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Dry Static Questions

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looking for deeper water
Jan 26, 2002

Last night I did some dry statics and have some questions I wil ask after, this is how it went 3min of fast stomach breathing or hyperventiation, first hold 3:30, same breathe up, second hold 4:10 contractions at 3:06, third hold 4:30 contractions at 3:16, fourth hold 4:50 contractions at 4:04, fifth hold 5:01 contractions at 4:04, on the last two after them my ears felt realy hot and fuzzy is this a samba or is this normal when pushing it.

I've noticed something similar. The warmth is in my face, mostly. On very good days it isn't as noticeable. I just figured it had something to do with heat regulation getting out of step, like when you have more than the one ounce of alcohol that's recommended and do a long workout the next day in hot weather. Statics in the pool is one way around it.
P.S. We had the state meet on Saturday. When I declared 6:00, two coaches advised against it. Stopping at 5:59 felt good. Doing what I was told, didn't.
hi bill

geeze was that a 5:59 wet static in competition thats awsome, I think your right about doing statics in the pool to get rid of that problem, only other problem is no buddy so I will keep doing dry ones, another question for you pro guys like yourself who do 6min how often do you get to that time of 6min cos I know ive only been over 5min twice. also when i got contractions at 4:04 I only held a minute worth of contractions for the 5:01 time this dosent seem like many contractions, someone here sais that Martin does 4min of contractions, and I remember Erik saying he could do 50 contractions, I dont count my contractions but a minute worth would probably be 10 contractions or something.


ps Is doing dry statics with no food in your stomach a good idea cos the other night I was fairly full from dinner.
hi bill

I just remembered something do you think lung capacity has much of an effect in static cos I dont think it does, I have small lungs around 5L last time I checked one of my mates has lung capacity of 7L or something like that he can hold his breath for 3min and I can do 5min, but in constant in affects me cos my lungs are small I run out of air to equalise with, and in that competition you went in was there dynamic without fins that is my favourite event,

Thanks for the compliment. That was only the sixth time in the water but I've done a few hundred dry. I like to do one near max every week, usually after a 30-45 minute work up. The work up is an O2 tolerance, Co2 tolerance or my old standby, 2 rest/2 static, 2 rest/1 ventilate/3 static.....up to 2r/4v/6s. Then I'll rest 3, vent 6, purge 5 times and go. I stopped pushing max a few months ago and now shoot for a 'clean' one. I can do a 7:00 4 out of 5 but only half would have a chance with the judges.
I'm now working in the pool, on my back. With the suit on, I'm 10 kilo positive and I feel very safe at 5 min or 6 with my wife watching. The idea was to get comfortable in the pool so I check the watch and signal her and keep it casual.
My advice is to ignore the contractions and they go away. Just kidding but, you don't feel them the same way. Most of the time I contract at about 3:30 and by 4:00 my diaphragm just flutters constantly. Anything I did to try to control them seemed to hurt my time.
Food will definately reduce the time. If my memory is any good, at one of his courses, Kirk said "when you're serious, you don't eat for 24 hours before a static".
Excuse me if I sound smashed but, in 10 days, I set four new PBs. 7:20 dry, 6:22 wet, 94 meters dynamic(in competition) and 55 meters free immersion.
Cloud nine feels fine.
You get a speargun back in your paws, I might as well hang it up.

Last time I held my breath for six minutes, she wanted to get married!

Hi Andrew
The size of the lungs must make a difference in static but, not much. In dynamic, you're working with ratio and if you don't wear a mask, there is no difference. My lungs are 5.25 Vital capacity, I'm only packing ten times and my mask isn't the smallest. At 181 feet I didn't get fully cleared but, I had enough air to clear twice more. Technique and elasticity are far more important than lung size.
Funny about the no fin dynamic. One of the new local divers, college age, can go farther without fins. In his first competition, Joe did a nice 75 meterss and won his division against divers using fins.
Thanks Bill!


