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Environmental thread?

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.


Paragraph aquanaut
Jan 13, 2002
Guys (and girls),

I think the little problem we had with one of our fellow board-mates, (which I personally consider solved) actually had a very positive side.

I was able to read very, very educative posts on environmental issues, laws, and general information on the biology of some species. Believe it or not, all the posts gave me the proof the 99% of all spearos here share the same feelings about the environment...

This is so great! :cool:

Maybe we should continue the environmental discussion in a special thread or even board? What do you think?

Good idea.

If there is enough interest I can look to break out Underwater Hunting in a category and split it into several sub-forums (General, Equipment, Environmental/Conservation, etc...)

Let me hear everyone's thoughts on the matter and i'll make a decision soon.


I think it is a great Idea. With that knowledge I'll know what to expect when ONE day when I have enough money to go to America I'll know what to expect. Stuff like bag limits, How much licences cost etc. I can also provide Info about the rules and regs in South-Africa if anybody wants to come down someday.


Thanks Stephan,

Let's see what the other folks think.

I am sure most of the experienced spearos here maintain active contacts with the authorities or the spearfishing federations in their countries... I do, and I am not even that experienced! :)

If there is a chance to generate valid, well argumented and most of all - productive ideas here, at least we can share them with the responsible persons locally and spread the news. Noone knows what kind of rabbit can jump out of this hat, right?

Originally posted by Stephan Whelan

If there is enough interest I can look to break out Underwater Hunting in a category and split it into several sub-forums

YEAH !!!
Dedicate one to the tech - heads and another for show - and - tell:cool:
Seperate topic sections would be awesome.

If we do have a dedicated conservation section I would suggest everyone digs out pics of protected species in their area. That way visitors or the local ill-informed, *cough* CD *cough*, have a way of avoiding potential mistakes.

Its good to see an entire community dedicated to conservation!
great idea!

don't forget about a photography section! :D


Spearing Equipment : questions/information about gear

Environmental / locations : bag limits , species , good spots

U/W photography : information and photos

Spearing stories and photos...

What do you think ?
Looks fine, Abri!

Think the spearing photos may go to U/W photography. The stories can be placed in the general sub-forum. And even where they are now - freedivers read them too, I'm sure...

Seeya in 2 weeks,

Originally posted by Wishbone

Seeya in 2 weeks,


HUH ??:confused:
Please clarify ,Ivan ... are you away for two weeks or are you coming to visit in two weeks ?;)
Originally posted by Abriapnea

HUH ??:confused:
Please clarify ,Ivan ... are you away for two weeks or are you coming to visit in two weeks ?;)

Appears earlier than 2 weeks! :)

Sad family news brought me back to Sofia, but I'm here only for a day.
Two of the scheduled ompetitions here were cancelled - for "no money" reason. And we have the worst weather in years! I have to hide behind the capes to be able to dive at all. Bad!
Going back today and will stay there 'till the 9th.


I think that a separate section would be great. As far as pictures are concerned, I would like to see pictures of: 1)protected fish 2)good to hunt fish 3)not government protected but not a good idea to hunt because not many around or they don't taste good.

The reason is that I traveled to Indo last September, and no one could tell me which reef fish were good. I know ulua is good, but they had parrot fish (they looked different than Hawaii) and nobody knew if it was good (I found out later they do indeed taste good). I wasn't sure if the old "if it's red it's dead" saying worked there.

Maybe with all the people from around the world on this forum this kind of lack of information can be solved (I still don't know what fish are good in Indonesia:head

Also, it seems that there are a lot of people here with varied knowledge, and I for one would love to hear about problems and solutions to environmental issues from different places. I am a captain on a charter snorkel boat here on Kauai, and any insights would be welcomed.

I'm being long winded as usual, sorry.:eek:

Aloha Ahinalu

No one is more long winded than me, no problem. Wha ha ha .

U were in Indonesia last September 2001, which part ? You should email me next time if u come around. Must be Bali. All tourist goes to Bali. Indo is so big we have shitty to heaven ( hard to reach those places ) hunting ground.

I'll tell you what reef fishes are good. I only aim basicaly for 2 reef species, both grouper/cod family. There is one ( 3rd ) that I don't even now the name, not found often and don't grow bigger than 45cm but very nice.


Thanks for the invite. I went to Bali for four days G-land (south east courner of Java if you don't surf) for 7 days, 7 days on a boat to Sumbawa, and Lombok, then 4 more days on Bali. I was so confused diving I didn't tag anything (I couldn't get close to any of the trevalies), although I did catch a 50lb Dolphin fish trolling (and lost two Wahoo, and another Dolphin):p

I do plan on going next summer (between june and september) for about 3 weeks. I had a incredible time in Indo, the people are the best I've met. I never felt uneasy except after september 12 when I went to Java. Even then the people made me feel at ease.

If you ever get over to Kauai, let me know. I might just be able to show you an ono (wahoo) in the water. If you come in summer, lots of small tunas to snorkel with, I'm still seeing them on my tours.

Aloha Ahinalu
Originally posted by Stephan Whelan

If there is enough interest I can look to break out Underwater Hunting in a category and split it into several sub-forums (General, Equipment, Environmental/Conservation, etc...)

Let me hear everyone's thoughts on the matter and i'll make a decision soon.

Sounds like good count me too.
Hi Ahinalu,

Surfing........hhhmmmm, not me. I know there is one Gland in South West corner of Java called Gelombang 7, or 7th Wave. This is in Pelabuhan Ratu at the Indian Ocean side of Java. I dive & fish this area, this is where I plan to ambush the Tuna. 5 hours by car from Jakarta.

The Other one is extreme west on of Java, there is an Island called Panaitan. Surfer said this is also a heaven. I too dive and fish this area. Also in the Indian Ocean side of Java. 120 miles by boat from Jakarta. I am dying to go here, been missing it in a year.

Where you surf the area is usually very remote and they have the best people cause the villagers are down to earth and they think surfers are sick dudes that can not die............wha ha ha. Imagine getting whack by the rocks.........If shark is real, ur sport is more real !!!!!!!!!

Anyway Indo is safe as ever except in the extereme west and east. Ur surfing area is OK, rather in the middle of the country. Only last few months I saw a Malaysian Catamaran enter Jakarta marina and it was run by a team of Americans. They were chartered by some Jap surfers, don't know how the trip went.
The two places I mentioned were on the itenary. Bali is the surfing capital cause of the western influence from tourist, the rest of the country still offer virgin ground if u have ur own charter vessel but going to places in Indonesia on a yacht is tough, fuel is far in between.

Now you did mention that trevalies in ur Indo surfing area is hard to approach. Where you were is already considered fish heaven of the country and fishes mostly don't avoid divers. Where I am in Jakarta is the real pain............all the fishes hate divers :D :D

Anyway keep posting, great to exchange info. Thanks

With the rate where my currency is at now, going to Hawaii will cost me 1/4 of my Toyota...wha ha ha. Let me buy some lottery. Thanks for the invitation, I'll keep it in mind. I have a friend's sister in Hawaii, so not too bad for me actually. I don't know if the brother allows...wha ha ha ha :naughty

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