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Ear candling

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New Member
Oct 3, 2002

Has anyone had a treatment like this in order to clean ears, sinuses, etc.? It's sort of a alternative medicine treatment which I have seen advertised at my local health food shop. It involves massage, cleansing, and other stuff I can't remember now.
I guess it will be really helpful for freedivers, swimmers, cyclists, etc.

Regards, gerard.
Hi Gerard,
I tried this when I was in Canada earlier this year, and I was surprised at the amount of gunk that came out in the candle:yack despite the fact that I am vigilant about cleaning my ears out.
I did it myself...just bought the candles and read the instructions.
A side note that's funny: ear candles are ILLEGAL in Canada, if you can believe that. Some kid got a hold of one and burnt the side of his head, so naturally they had to assume that we are all idiots!
I did it while looking in a mirror to make sure it worked, and that I didn't burn myself.
Erik Y.
ps, I found your website last year, and it is awesome. Although I am not a big dude, I was always a fan of Heavy Duty (Mentzer) training, and it put 15 or 20 lbs on me over a few years. There's a lot of good sensible advise there, unlike most of the muscle books ala Wieder, etc.
A few yrs ago when I was getting my physical for scuba, the doc took a huge syringe, filled it with hot water and inserted it in my ear. It sealed perfectly around the ear and the hot water dislodged a lifetime's worth of ear wax that was unreachable. That was a great procedure that totally cleaned out my ears. I suspect you can do the same thing with a small soda bottle and some hot water.
Originally posted by gerard
And it sounds to me that ear candling is just a bogus, typical of alternative medicine.

Erik, I read your post and you say that it worked. But probably it wasn't ear wax, only melted wax from the cone.

I tried it about a year ago. I believe somewhere in these threads there's discussions about it.

I love it. I try to do it about 2-3 times a year. Yes it's true that some of the gunk is candle biproduct, but the majority of it is your ear wax. Have one ear done and you'll freak out if you don't get the other done asap. It's totally noticeable how better your hearing is out of the clean ear b/c you have something to compare it to. :)

Go have a professional do it for you the first time(any sort of message place). It's pretty reasonable. Plus, it's a pretty relaxing procedure.

Mi dos pesos,
Originally posted by gerard
And it sounds to me that ear candling is just a bogus, typical of alternative medicine.

Erik, I read your post and you say that it worked. But probably it wasn't ear wax, only melted wax from the cone.

Regards, gerard.

Believe what you want, I always do. Except that I tend to listen to people who actually experience things, rather than someone who I don't know. The candles melt into clear wax; ear wax is brown. Ear wax came out of my ear. I regularly flush them with warm water, and know what ear wax looks like.
Or believe the guy at the website you found, doesn't matter to me ;)
Erik Y
Ha! I just read the article on that website. I'm sure you can find similar ones about eating meat, drinking water, breathing air, etc.

Hey Gerard, you brought it up. Believe what you want. But, like Erik said, why not take it from a few people who have tried it. Especially freedivers. It even makes using the delonca technique possible for a few months (for me). I think the proof's definitely in the pudding. But, then again, I've read that most stuff that looks like pudding isn't actually pudding at all. :blackeye

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The human body is a self healing and a self sustaining organism. We constantly, innately, adapt to our environment and compensate as much as you are allowed to by your genetic make up to be able to survive.
Every single bodily function, millions of chemical reactions by the second, in a body is controled by sensory and motor nerve pathways. From the control of your blood pressure to your digestion to even thought proceses is controled by nervous control. What an uppercervical, brain stem specialist, chiropractor do is to check ones upper neck area with an instrument from dysfunctional nervous activity. Take three radiographs to figure out the three dimensional misalignment of the top two vertebra and give a specific adjustment on a special table realigning the vertebra that is causing nerve irritation and ultimately resulting in dysfunction with the bodily functions. It just so happens that the nerves of the upper neck area control the function of the sinuses, the blood flow to the brain, vision, auditory function and above much more most importantly the cardiopulmonary system. I will never go in the water to dive without having my uppercervical spine checked and adjusted if needed. I strongly recommend it if you have a doctor of chiropractic near you who practices an uppercervical work. Also refer to these two websites for more infrmation or refer to me. www.kale.com www.uppercervical.org
my e-mail address is yunuschiro@aol.com
Thanks fellas

I'll give it a go.

Doctors are full of ....... too!

In this case I'll trust you because you are not lying.

Regards, gerard.
no lies

Last year over 190,000 people died in united states in the hands medical doctors for the proper treatment of the properly diagnosed ailment. That is more than the amount that the guns kill. I do agree with you that the most doctors are full of ............ One also must understand that there is no miracle treatment for anything. As long as you do the right things allowing your body to function as best as it can allowing your genetic capabilities, you will always adapt to your enviornment and be healthy and well. What i have recommended is for that. Just make sure you find the uppercervical chiropractor. Anybodyelse, don't even bother.
Good luck
Are you doing the candeling your selves, or do you have someone else do it. Who would you suggest going to for a first time visit? What would I look under in the phone book?