasn't a single icon or image in these forums, and I think the usenet gateway goes the wrong way: it should enable reading these forums from usenet, not vice versa. But that's just me and I very well understand that not everyone feels the same :)

I have to agree that I liked the personal information on the left. This style makes the lines long (as mentioned) and the threads hell to scroll through (at least the header of each message should be shorter) vertically. But I sure these are all cosmetics and propably can/will be changed.

Positive stuff:
It feels that the formus are faster, maybe that's an illusion, but seems that way. And even without knowing what they're doing to it, karma revision sounds good. I might actually have use for the calendar since I use db every day anyway. I'm sure that there was a due reason for this update and propably lots of things have changed under the hood that may be invisible to us, but ensures the service we're used to (such as security, bug fixes, faster code etc). There seems to be lots of neat UI changes that are not apparent immediately but make the forum more usable. And of course, regardless of the UI all the info is still in there, and that's what counts. The edit windows seems to have some improvements. I'm just afraid of what will happen when people discover the wonderful world of COLORS!
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I just can't figure out how to use the Quick Reply feature.

The quick reply was originally set so that you need to click on the far right icon next to the Edit and Quote buttons on each post. This is so that you can have the reply directed to the right post (this really becomes apparent when you try to look at threads in Hybrid or Threaded modes. I've turned it off for now to avoid confusion with the general posting community.

Posted this reply in the related thread as well but its belongs here really:-
Can you put the last 10 posts back on the homepage please :D XX :D Apart from that fine, no problem, though I'm sure the loss of the karma will upset those who liked to wave it around like a ray gun ;)

The homepage will have the top 10 posts back online with 48 hours. Problem is that that section of the homepage has to be completely recoded! It's on it's way I promise!

Karma is coming back within the next couple of weeks but in a new improved, "can't give people negative Karma" way!
its not fair to not to be able to give the people negative karma, if they can give positive karma they should also be able to give negative karma. Well.. now people are not FREE to give negative karma. I think this will limitate the FREEDOM of the forum so what is next? Deletion unwanted arguments from form to keep it more polite????

Its better if you do autosign then not being anle to give neg. karma Stephan... At the end of the day they are blue squares but restricting people's freedom is something else... If its going to be that way, i vote to cancel all the karma feature of the forum..

Sorry i am to sensitive about those topics, coz of the personal reasons..

Karma is now going to be known as "Reputation".

Whilst Autosigning is possible, we are not going to implement it. The negative side of Karma has always caused problems because people resent it, the only effect of it being autosigned is the fact that you can now directly argue with the person who gave you negative karma.

By only allowing positive "Reputation" we will enable people to reward good posts but avoid the whole problem of negative points causing issues. People will only be rewarded for good posts.
Re: It's ok

jome said:
I have to agree that I liked the personal information on the left. This style makes the lines long (as mentioned) and the threads hell to scroll through (at least the header of each message should be shorter) vertically. But I sure these are all cosmetics and propably can/will be changed.
I completely agree. I' ve just visited another vb3 forum and have seen the personal information on the left side (www.vogelforen.de ). Maybe this can be adjusted here, too.
Thank God I can now choose to ignore the newsfeeds! I use the 'New Posts' feature almost exclusively and in the past found it tiresome to have to scroll through all the shite on rec.scuba etc.
An excellent upgrade I believe :)
Erik Y.
Ditto to what Erik said!

Rec.scuba is pretty worthless to begin with and now I can sort through things much faster.

Glad people like it!

Don't forget more features are coming online all the time! Plus, if you want to see any particular features then post here and we'll look to incorporate them when we can.

At the end of the day karma is the blue squares on the page. People should not act childish and make it a problem.Every people may have different opinions thus people don't need to agree everything, there can be discussion and arguments but what i don't want to see is the restricting the people's freedom. Its so strange that no one else thinking like this....Omitting the neg. karma feature is the easy way of solving the problem, hovewer if you enable autosign people can discuss what is the differnce between their opinions and even there can be setlement...
About restricting freedom.

I used to believe that absolutely free speech and no censorship is the right way to go.

Then I found this thing called "the Internet", and saw just what idiots people can be, when allowed to hide behind anonymity.

I firmly still believe that opinnion and speech should not be regulated by the government or anything like that. But if someone sets up an internet forum with is own resources and effort he has absolutely every right and even responsibility to keep that forum clean. This penny-arcade strip illustrates pretty well what I'm talking about (it's a parody, but sadly, I've seen this quality many times). Just be warned, there's some pretty offensive language behind that link.

That being said, I don't think I've seen one post in this forum that I would consider so bad that it had to be censored. Maybe the folk here are brighter than average, or then the censors are already hard at work ;)

But I don't understand why negative karma should be so important. Just stop thinking about it as "karma". It's just that now if a person writes a good post, he can be awarded. For average or bad posts, there's just no award. For offensive, moronic posts, they'll just get deleted...

The way this works in some other forums is, that after getting high enough reputation, you can rate and eventually even moderate others' posts. I've seen this at work and it works well...We'll see what Stephan has cooked up for us ;)

I agree though, that just removing the option of being able to give karma anonymously (which I assume you mean by autosigning?) would've effectively eliminated negative karma while hurting no one...
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Stephan, thanks for telling me how to fix my problem with posting pictures. I think the new setup is cool, although I'm not computer savy enough to take advantage of most features. One thing I don't like is how you can only post so many pics. I deleted all the ones I had on the "lets know eachother" thread to be able to post pics about spearguns. But I'll probably have to delete other ones eventually. Then that sucks because someone might be reading a good old thread, but everyone took their pictures off. What can we do so pictures don't take up so much space, and can you up the limit? Thanks dude.
Karma / Reputation

Folks - this isn't about restricting freedom. What used to be called Karma was a element of the forums that caused a lot of negative emotion to be floating around. A lot of the problems and arguments it caused the general community didn't see as they were completed over email and PM. On numerous occassions i've had to step in to remove or investigate Karma problems. This causes a large Admin overhead.

This forum has rules and policies in place to help protect the great community feel there is here. As people have seen on other internet communities, it can quickly sink into mud-slinging (also known as flaming) and cause communities to die. I am for freedom of speech, however sometimes there needs to be rules and boundaries set to help protect the community.

We try to listen to the whole community when making decisions, but know that we are not going to please everyone.

Image and Attachement Uploads

Lutz - I know you are having problems with uploads and i'll gladly work with you however some of your uploads are far too large. There are 8 out of your 11 uploads which are over 100Kb in size. As I stated in the Support forum average "large" file sizes should be only 50Kb which will allow you over 100 uploads on a standard registered group.

As a general rule to everyone I would suggest heading over to http://www.download.com and using an image manipulation tool (there are lots of free ones) to reduce the size of your images. Two factors cause large image file sizes: Pixel Size and Quality

I would suggest images are no larger than 500 x 500 pixels (although we accept up to 1000x1000) and are on a medium quality JPEG file. All image manipulation programs allow you to change these file settings and will help conserve your disk space as well as our bandwidth.

I like the new forum. Take a bit of getting used to, but I like it. Keep up the good work.

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