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euro gun shaft questions...

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New Member
Aug 10, 2002
well i took the my sporasub viper 130cm out today, and discovered that the shaft that came stock with it is bent...so its time to get a new one - i have several questions abotu this:

1. what size shaft is the stock shaft? it seems too flimsy, i would like a sturdier shaft... (sven, no jokes about you know what here...:eek: )

2. is the shaft supposed to be pretty loose in the trigger mech? my stock shaft would slide around all over and come off the rail, with the exception of when it was loaded.

3. my h. dessault bands have worn down already, and theyre pretty new... are there any euro shafts that have sharkfin tabs so that i can put on some quality riffe or mean green rubber with dyneema wishbones?

well if you want to use a shaft with shark fin tabs on it or pins then youll need to change the muzzle on your gun to an open muzzle. Especially if you want to use bulk rubber like the riffe bulk rubber. although you can use the riffe euro shaft with a euro gun without changing the muzzle.
changing your muzzle is very easy to do. You just need to buy a muzzle from a diveshop like Hanapaa or bluewaterhunter.com. These are the only two places that I have seen on the internet that sell muzzles to modify euro guns. they cost around $50.
You may want to borrow a friends gun who has already done this before you modify your own gun. You may not like this setup.
I have modified my euro gun to an open muzzle and like it alot. The rubber is cheaper and very easy to use.

whatever you decide
dive safe and have fun
im used to an open muzzle, i normally shoot a riffe gun...the viper is the only euro gun i have...but the muzzle is large enough that a shaft with small tabs would be fine...any idea on the size though, right?
The Riffe euro shaft only comes in one diameter which is ~6.75mm. They are also the only company w/ shark fin tabs. I know two guy who shoots a sporasub viper w/ the Riffe euro and they love it. Supposedly a Israeli company is going to start selling a mini-shark fin tab euro shaft that will be half the price of Riffe's.

As far as length you just add 40cm to the barrel length so your looking at a 170cm shaft. The one caveat to this is since the viper is a rail gun you should be able to use a shorter shaft b/c the overhang from a long shaft is just to counter shaft whip.

The advantages of shorter shaft are two fold; 1, Less drag at the muzzel end which results in faster tracking and 2, A shorter shaft is less likely to bend. The second point should help b/c the stock shaft is 6.5 I believe so the riffe isn't a big step up.

One other thing to consider is that you don't need the riffe shaft to shoot soft whisbones. My rabitech stealth has shaft notches to recieve the dyneema bridle. The riffe bands won't fit, but rabitech or rob allen bands will. You can also buy a length of Dyneema a tie your own bands very easily.
Sorry forgot to mention why the regular euro shaft might be better than riffe for you. The Rob Allen shafts are about half the cost and come in 7 and 7.5mm. Therfore you could have a much stouter and shorter shaft which should last a little longer...

And the trigger mech will have some play-no worries

can i use Rob Allen shafts in a sporasub trigger mech? id heard you couldnt...that would be great considering RA shafts are incredibly cheap...what kind of tabs do they use?
The original viper shaft is 6.5mm thick and I guess its about 160cm long.
The shaft will fit. The RA's have notches though, not tabs. The spear looks like the stock sporasub spear. You actually just put the soft wishbone in the groove and it works just fine. You just need that thin dyneema like the kind at www.spearfishinggear.com.
Or I can put you on the good-will dyneema mailing list...
*send me a PM with your address & I'll put some in an envelope for you to play with*
Riffe Euro Shafts!!!

Don't even screw around, pay the money and buy the Riffe Euro shaft, I have them on all of my guns, they are rugged and easier to load with the fins than with slits. I have shot many Tautog in the rocks with my 71cm and 96cm guns, both with 20mm bands and the shafts will be going into their second season, none the worse for wear.

Cheers, Guy
For a 130 Spora Viper, you will need a 170 cm shaft (length+40 cm). The best all-around shaft for your needs is probably a 6.5 (or maybe a 7) mm RA. It is pretty cheap and it can take a beating. The notches of the RA shaft are machined VERY smooth (not like real european shafts). If you use the standard Spora wishbone, it does not make a difference, but put those dyneema wishbone on a rough edge and SNAP...RA shafts will fit in most euro trigger mechs (except OMER). I am sure the Riffe shaft is nice but I wouldn't pay the money (especially the way we go through shafts down here)

Sporasub & shaft compatability

If what Frogman says is accurate regarding RA shafts not working in OMER guns, contact Riffe to see if their Euro shaft will work in the Sporasub, if so, a bit of deductive reasoning says tha the RA shaft will not work in your Sporasub gun.

Good Luck
I'll check when I go home, I have a couple RA shafts & a sporasub viper lying around...
The RA shaft will not fit the Sporasub mech. I have both a RA and a Sporasub and the 7mm shaft of my RA will not fit. I found that the end of the Sporasub shaft is ground flatter and much further than the RA shaft. I do know that in the RA catalog they have two types of shafts, which are the RA shafts to fit their guns, and then they have the RA shafts to fit other euro guns.
Last edited:
anyone know where i can find these RA shafts for other euro guns? or whats the cheapest shaft site online? (in the US of course...)
Here is another idea for you. Maybe you can try to get a Rabitech shaft since the Rabitech gun handle and the Sporasub handle look almost identical ti each other with the exception of the gray grip on the Rabitech. I don't have a Rabitech but just from looking at the handle I would think that the Rabitech shaft would fit. Florida Freedivers sell Rabitech guns so maybe your best bet would be to either email them or give them a call and ask them. They are very nice people and would probably help you out.
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