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Finding the right gun...

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Wierd fish

New Member
Jan 30, 2003
I will soon be looking for a gun. I prefer some type of wood. I will be useing it while freediving(around 30-35'), and while doing the scuba thing. A good all around gun is what I am looking for.
What would you recomend?
# of bands
Length of gun

Thanks for the help!
a can of worms....

opinions are like ..... and everyones got one.

Ive read in a previous thread that the best gun is the one that catches fish for you.:duh

If I were you Id get a mid-sized gun. Not so small that in two months you are wanting a bigger gun. Not so big that its intimidating to use.

Buy the best gun you can afford. It does not make sense to spend all that time hunting a fish only to lose it due to a mechanical failure.

Id get a Riffe. Maybe a comtetitor 2.:)
A Riffe will be good.........that Competitor 2 is very light and can 3 bands. It comes with extended butt version which is good and easy to load with ur scuba gear.

Depending what and where you hunt. A gun no longer than 130cm will be a good start if you don't do cave shots. There won't be a ONE gun that fits all.

If your hand is long and comfortable with a Riffe mid handle while on scuba gear, lucky you........... cause it is so sweet in tracking.

Just remember some important tips :
- Not all guns can be rigged to be extra powerful, something ur itchy hands will do when ur skill improve.
- A gun that can shoot far accurately can be used to shoot a close target but a gun that can not be rigged to shoot far, can't shoot any further no matter what you do to it.
- In order for a gun to be rigged to its maximum pontential, you must start with a sound platform & trigger, this is brand dependent.
- Not all guns can use 1/4 to 3/8 shaft, shaft selection flexibility is a great thing to have cause shaft size will alter a gun characteristic.
- If wood is what u want, get a Teak wood.

A US$700 gun is not expensive. A good SP S-600 complete reg set up is about that.

Just let the boys know what you like to shoot and what you will expect to shoot later, the replies will come in many forms in this nice forum.

Thanks for the great info! I was looked at the riffe mid handle, but they are pretty pricey new. I will be useing it for freediving more than diving. I usually freedive in 30-40' tops. I plan on shooting snaper/grouper/cobia/etc.... And if I get the chance I will go after something bigger.

I was looking around online, and came across this gun
Its a teak gun made by spearfishing specialtiys.

So now I am looking for a 2-3 banded wood gun. Something that won't break the bank.
I have a Riffe Competitor #3XS and #1 (10 yr old son) has a customized Competitor #2. I like the way these guns handle in the water, how quiet they are and they track well on a moving fish, his better than mine. They don't track as well as the midhandle series, but pretty good for a rear handle. Some things that may, or may not, be considered drawbacks with these guns, depending on what you want to do, are: they are open track, you can't freeshaft and some people don't like the looks of the price tag for a new one ;). To me they're worth it.:)
I was planning on getting #1 a Compeititor #1, but decided there was no point in a #1 if he could reach the bands on a #2. So, after trying a friend of mines Riffe Competitor #2X, he now is the proud owner of a brand new customized Competitor #2. The customization part is he could reach the bands, but couldn't cock it by himself, so I made him three 1/2X20" bands. That didn't work either, so I made him three 1/2x26" bands :head . That will get him started. As he gets stronger and gets his technique down I can give him more power by shortening the bands or make him new shorter larger diameter ones. On either of these guns I can add a fourth band. What I have been considering doing with my gun is replace either the first or third 9/16x24" band with a 5/8x24".

#1's Gun
Stock Length-45"
Shafts-5/16x48" Threaded
Tip-Riffe Large

My Gun
Stock Length-54"
Shafts-9/32x57" Hawaiian Flopper

My gun had a threaded shaft with a Riffe large head. His is about to have a Hawaiian flopper shaft on it. I think the Hawaiian flopper is more suitable to the reef hunting we are doing.

All you triggerfish out there better look out, here he comes!!! :D
Thanks for the riffe info. Unless I find a really good deal on a used one, they are out of my price range. I really like Commercial teak speargun from spearfishing specialties. I am e-mailed the guy, and I am waiting for a price. This gun is capable of free shafting if needed to.


I would also like your opinions on the JBL Woody Sawed-Off Magnum. This gun has 3 bands, and they say it has a range of 18'.

Let me know your opinions.
Weird Fish,
Chances are you'll end up buying a number of different guns in the next couple of years.
If I had it to do over again Id buy a relatively cheap first gun, cheap in price not quality that is...That way when you progress you'll have a better Idea of what you need IE Mid handle gun vice rear handle, power over mobility...etc.
Get something thats relatively durable that'll make at least a 10' shot accurately.
Heres some links to a few sites in order of price and quality

http://www.floridafreedivers.net/ http://www.speargun.com/spearguns.html http://www.collinsspearguns.com/Products/products.html http://spearguns.netfirms.com/stevealex.html

Dont forget the shop on this site they have great prices on Euro guns.

