Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Double Dip 08 Inlist



Mermaid, Musician and Marketer
Nov 12, 2002
Cornwall (and a bit of Chepstow)
do I have to think of new stuff? I'm with mark on most of his.. but here are a few more personal ones..

1. No-one, and nothing got broken - you lot scared me with your Sunday depths
2. Friday afternoon training and a whole load of people arriving who I had never met before
3. Friday evening's quiet dinner at the Blacksmiths where carload after carload of freedivers arrived somehow psychically
4. The smurf in the red bikini pretending to be a girl
5. Super supply of safety babes - says something for my mission to get more girls into the sport I reckon! (sorry mr morgan)
6. Lammy bravely getting the "women's" no fins comp under way
7. The amazing miracle of the disappearing mudcake and jelly beans (and the fact that the dogs had nothing to do with it)
8. OK it was after the weekend... but THAT photo of the Angels (Laura knows what I mean)
9. The fact that I didn't feel like a headless chicken once all weekend
10. Getting rid of that annoying extra bangle on my left wrist on Sunday afternoon

see you soon and thanks again xxxx work sucks in comparison xx
Some of mine ...

Feargus's bear hug when he first arrived, along with a delighted squeal - mine I think, but my bones were being crushed and so I can't be sure. It's up there with the best!

Hearing about Matt looking like a drowned rat. Now that's karma! You've no idea how much I have cajoled, begged, teased and taunted him to get into his drysuit and dive with the Angels. All I get is, "talk to the hand" ... ahhhhhhhhh, the rain gods have spoken!

Kate and Kerri's amusement at my many layers of thermal protection, while they slipped nymph-like into slinky wetsuits. There has to be a lesson in there somewhere ...

I disclaim seeing a UFO at 50m!! My vision was crystal, despite suggestions to the contrary. You have such little faith in my deep air abilities. It was an alien spacecraft.

I admit to knowing something about the miracle of the disappearing jelly beans. But I'm sworn to secrecy for fear of kit sabotage from those who dunnit. Benny might know something ... but you didn't hear it from me.

Yeah, that photo! Shame you weren't there, Sam ;).

Lammy spilling the milk by admitting that the last time he dived, he was a cow. Enjoy the fantasy!

Mr H doing the depth. Really gorgeous style, even if I say so :D

Angels calling, stars are falling ...
On a serious note, our main concern is everyone's safety. And so, it's always wonderful when we know that each athlete is through their dive safely. We obviously have a different perspective, and it isn't until we all surface, some time later, that we know how events have unfolded topside. But while you're in the depths, and we're there watching over you guys, it's good to see you heading back to the sun. So, to everyone who competed ... courage of Honey Badgers!! It really doesn't matter what you do, it's the taking part that is so groovy.

Ben and Penny, you're breakin' my heart!

To the Angels - protect and respect. A big up from me.

To everyone who helped us make it happen - Salut! It is appreciated and we can't do it without you.

And to Sam - you give a great deal babe, and that's a very special thing.
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New Member
Dec 26, 2007
I can think of a few too!

1. Lots of really special people (freediving seems to attract!)
2. Especially good to hear the Irish accent again, thanks Feargus and Brian.
3. Ha ha everyone had to swim to the pontoon (appart from drylanders)
4. Enjoyed my first competition experience!
5. Tim chasing Chewy, then Chewy chasing Tim.
6. D6 wow wow wow and just as good: a hug from Sam, love you forever! xxxxxx
7. Being shouted at by coach Tim "BREATHE JAY BREATHE.." although it's kind of fuzzy! thanx tim, it worked!

only bad thing is I have to wait ages until I can try my new friend out....
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Oct 10, 2007
-Meeting so many great people,thanks everyone for making my first comp a memorable one!
-Being present for a new UK record... nice one Mark!
-Meeting 2 other Irish freedivers,Fergus (one of the nicest fellas you could meet) and Gary (who we are trying to turn to the green side!)
-Being coached by a champion... thanks Liv you were brilliant
-Not blacking out
-Knowing that if I did I would be in safe hands...(thanks to all the safety above and below)
-George's feet!
-Great to see Stuart again and congratulations on getting into the British team
-Getting back to the surface after 25m no fins!
-Thanks Sam and Laura for all your hard work and I'm looking forward to seeing you again in August!
-And last but not least the dream of having an Irish freediving team!!(anybody else got any Irish in them??)
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Pipe and Flippers
Dec 29, 2002
Visit site
I feel like that last question Brian, has a follow-up one that you can't ask on a family forum.

But in answer to it, you need look no further than Laura Storm. Despite her claim to Kenyan freediving records, her Dad's from Cork and her Mother from Bangor (NI).

She's partial to adding Guinness to her vodka as well :friday


Well-Known Member
Jun 5, 2006
West London
Hi everyone,
The double dip was a seriously excellent weekend and rates in my top freediving experiences! Thanks to all the right people and well done Sam for an organisational masterpeice.

Cant wait to get in the green again, see you all in august


Well-Known Member
Feb 26, 2005
Sligo north west ireland
A few pics from the weekend.
First up is pearls of wisdom from Benny.
Next is Chepstow Castle which has a nice walk around it.
Move over deepest bear I,m deepest giraffe.
Sat Night Benny has the best table in the house.
Shadow in the green.



Well-Known Member
Feb 26, 2005
Sligo north west ireland
A few more, on Sunday evening I went out to Tintern Abbey ( thanks Benny & Penny) and had a walk about tourist style. A nice spot and more beyond it with some caves and a mine beyond it that I went to but not into as it was closing time.

A walk by the river on Sunday evening and I spotted this guy in hiding.
Who should be diving next?
Group Hug photo.

Thanks again Sam and crew.

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