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Finally Enclosed Track For Riffe Metal Tech Is Out !!!

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Mr. Long Post
Apr 22, 2002
4 all of u enclosed track nut, freeshafting nut, Riffe nut and all kinds of NUTS..........

YES, available as kit form. Accuracy improvement ?.....How do I know, I haven not get my hands on any :D :D

I was looking at Riffe website for the competition result and their long time promise is there : enclosed track !!!

Check their dealer in ur area or call Riffe direct. If I am not wrong it should retail like US$50 or something. If you ever need to order one where shipping is charged, I advice you to get an extra shaft as needed cause the shipping is expensive. This thing can not get bend so it is like shipping a fishing rod...u know what I mean.
Only available for 9/32 and 5/16 shaft.

Let me know if it is any good.....:D :D


are you sure you can upgrade your old metal tech? from what i've read, it doesn't seem like a kit, but a manufactured barrel. if it were a kit, i'd imagine you could put it on the teak guns as well. :confused:

help me, mr. guru of new stuff!

Hi Chief,

Trust me, it can be a kit form. I checked twice already.
Metal Tech aluminum barrel is not actually seamless, the plastic open track or enclosed track get slide in, take a look at my attached photo of the open track kit I bought for experiment. YEP I do not even own a Metal Tech yet.....actually I do but bla bla bla bla....cry..cry...cry.

In contrast to JBL which glue the plastic track, Riffe decided to slide it in the barrel. Since the muzzle and the butt are actualy caps, so no glue needed and it will never come off. Unlike teak Riffe which uses wooden track of the barrel itself, the MT uses plastic, I am sure it is because of silencing effect. So the entire barrel is injected with high density foam...crushing depth, I don't know but if the toughness is like Divinicell, a boat building sandwich material, it is very hard. JBL uses rubber plug on their round barrels.

I tried removing my friend's MT3 with the upraded muzzle for look see, it was screwed down real tight. I thought they Loc-Tite the screws like how I always do on threaded spearhead. Riffe mentioned that you need the new Phillips #2 Screwdriver which is exactly for the MT3 screw. I don't know what materials are the screws on MT3, it doesn't look shiny stainless like the teak version, look gray sort of color. Like a Parkerized finish on hunting rifles. It must be some finishing to prevent galvanic corrossion. Even the trigger pin is Titanium.

I ask a lot of question to Riffe on the MT because I want to avoid aluminum guns forever is possible, but when my friend bought one, me just fell in love with the engineering. I mean most manufacturer uses round aluminum pipe for barrels cause not only they are cheap, they need NOT be custom made. The Riffe barrel is extruded aluminum, so it is custom order but I learnt from my workshop friend that probably Riffe makes the barrel in a specific long length and they cut to make their intended size. This way they save money by having one size to make. Same as gun/rifles barrels......... cut to ur need.

Even for the line anchor under the barrel for shoting line attachment, it is stainless steel, Riffe place a non-conducting vinyl tape between the SS and the aluminum barrel. He is very concerned about galvanic corossion in dissimiliar metal......just like me. :D :D. Even the black finishing is not the regular anodizing, it is called Tionedize something......... a grade better than anodizing, said the applicator. If you own a Pen International reel in gold anodize, try NOT to wash it after a day out, tell me what happened to the anodize coating in a week !!!

Basically aluminum without proper sacrificial anode and proper coating is not something u want to put in water permanently. SO I guess Riffe make their barrels so thick to last and resist up to 4 x 5/8 bands and thus it is heavy and a few shorter models are a sinker. This is why they have a mini teak floater wing kit.

I also suspect that they copy the Teak barrel shape so that they can use many parts from the teak models, less overhead this way. At least we know the trigger is the same and so are many other parts. I find Jay Riffe a smart dude. Ok Ok, at least smarter than me.

If you want to use the enclosed track on Teak models, the modification will be too much.At least 1 top layer of ur wood laminate must be removed and that will effect the strength of the muzzle and trigger assy attachment....not worth it, better get a Wong like yours.

I think this is a smart move by Riffe, where can u get an enclosed track gun for under US$ 300-500 depending on models ? This is probably the only enclosed track gun that you can change the enclosed track for shaft of ur choosing, 9/32 and 5/16 with only a Phillip screwdriver........cool.

If I get my MT, I will experiment........sure I will my friend. This is the only Riffe Mid-Handle which does not scare me cause the butt is 3" less rear than the teak mid handle. Me want mid handle too but never comfortable with them.

You know what I really want to experiment ?
Get Riffe to weld a shooting line attachment (shark fin ) on the shaft exactly after the muzzle ( when shaft inserted ). The shark fin should point downwards. Why ? Because Riffe/Alexander way of attaching a shooting line is a few seconds slower than say a JBL or AB Miller. According to Terry Mas book, accuracy should not be effected by where u place ur shooting line...how true...me must try.

If my logic serve me correctly, a tug boat or any proper towing of a boat, the tow boat must not place the towing line on the most stern area cause the boat will loose steering ( Ok boats have rudders & engines). Towing line should be placed some +- 30% ahead of the stern. Same with ski boat tow attachment for the skier.

Mhhmmmm too much Iya's theory................

Ok that will be $2.00 for the information...ha ha ha ha.

Damn IYA! I bet you have to ice your fiongers everynight to reduce the keyboard induced swelling!rofl
Good info.
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