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Eliossub heiwa suit

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.


New Member
Jan 16, 2002
Just ordered a custom 5 mil, heiwa medium density, gold lined, high pants suit from Eliossub. Should be around 200. US plus about 60 for shipping. I will report on it as soon as it comes in.
Hey Jim,

Just placing a post here, so I get an email notification on any 'elios' chatter :D. I'm in the market for a 3mm, and I'm postponing buying a black termic until I get the strait dope on the durablilty of this heiwa material from elios.


* Also, if you would be so kind Jim, could you explain the ordering process. The website isn't exactly cut and dry. Gracias.
Ordering process-
go to web site. click on catalog, then wet suits, then click tailor made (these are all on the left side bar).
Download the PDF picture with the info on taking your measurements, then fill out the form and email it in. They will email you the price and you go back to the site and click on the euro sign and pay. Hopefully I did everything right, I will know in a few weeks when the post comes.
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When I ordered my suit I just sent them an email and told them what size, material and camo pattern I wanted. If you want the custom suit then you have to use the form, a measuring tape(metric) and a close friend-some of those measurements are kinda personal:eek: . This is the first skin in skin out suit I've had, after getting used to putting it on and taking it off it's really nice.

What material and pattern did you choose?

I ask because sven mentioned something about you needing glue at the KK :hmm.....and Eric F has made mention that the heiwa material is tough as nails.

Ted :confused:
To be honest I don't know which material it is made of. I ordered the new black/camo benthic pattern w/ the gold lining, 3mm. I never specified the neoprene.
During kk '03 we hunted the reef quite a bit and I was on the bottom a lot. On my first tear(big one) it was while I was pulling down the top. Aquiles said he thought he saw a small tear before I put it on. I had a few small tears after that from the reef. All were patched successfully.
On a side note there were a few Picassos(nylon out) being repaired also as well as Omer booties. So I don't think the Elios did too bad.;)
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Jim and Jay,

First, thanks for the help with the ordering process - perfectly clear. Now, as a result, I have more questions.

1. I can't actually find the word "heiwa" anywhere on the site. Is this the "Smoothskin/cell sandwich type (with central superelastic lining)"?

2. Do you know the difference between the titanium and gold coating? (I read every section and found no description of these :confused: ). Similarities to Picasso biotermic or Henderson Goldcore linings? I know that most of the competition divers prefer plain open cell, but I like those coatings :t.

The more I look, the more I'm diggin these suits. And the cake will be iced by the fact that I could order a hoodless, sleeveless vest (made with the exact same material) to accompany the 3mm high-waist pants (for warmer water).

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metallic interiors

I hate these things. They feel cold and alien on my skin.

I have had made a 3mm Cressi - Sub competition, high waisted suit with smooth skin out and normal nylon in.

I get in and out easy and have a skin friendly material against my skin. I chose Cressi because there is a manufacturer close to me and my spearo suits have lasted long beyond the point that i ceased caring about looking after them.

The whole suit material is the same stuff the the vest part of their standard farmer John is normally made of, just reversed. The nylon is stitched inside and for all intents and purposes if im diving in a rough spot i can fully reverse it and wear it nylon out and donn it with conditioner water solution.

It cost me R 1500.00 odd or 125 Pounds ( UK) or 187$ ( Us)
It also has a separate 3mm vest for a cooler day.

The smooth skin side seems tough. I could surface scratch it with fingernails if i tried hard but i doubt i will put a finger through it by putting it on.
Does anyone know what type of neoprene this is ? / Cressi uses ?
All the manufacturer can tell me is that it is called or is supplied by Sheika ?

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Originally posted by unirdna
1. I can't actually find the word "heiwa" anywhere on the site. Is this the "Smoothskin/cell sandwich type (with central superelastic lining)"?
I would suggest you place your order via email and just write that you want heiwa neoprene (low, medium or high density). That is what I just did and they have confirmed my choise as correct (I went with the medium density).

My measurement were not entirely approved though! :naughty After some careful examination by Elios I have been requested to redo some of the measurements that seemed unlikely.

