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he finally went too far!

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.

Yeah thats a beast. We have a couple of resident 20fters in our local creeks but not too many that big anymore I dont think. Maybe up in the NT.

So that photo that poacher posted (and willer edited ;)) is a fiberglass replica of a croc that actually existed??? I had no flippin idea that those things could get that big. No wonder you get the chills when you talk about these things ivan. I wouldn't go spearing on Lake Placid either.

I thought that thing was just a statue, thats actually a replica of a real croc? :waterwork

Hell yeah that was a real Croc, they are becoming more of a menace up here cos there is so many of them, they fight for territory in the rivers, the weaker ones sometimes get pushed out of their natural habitat and this is when they come out to the costal reefs and islands and that is when its dangerous to spear there. But at least the ones that come out are often the weaker ones :duh

Have you ever encountered one out there.....curious as to what there behavior would be like, especially if you speared a fish.

Here in the states alligator is great to eat.....can you even eat crocs, and if so if they are out in the ocean can you spear them in self-defense or are they still protected, here it is illegal to kill protected species even in self-defense, you need to have some hard proof, theres a guy going through hell for killing a snake that he said tried to bite him....some weird questions I know but that would be pretty intense to come across one of those bad boys while out on the reef, especially if their looking to eat.

- Jack

I havent seen one whilst underwater usually cos the vis on the costal reefs and islands is no more than 15ft. However I have seen them on the surface on top of some of the costal reefs in my area, they are a very sly animal.

Not sure how they taste but I know some of the aboriginals ate them back in the day. I dont know if its illegal or not but I will sure as hell be shooting one if its going to attack me. We are allowed to shoot sharks with a powerhead to defend ourselves if they are trying to eat us.


Yeah imagine having a wetsuit with crocdile skin outside lining, you would be king of the ocean then :D

croc hunter steve urwin reckons he spends nearly all his profits on the environment and wildlife.Sure hes a mug , but many kudos for his dedication and enthusiasm.
I completely agree...it's hard to fault a guy for his passion and exuberance. I realize the show appears over the top at times, but it keeps the kids interested and provides a good deal of education and awareness for them. And educating our children should be of paramount importance for us.
If we spearfisherman, as a community, expressed half the passion that he does, we might actually find that we have a voice in the policy making that affects us. For every one outspoken person in this sport it seems that there are 20 people content to sit back and whine about how things aren't fair and how we are discriminated against as fisherman. Until this changes we will continue to have no say in our marine fisheries legislation. I am by no means the political activist posterchild, but I am willing to help out wherever I can. Any suggestions out there?
Before I start racking up too much negative Karma....I'll shut up.
so how do we go about setting up a voice for our sport? Bottom line is $$$$ and passion. The australian underwater federation is week as piss bacause they are unheard of outside of the sport. A voice needs to be media freindly also.
Corey: Are you a member of a spearfishing club or the AUF?
The clubs in NSW are doing all they can to promote the sport in a good light.

If you want to do something: Go look for Grey Nurse Sharks and if you find one (or 50) fill out the fisheries survey form and forward it to Mel Brown at the NSW Spearfishing Commission. By helping out fisheries we help ourselves..:)
Been diving for about 20 years (32 y/o now) and have been invited to 3 different clubs around sydney, but just never had time / motivation to join :duh
My wife worked at fisheries for 18 or so months at cronulla, as did a mate of mine researching prawn trawling and by-catch for his thesis 12 years ago, and is still with them. Between the 2 of them, ive had some info of different programs running with nsw fisheries. Hats off to them for some great ideas too.
In regards to the auf, myself or my dive buddies had never even heard of them until i stuck my head into another freind's association with a san souci club. This is just my point. If an organisation is going to have some kind of clout, it has to make itself known to the general public.
Dont get me wrong, its fantastic to have a backbone to a sport, but how great would it be to have a voice thats heard in government in regards to ocean related matters, as does surfrider foundation in australia and the surprising influence they have in the usa.
I dont know but do the law-makers, commercial interests etc contact them or anyone other than their accountants in regards to the stuff we swim in?
Perhaps all freedivers & spearos should be made to join? Sorry to sound like a socialist pig in mud......Im kinda pissed off that spearos get a bad rap from a minority of jerks who come to the beach on week ends and kill anything that moves. Sorry also if im whinging but i feel better now......;)
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