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does anyone know what moon phase current and wind diection

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Aug 2, 2003
have to do with spearfishing. a very experince euro spearo from malta told me that moon phase wind direction and current are very important when it comes to productive spearfishing. but he was very reluctant to explain why it was so important. i was hoping that maybe someone from this forom would know something about ideal spearfishing conditions.anyway good luck and catch a big one

best regards john,
Toronto is my home town too but, I ran away over 40 years ago.
The subject of lunar and solar influences on the earth and it's inhabitants is one that has had me fascinated for a long time. Good luck on your research. Observation is the best teacher but, I'm not observant enough to put all the factors together. Give you an idea. A long time ago I wanted to measure the distance to the moon and finally assembled the equipment to do it about fifteen years ago. Did you know that it moves in four directions and each movement varies constantly on long and short cycles? As I said, fascinating.
Most of what I learned about spearing fish is easy to explain.
If you dive today and it's good, you didn't miss a good day. If not you can try again tomorrow. The more you dive the better your chances.
Fish seem easier to catch (hook and line) when currents are strongest but for me, most are speared after they eat, at slack tide and in quiet conditions. Five times I was in calm, very shallow, undisturbed water at low slack tide and saw numerous large fish. Crayfish and lobster did this for me too.
Some places attract fish more than others and the first one there (or the last) has the best chance of shooting them. Watching the fish or other divers and fishermen is the only way to find these spots. Make sure that you can find your way back.
All fishermen are superstitious and it biases their observations.
All fisherpersons are liars, except you and me.
Many people (especially athletes) are good in spite of what they do or how they train, not because of it. If you stumble along and experiment a lot, you'll come up with something that works and it can be fun. If you want to see how good you can be, get some help to come up with a seven year plan. That's how long it takes.
P.S. I like the signature. I first heard it as a he-who.
'All things come to he who waiteth, if he worketh hard while he waiteth.'
My mom, circa 1945.
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I kind of agree with Bill. One of the best things about spearfishing is getting away from all the speculation the on-top fishermen have and seeing what actually going on. I read an article on the moon phase theory and I believe it said it was first theorized that fish feed more at different moon phases, in the early 1900’s. A man made a company selling the predictions to many newspapers and directly to consumers and its still going today, although there has never been one bit of scientific evidence to support the theory.

What important in spearfishing is, where are the fish? Now current and wind direction might be of more use, because fish may congregate in different areas to avoid constant swimming against current, or to be in a position for bait to come by.

Shot a big one,
I also believe moon and tide make a difference. For starters, tide is steeper during full moon and new moon. The steeper tides bring stronger currents. We tend to see more fish during the full moon phase, the problem is, sometimes the current is too strong to make dives on them. So, you have to play the tide right. You may plan a dive just before the slack tide. When the tide slacks, pound away before it turns. At certain spots, the tide will pull one way on a rise and pull another way on a drop. Seven days before or after the full moon seems to bring much mellower tides, but I tend to see less fish during those dives. Tides also affect clarity of water, but every place differs. Dive frequently and keep notes on a moon and tide callender. You should begin to see patterns. We do for hook and line fishing and tend to see more activity an hour before or an hour after a slack tide. So I assume, that is when fish are in the feeding mode. If they are out hunting, not sure if that's when you want to be hunting them too. What Bill says makes sense, they may be better targets after they eat. I know after I eat a big meal I slow down:D .
hated to give away the secret weapon but uluapounder hit it right on the head. Keep a journal of your trips and if you do this consistently for 2 or more years YOU WILL FIND DEFINATE PATTERNS. Don this is especially true for us on the rigs. Certain rigs will load up with certain species at certain times of the year. Wrecks/rocks/and other structure are the same. Things I like to keep track off are depth, water temp, clarity, moon phase, and any thing that stands out during the day as well as what I got. If a piece of structure gets fished out or is unexplainably barren you have a good idea of what type of stuff you are looking for in a new spot.:cool:
Originally posted by Bill

Most of what I learned about spearing fish is easy to explain.
If you dive today and it's good, you didn't miss a good day. If not you can try again tomorrow. The more you dive the better your chances.

You da man Professor! :king That pretty much nails it!

Over here on the sunny side of the rock, the moon plays a very big role in what and if something gets caught. Lobster and swordfish guys are constantly working their trips around the lunar phases with a full moon sending everything into hiding. And as with the Moon, the currents that the Sun and Moon impart on this place also dictate where the sets go and how far out and where they are. While a sooperdoopersecret log is de riguer so is a temp gauge.

Hey Bill- tell'em about the Moon making all the abalone smaller! ;)
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