It seems that Elios takes their business very seriously, and althoug the measuring is a bit of a hassle, I feel confident that once I get it right I am going to have a very good and well fitting wetsuit!

// Johnny
I specifically asked for Heiwa after reading Eric's excellent comments re: neoprene. As far as titanium vs. gold I have no clue. My cressi has a metallite lining which I love and keeps me very warm so I opted for gold this time. I am really looking forward to a custom suit because in the past I have had a few business suits custom made and they feel fantastic.
dont know if this will help anyone but I emailed eliossub a while back asking about their different suits, and this is what they wrote back. There is nothing about heiwa material, but I'm sure they'll answer anyone who asks them about it. All these prices are for custom suits. I asked for a 3mm high waist suit (which is abot 13 euros cheaper than all that is reported below, which describe long johns), which is why they only report that thinkness in the reply. I settled for skin out, superelastic inside, and the suit should arrive any day now.

"1) 3mm (Samdwich) smoothskin outside / nylon in the middle / open cell
inside Price Euro 214,00 (available also in smoothskin outside / nylon
in the middle / smoothskin inside) It's very warm, aderent to the body
and resistent against tears but little less soft than other materials,
And for get into must use talco or watersoap

2) 3mm smoothskin outside / open cell inside Price 172,00
It's ultra soft, very warm and aderent but also very very delicated And
for get into must use talco or watersoap.

3) 3mm smoothskin outside / superelastic lining inside Price Euro 214,00
It's very very elastic and easy to wear, resistent and confortable (more
used from Swenden freedivers)

4) 3mm smoothskin outside / gold coating inside Price Euro 214,00 It's
ultra soft, slide to get into, very warm but also more delicated against

5) 3mm smoothskin outside / thermic plush inside Price Euro 198,00 It's
soft, easy to wear, warm and resistent.

6) 3,5mm smoothskin outside / nylon elastic inside Price Euro 172,00
It's easy to wear, soft and confortable"

Hope this helps any curious divers.
This Heiwa stuff sounds like a God send for us spearos. Keep us posted on how it works. My next suit will be an Elios and probably Heiwa neoprene as well.

Jim Glynn In Business Suit

Here's Jim in that custom suit that he was talking about. When he wears this baby, we know he means business.


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Update- just received an email from Elios and my suit has been shipped and will be here June 2. I will keep everyone posted.
"This Heiwa stuff sounds like a God send for us spearos. Keep us posted on how it works. My next suit will be an Elios and probably Heiwa neoprene as well." --Brad

-- Okay, I've been following both posts about suits: do Picasso and Elios use heiwa neoprene? I read Eric's post about the durability of the heiwa neoprene and it sounds great.

-- So much to learn! Thanks to all who are posting here, it is very helpful to newbies to hear input from everyone who has experience with the equipment.
I had not even heard of Heiwa until reading Eric's posts about it. Knowing that Eric is extremely thorough in testing and evaluating equipment, I took his word for it and ordered the suit. The low cost for a custom suit also came into play.

Picasso only uses different grades of Yamamoto neoprene. Like Eric said, it's very soft, but also has the potential to rip if you don't be nice. The interior of my suit is coated with the 'termic' lining. This makes the open-cell neoprene much more durable, but (as before mentioned), a lot of the pros don't like the feel of it. But (as mentioned before), I love it. I've been very very happy with my commercial termic, so this heiwa stuff has a high bar to jump.

All eyes on Jim :eek:.

Eloissub heiwa suit

-- Thanks for clarifying this, Ted.
---Eric, Brad, Jim and Jay (have I forgotten anyone?)
Thank you for taking the time to post; there is much technology w/regards to matierials....it gets a bit challenging to learn; I'm getting there!
For those of you with different suits by different manufacturers, I'd like to hear how you'd compare them.
I realize this is subjective, so be frank about which materials seemed more fragile, etc.
--Nice to see the two threads side-by-side (Picasso and Eliossub) for comparison.
Dive safe!
So that was 2 1/2 weeks from when you ordered to when it will arive? Impressive!! I should throw my order in soon...
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