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Forum organized with standard topics.

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Jun 19, 2002
Would like to see some feedback on this...

I just wanted to make a suggestion that I think would be easy to do and most importantly:

1) Assist to save lives.
2) Increase the general awareness of the important factors of freediving.
3) Provide a starting place for the beginner and/or towards the theory beginner
(some have practical diving experience but are unaware of important information).
4) Maintain the ability of the communal input towards the topics.
5) Increase the efficiency to research information on the general topics.

It strikes me that for the more advanced searching and scanning the forum is good enough since there is not probably an immediate need for information, however the beginner can obviously find the forum a little overwhelming to make heads or tails of the plethora of information and sometimes contradicting ideas.

I think it is important to have a starting point for beginners which could also offload repeat questions and redundant threads in the other forums. However for a beginner I think it should be a little more organized to guide them towards a confident approach to freediving. That is have all the standard topics available in a simple series.

But there is still such an essential value to the multitude of ideas, and view points that can immediately give so much experience to another that I think the forum idea can be massaged to have organization and focused discussion while being dynamic and open.



Create a forum dedicated to the key topcis of freediving. Within the forum there would be a series of threads all dedicated to a single topic. For example start with some general threads, Safety, Forms of freediving, Gear, Environmental considerations, Training, ... etc.

Within these threads posts could refer to further threads regarding specifics. So in the Safety thread there may be a post saying "...a major safety concern for freedivers is Shallow Water Blackout, continued discussion in thread 'Shallow Water Blackout'. Another safety post may say "... a safety concern is Hypothermia, continued discussion in thread "Hypothermia".

And on and on for the general threads.

The discussions of the details could then continue in threads with the related names.


Or instead maybe just make some sub-forums of "freediving starting point" such as safety, training, techniques, etc...

And then even these either having subforums for shallow water blackout, hypothermia, buddy system, etc... or just starting all the threads on each of the standard topics that need to be easily available.
Sorting and archiving

Sounds like a nice idea to me.

Also i would like to see the moderator topics that hog the first line of the page in each group for months on end, ie 'personal information ' die a natural death. When i log on i like to see the newest threads first. Perhaps the new threads for the week sorted in order of most replies, clustered at the top of the page.

not fighting.

Nice ideas ...

The personal info thread you refer to, Skin, was put there to get to know the other people on these forums better. This will be incorporated into the normal member profile ... in the near future.

As for the "starting Freediving" idea .... I've been thinking about that for a while now. The easiest implementation would be another 'Sticky' thread (one of thos that hog the top line) withshort descriptions about all the relevant issues, and then links to posts that contains info on the issues.

It would defeat the purpose of an open, community - based forum to have strict structures in place - it is fairly well organized at the moment, and as tylerz said, the search function works. If you don't know how to use it, post a question and most of the members and moderators will point you in the right direction.

Just my 2c.

Riaan C

BTW, this is not a paid job. We do this in our spare time.
and we love you for it and i take back everything i suggested.
It works perfectly enough as it is.

Already structured.

As to the comment above by SASpearo:

Ya that would be great...

Except I did not mean there would not be the open community part except on creating the first sticky threads and first their connected threads that everybody at some point inquires into about freediving.

This is already happening when you enter the freediving forum and you see "General Freediving, Freediving Equipment, etc", whatever the main freediving forums are. This is structure installed from the beginning.

I am suggesting to extend some structure into one area only on basics.

Thanks for replies guys.


PS. I should have said it from the beginning but I think this site is wonderful and the forums are awesome, which must mean the people volunteering time to it are awesome...

I just love the fact that our imaginations can always help us to relate to each other more and improve on our communication.
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Hi everyone!

First off, thanks for taking the time to give suggestions - i'm always very receptive to new suggestions and am keen to see the community grow in the way you want it to.

As the forums have grown, so we have tried to accomodate the growth. First by expanding the small number of forums to several categories (Equipment, Stories, Training, etc...) and then by recruiting the help of Riaan, Anderson, Vincent, Angus, Chris (and others!!). They do a sterling job in help to keep the forums running and mainly because of them this is the largest and most friendly Freediving community available (Big, Big Thanks guys!).

However, the forums are starting to grow beyond the small number of generic forums that we have and i'm investigating making several sub-forums for some of the sections. However it is all a matter of finding time.

We are currently in the middle of a massive revamp of the whole DB Network (due to be unveiled in a couple of months). In the meantime I am working with the Divers Alert Network to launch a Medical Specific Forum and completely revamp the Member Profile section.

So, we're looking into doing changes but need to hear more from you all! Keep the ideas flowing and even though I or the rest of the Editorial team don't always respond (have to try and keep our day jobs somehow!) we do listen and take on board what you say!!
first off, i think on behalf of everyone here, i would like to give HUGE THANKS TO STEPHAN AND CLIFF for all the time and effort they put forth to make this site possible

second, i like the way the forum is because each time a new discussion takes place (wheter it be the same "im new to freediving...", or a completely new idea, i am always learning, everytime something is restated i learn something)

when a begginer posts something they ask slightly different questions to which the answers are slightly different, and this causes me (and i bet others also) to learn more and more through these "begginner" threads

anyway, just my thoughts on the subject

BTW had my last exam this morning, summer is finally here rofl :D well, atleast till july 3rd (then, good 'ol summer school :naughty :t :ko )
add search categories to web search engines?

Maybe it would be helpful to add search categories to web search engines. That way a lot of people interested in the sport would get to know this community that aren’t aware of its existence right now (and many who do not even practice the sport but might practice it if they read how good it is).

Best Regards


(I LOVE the search engine on this site).
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