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foot pockets

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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New Member
Nov 18, 2002
I've been using some Cressi LD fins but I want to get something a little stiffer for deeper dives. Although the Cressi fins are really comfortable, I was thinking of getting some fins with removable blades. Can someone help me answer some questions so I can decide which way to go for my next fins, so I have the option in the future of getting different/replacement blades.

1. Which manufacturers offer removable blades? (A.B. Biller, Beauchat, Esclapez, OMER, Picasso, Sporasub, others...)

2. Are all foot pockets compatible with all blades?

3. Which manufacturers have a reputation for high quality/comfortable foot pockets?

Hey Thanatos,

I can only respond to 10% of you questions, but this should get the thread started :).

Of the fins you've mentioned, I have experience the foot pocket of Cressi's (Gara hf's) Picasso's (Black Team) and Sporasub's (pure carbons and Cruise). Of these, Cressi's were the most narrow, Picasso's the stiffest, and Sporasub's the most comfortable. The Picasso Black Teams and Sporasub's (not the Cruise) have removable blades. Cressi's fit me great, but others with a wider foot have had problems. Picasso's were a little stiff for my kick, but I've heard positive reviews from folks with tree-trunk legs :).

As for whether you can mix and match the blades and foot pockets of different manufactures, I'll give you this very accurate answer....sometimes :D. You'll have to check with the manufactures (or just wait for more posts to show up ;))

Just ripped the blades out of my old Mares Atack fins (don't ask how I was conned into those pieces of crap:yack) I had been using them for scuba chores but I dont even want them for that anymore. I do like my sporasub radicals but now I have an extra set of footpockets (sporasub and mares are the same) and will be looking for a set of blades for them.

Anyone out there have any experience with blades in these pockets? Where can someone get just the blades?
Thanks Ted
I found the Cressi footpockets to be really comfortable. I won a gift certificate at a dive store from a raffle but the only free dive fins they have are the Sporasub Dessault, Sporasub Variant, OMER Millenium, and Quattro Power (supposed to be same as the Cruise). The OMER pockets hurt over the bridge of my foot, but they had limited availability so I couldn't try another size. They were out of Dessault, even though they could get it for me, but then I couldn't try them on that day. The Quattro Powers were very comfortable, but I didn't think that would be a step in the right direction. As for the Variants...I haven't heard much about them and they were too expensive.

So to make a long story short, I couldn't really try anything on that I needed. The sales clerk ended up confusing me with the removable/replaceable blade thing (I liked the OMER blades, he suggested using Spora pockets???) and thus this thread I started.

Have you tried the Dessault fins, I think they are getting discontinued? I'm thinking about getting the Sporasub fins since you're the second person to tell me they are supposed to be quite comfortable. If I don't like the blades maybe I could change them? I don't know how it works.
Hey rigdvr,
I just started looking for more info on the blades and found the Dessault web page:


The site is in French but you can look at the "produit" for the blades and then fill out an order form in the "commande" section. The prices are in euros though and I'm not familiar with that.:confused: Anyhow, maybe you can check out if you can use OMER blades with those footpockets, they have several different types available I think for ~25 bucks each. Maybe this helps:D

If you follow the "shop" link at the top of the page it will take you to the scubastore. Get into the Family "fins" subfamily "spare parts", and they have a myriad of foot pockets and blades to buy. Additionally, I recommend you check out the official site for sporasub dive gear at www.sporasubusa.com. This site is also in English. My guess is that any mares/sporasub parts will be interchangable since they are made by the same company. However, that being said, as rigdvr noted, Mares longfins haven't always received the best reviews (oh, I've read a couple positives, but I've also read so many negs that there is no way I ever intend to drop 250 bones on a pair of "attacks"). Don't let this deter you from buying sporasub fins though; they have received lots of praise. I've tried my buddy's "pure carbons" and they are the smoothest of all the fins I've ever tried. Finally, if it turns out that you buy your new fins online and still have that gift certificate lying around, I recommend you grab that pair of Quattro Powers. I love my cruises for shallow water hunting (less than 40 ft) and especially uw hockey :inlove. They are not a freediving fin, but they aren't a floppy snorkeling fin either. When you kick with these, you will feel the force; they are very responsive. If you intend to cover a lot of distance on the surface, these will move you along much more easily then a long fin and will not tire your legs.

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Has anyone tried the A.B. Biller fins? How well do they perform and how do the foot pockets feel? A store in by area carries products by Biller and I wanted to get some info on them.
Some notes from the fin geek

I used to be really into fiddling with blades and foot pockets. I've had about 10 pairs of freediving fins (I now use monos

Bottom line is that Sporasub soft foot pockets are the best - be careful, as you can get several different consistencies of foot pocket material. Blades wise - freediving some decent carbon blade, spearfishing - still haven't made my mind up. I am quite happy with Sprorasub Radicals, but don't like the bright colours.

I have heard good reports about the Picasso Spumas, but can't corroborate that.
Thanks for the info. Seems like the only way to find out what works is to try on 1000 different fins, and pay 1000's of dollars and/or ask 1000 questions.

1000 thanks to you...and 1000 more to anyone who helps:D
Spora pockets are indeed 1 of the best around.

For bladed, I have had the Sporasub Pure (2000 model, very stiff) and liked them a lot. The newer model are less stiff. Then C4 falcon80 and falcon25 both lovely blades.

The M-tec carbons are really good if you have a good technic, but hard to buy outside Greece......



Where in Greece do you buy M-technic blades? From what I know they are not made there.

The M-tec are 100% Greece-made and hard to get a hand on.....

There is a small shop where you can find them or directly from the hand-made shop....I believe he is called Marinos (don't watch my spelling, I'm not Greek).

Greeting Pim,

ps, sorry for the late reply.....I was a bit out of the country and soaking up sun :D

I know you can the m-tecs at a swedish online store, www.onebreath.nu and they carry three different stiffnesses. I think the medium is the most popular kind. it can be pretty cheap if you order the blades to the US, as you dont have to pay the 25 percent swedish sales tax.
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