Thanks for all of your posts and congratuations on your four new pb's (at 62 years old !!!!).

Having just gotten into freediving a couple of years ago around the ripe-old age of 40 (mid-life crisis ?), you're an inspiration that I still have the best years ahead of me.


Last edited:
I agree with the Billster that lung size has to be a determining factor, or maybe moreso for me, as I tend to "mouth pump"- where rather than bleeding off air to my mask and reinhaling (mask pumping), I let loose from the lungs to my mouth and back. Keeps me thinking I have some air left... Is this a common practice?

Clarification please

Last time I held my breath for six minutes, she wanted to get married as I tend to "mouth pump"- Is this a common practice?


I guess we'd have to conduct a survey to determine how common this problem is.

Do you think it was the breath-hold or the mouth pump and do have any suggestions on which one to avoid?
Mouth Pumping

Hey Sven,

I just started using the mouth pump method during long statics. I don't wear a mask so I can't pump that. But for some reason it seems to make the hard park of the static (the very end) a little more tollerable. I haven't tried it for anything else.

Maybe I should have on my long dynamic, eh Bill? I may not have looked so funny coming up. Did I say anything funny? I'll have to watch the video.

I learned to re-breathe the air in the mask on ascent a long time ago. It is very natural to 'pump' the mask during dynamics. Probably costs me a few feet but, it feels so gooood. When I said air left at depth, I was referring to the mouth hold technique that Eric taught me.
Don't know. I was right behind you in line. I SAW NOTHINGK. Film at 11, oops I mean on the 11th. We really should set up a records attempt before Scot raises the bar. I have access to a 90 degree pool in Keahou.
Thanks for the kind words. The bad news is, you lose one heartbeat per minute each year or 0.5% of your power or 0.25% of your speed(square law). The good news is, no one is at 100% and with training you can always get better. Probably for seven years. There's a bonus for divers too. The metabolism slows with age, giving some of the loss back. If I could find someone interested (read that as 'with the funds'), I'd volunteer and do a professional study. Left to my own devices, we'll explore this aging process in an enjoyable fashion.
PS I enjoy disagreeing with someone who thinks I'm full of prunes as long as I'm not accused of being a deviant behaviouralist.
Re: Clarification please

Originally posted by cjborgert

I guess we'd have to conduct a survey to determine how common this problem is.

Do you think it was the breath-hold or the mouth pump and do have any suggestions on which one to avoid?


I never had a problem with some one wanting to marry me. Two women fought over me once. Something like "you take him, I don't want to". "No, he's all yours".

hi Bill and guys

Ive been away for two days and didnt get to read this post, but Bill are you a freak 7:20 dry thats better than Eric Fattah's dry last time I checked the PB page and 6:22 wet, yesterday I had a really positive experience, I did my usual 3min hyperventilation breathe up then hold this is dry static the first was 4:15 now for me this is a huge first time attempt, usually on a good day I get 3:30 first go and after 4 or 5 attempts get 5:00, but guess what after this my parents were in the car beeping the horn cos we had to go out so I didn't get another attempt. This however is motivating to get such a time first go I think that if I can get that time first go on another day I may be avle to work up to a 6:00 dry static. 2 days ago I recieved my first freedive fins Omer Millenieum Comps I went to the pool to test them out and as you said about your mate being better without fins well same here, I did 72m without fins in the 50m pool then I tried my new fins and only did 35m, I was horriefied and had feelings that any type of apnea that involves fins I will be hopeless at. And bill you said you dived to 180 feet with a 5.25litre lung capacity you must be extremly energy efficient my lungs around 5L last time I checked this was before I started freediving anyway I can only go 80ft and have to shoot back to the surface like a missle. Do you think its weird that I can do so much more in dynamic without fins then with fins, it may also be that I was shivering with no wetsuit when I did it with fins but I didnt think that would make much difference, anyway Im really excited about that static I did and feel closer to 6min then ever before.

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