Heres a link to another site with a FAQ on different guns
Euros vs American wood guns


Good luck
Tampa FL
Originally posted by Wierd fish
they say it has a range of 18'
Let me know your opinions.

My opinion is to be careful what you read...;)

My opinion is get something with a Rail hmm am I getting close Sven :D Not that I mean a railgun or anything its just that some like to use a Railgun if you know what I mean Weird Fish

JBL Sawed off Woody Magnum do mention 18 feet in the website and 23 feet for the longer Woody model.

I have tried ALL kinds of JBL, except the Gulf Magnum where it is an open muzzle.

18 feet for the Sawed Off magnum is only true if u shoot in the car park ( in air ). Discount 50% on all JBL published shooting range data and you do not need a lawyer when u get pissed. I heard they use new stronger bands now adays, maybe discount 40% then.

Try avoiding a gun that uses slide ring, JBL and that SlingSteel.com unit, they are noisy and the slide ring will jam on you sooner or later. JBL is fun to use honestly but you need to be very close to the fish to be effective. The trigger is something you won't like, unless the HXD version with beef up unit. Of all the JBL however, the woody series is the most fun to use.

I think the Riffe Comp #2 is not that expensive, US$ 320 something get u a 3 x 9/16 bands with 5/16 shaft & large spearhead. This will outshoot and outlive any JBL of even extra 10" longer. Mahagony is not as expensive as teak, so naturaly there will be a price difference. Plus u get Riffe world class trigger that can actually take AT LEAST 6 x 9/16 bands with the sweetest release only comparable to the famous Alexander....... technically speaking.

Anyway just buy what you like, the process of learning is important to establish a know how. You got a long way to go.
YES, RA guns and its cousins like the Rabitech and Stealth are very popular and all positive news on them.

Good luck on the shopping.

Iya that was the most positive news ive heard you say on a railgun. BTW check out the Oz spearing forum there is a post there about Ra triggers you might be able to help me with some tech info :D

I am really considering the JBL for my first gun. Its not that expensive, and I can allways get something better in the future.
Any feedback on JBL woody guns?
I was kinda waiting for that to come outta you, Paul.

You can do a lot worse, as in LOTS worse than getting a JBL, wood or not. Being as it's your starter gun and all, you;ll like the simplicity of it, it works despite the abuse you'll dish out as you learn and it'll last until you have kids, if you're not careful. :naughty

While I've used a Woody, (uh oh...) a few times, my preference is a standard aluminum tube model, like a NW 38 Special, which is pretty stout but short for your locale, Sawed Off and Magnum models. Wrap the barrels with electrical tape to hide the shine, put a twin sbarb spinner/detachable on and off you go.

That unit from Spearfish specialties is a pretty well thought out and hardware intensive piece that once you spend some time figuring out what it is you wanna do, will come to light along with Riffe's, Rabbittechs and Rob Allen's. There, I said it...:yack I've seen some gclowns in the Gulf wearing those guns and it's like a hardware store falling over the side... They bring back the fish though. There are a couple of DB locals here that are pretty proud of their Rabbittechs, maybe they'll pitch in.

If I had to do it, I'd give serious thought to a simple euro gun and learn with it, then keep it in the quiver when you get or make a real gun that better suits your more experienced needs. Give a looksee at ebay. There's always some deal going on.

(man, that hurt!)

Thanks sven.

I am really looking for a wood gun, but I will give that some though.

Is there any other 3 banded wood gun for under $200 that I should be aware of??
What Sven meant was ......................

it (JBL) works despite the abuse you'll dish out as you learn and it'll last until you have "extra" kids, that is if you're not careful where you are pointing the other shaft at :naughty
If you are intent on getting wood and budget is a serious matter...I learned on an AB Biller.(48 special) Landed me some great fish and I liked it alot...maybe b/c I didnt know any better. It still sits in the corner. It will seal the deal in shallow water hunting(i used it in the keys) until I started rig hunting when I stepped up to a JBL gulf XHD, from there it has only gotten more and more expensive.

Point is, it will be under the $200 limit. I might be willing to let go of mine for free if you pay for shipping. It does need a shaft but is in good working order...you would have to promise to pass it to some deserving youngster starting out when you step up though...;)
applause ( the audience applausing ), that is very noble of you Rig..........honest.

A friend of mine have exactly the 48 u own, but I never shoot it. Look sweet.

Paul, that is a very kind offer from our dear Kapiten. Shaft + spearhead + mono shooting line, shipping I don't know but USA to USA by ground is decent.......everything included will be no more than US$100, I am sure.
Thanks! I sent you a PM.
I'm pretty new to the spearfishing thing, and thank all you guys for the help!
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